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Stages of Healthy Relationships

Updated on July 20, 2012
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I'm a full-time blogger and ghostwriter. I enjoy writing about how to be happier in life and in love.

5 Common Stages of a Healthy Relationship

There are many different relationships out there and they all have different stages in them.

For instance there is the stalker relationship where the first stage is stalking and annoyance, and then it progresses to restraining order and fear for your life stage.

Or maybe you are in a relationship that started with the drunk and drugged up passion stage, and moved right into the married and unhappy stage.

Like I said there are many different relationships out there that have different ‘stages’ occur throughout. Sometimes they are not healthy stages though, and sometimes couples can get stuck in one bad stage for years to come!

Here are 5 relationship stages that are normal in a healthy and happy relationship. Are you in one of them?


This is the beginning of it all. It’s when you meet someone and know that they are for you. It's love at first sight! You love the way they think and act and look and move and speak...and well, you get the idea.

You have many of the same desires in life and you can see a future with eachother. You also have a few traits that can improve eachothers lives - Like you don’t cook but they do, and you don’t like to talk at parties but they can hold a conversation for both of you.You are meant for eachother!

This stage is about impressions and impressing. Nothing is done that may scare away the potential lover, and best behaviour is normally the only behavior seen at this point.


Now you’ve formed a basis for a relationship and consider yourselves an item – a couple. You have the labels to prove it! But your best behaviour has gone out the window. You let your true colors show, and you begin to realize your partners true colors as well.

They used to be so cute when they spent two minutes to think over a question, but now it’s just annoying. They used to clean up after themselves in the kitchen, but now they leave a mess for you to clean up. Traits they once had that delighted you have gone away and been replaced by their true nature.

This is because ‘trying to impress’ is not as important anymore. Some of the things that they did or said to impress you were not really true, but instead they were something to get you hooked and into their lives.

Many fights happen during this stage. Breaking up and growing apart can happen during this stage. This is when you decide whether your relationship is going to make it or not.


If you make it past the realization stage then you normally move into the acceptance stage. You know their bad habits and annoying qualities and you accept them for being part of who they are.

“That’s just Jim!” becomes the way you talk about them, and you decide that what they have to offer you outweighs the differences.

Pure Love

This is when you move past just 'accepting' their behaviour and begin to love them for it. You support them in everything they do and are always on their side no matter what they decide to do.

You are their shoulder to cry on and the one who lifts their spirits when they are sad. You work together as a team in life and encourage eachother to be the best you can be.

You finish eachother sentences and people remark about how great you are together. You enrich eachothers lives and are truly happy as a couple. You are meant for eachother and you go together perfectly – just like two puzzle pieces.


Unfortunately most people don’t die together. The relationship ends by one person dying and leaving the other person alive.

This is where all the support and love from the ‘pure love’ stage comes in to play. The surviving person goes on with their lives knowing that they will be able to make it because their partner gave them so much support, and they retain that love and support for the rest of their days.


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    • Relationshipc profile image

      Kari 5 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      I have to agree Fulloflove. It's a cruel trick that we fall so deeply in love and then lose our partner and can never take comfort in them again, at least physically or verbally.

    • FullOfLoveSites profile image

      FullOfLoveSites 5 years ago from United States

      Death of course comes to us naturally -- I only wish that people who are really in love with each other die together, so that his/her partner won't be left lonely. I only see that on the movies...

      Voted up and beautiful. :)