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Start Up Ideas for Purity Circle Youth Groups

Updated on August 1, 2020
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MsDora, writes on moral integrity, especially for women, and encourages appreciation for the men in their lives.

The main objective of the Purity Circle is to establish a forum in which youth can find and offer support for moral conduct – friends helping friends live pure.

Sexual abstinence outside marriage is only one area of good moral conduct. Purity Circle encourages purity in thought, speech, dress, media choices and relationships. Subject matter for regular Purity Circle meetings can be provided by the Purity Circle Workbook, which is based on Bible Principles.

The white rose bud symbolizes purity and innocence (according to Proflowers).
The white rose bud symbolizes purity and innocence (according to Proflowers). | Source

In addition to Purity Quotes and Suggested Activities already available online, here are some start up ideas for those desiring to form a new Purity Circle.

After (1) the Purity Circle Adult Leader has been selected (2) the church board, school board or executive committee [in a civic organization] has given permission and (3) parents and guardians of prospective Purity Circle members have been briefed and solicited for support, plan one of these start up activities, which may be adapted to suit the local organization.

  1. Purity Essay Contest
  2. Dinner and a Purity Movie
  3. Purity Talent Show
  4. BFF Purity Game Show
  5. Purity Circle Book Club

Purity Circle encourages purity in thought, speech, dress, media choices and relationships.

— - Purity Circle Workbook
The violet flower symbolizes modesty (per
The violet flower symbolizes modesty (per | Source

Purity Essay Contest

Select essay topics relevant to the age group of prospective Purity Circle members. About one month before the Purity Circle launch, announce the essay contest, the guidelines, the deadline, the date and the forum for judging and rewarding the contestants.

Offer an appropriate first prize and, if possible, inexpensive but significant prizes of participation for all who enter. Choose trustworthy, knowledgeable judges (if possible, from outside the local church or organization).

Let the judging event also be a presentation event; have the contestants read their essays (or with good reason have some else do the presentation). Have the judges or the emcee make encouraging comments at the end of each presentation.

After the prizes are awarded, the Purity Circle Leader presents the Purity Circle program including session topics highlighting some of the issues raised in the contest essays. Let the youth know that there will be many opportunities for them to make other contributions.

Dinner and a Purity Movie

Plan a dinner menu and have the parents assist the youth to contribute dishes. Choose a venue where it would be easy to create a fun, informal environment. Eat, talk and laugh during the first part of the session, and encourage the youth to be attentive during the movie.

Select a movie which introduces an appropriate topic leading into a purity discussion. See suggestions in the Suggested Activities referred to above. The Purity Circle Leader should watch the movie prior to the session and plan to move the discussion in the direction he or she wants it to go. Encourage questions and opinions. Close the session with an invitation to the first Purity Circle session, promising more discussion on similar topics.

Purity Talent Show

Explain the purpose of the talent show: to promote purity in everyday living. Talent exhibitions could model purity in fashion, role play purity in relationships, express appreciation or criticism of popular media presentations, recite purity speeches and so on. Offer guidelines prior to the show and encourage participants to check with the event coordinator(s) if uncertain that their item is appropriate.

The event is not a teaching or scolding session so have fun, although reference could be made to certain issues which would be discussed in the Purity Circle sessions. Let the youth know that they will understand better how to make wise decisions concerning their actions.

BFF Game Show

Encourage best friends to enter the Game Show contest as partners. Set up the game after the pattern of the old Newly Wed Game Show (or some similar contemporary game). Ask the one questions about the other. Ask relationship questions—not to see how well the friends know personal things about each other; but to see whether they have the same opinions about purity. Have as many teams as it takes for everyone who wants to participate to do so. Have the option to lessen the number of teams by eliminating teams which give incorrect answers.

At the end of the show, talk for a few minutes about how important it is for friends to share their knowledge, and to know where each other stands on purity principles. Present the Purity Circle as appropriate for friends to join together.

Purity Circle Book Club

Assign an easy-read, purity promotional book for the youth to read and plan a Book Club meeting. Encourage them to bring questions, present opinions, and make life applications. If the entire youth group is comprised of avid readers, the Book Club format can become permanent for the Purity Circle sessions.

Interspersed with an occasional movie or other social activity, there are many appropriate books which can be used as springboards for purity lessons and discussions. In this format, be sure to include some Bible reading. The Bible principles on purity are most important.

© 2013 Dora Weithers


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