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Star strength

Updated on October 25, 2012

Strength in the one Star

Be a Believer and keep having the dreams that you will become what you truly believe you should be. Grow so that your dreams can grow to because life has a lot to give if you would just believe in yourself and the many dreams that should always be in your heart. The great thing about believing and holding on to those dreams makes you whole because deep down you know that you have a way out. Don't give in to those thoughts that you are washed out because there is so much to live for. The Lord has much ,much, more in store for you if you would just let it be and release the gate doors open of your soul. Give yourself that great life you always wished to have, What do I mean wished, I mean wanted for so long. Open your thoughts your love and Faith to something that can change your life in a very happy way.


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