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Fear of Becoming Fat - Starving to be Thin

Updated on April 21, 2011

Due to the strong desire to fit in, glaze with the fear of being rejected, intelligence is lost.

The desire to love and be loved is every individual’s natural hankering. However, due to ignorance and mis-education about our real identity, we have possibly believe that we are the material body, and so we end up with futile, we search for a relationship attempts to find love and happiness in matter. Naturally, we search for a relationship with someone. However, since we identify ourselves as being the material body, we think that nobody will love us if our bodies are not physically attractive. Because of falsely identifying ourselves as being the material body, certain problems arise. 

Painful Fashion

For instance, during the Victorian period, it was a fad for the women to have breath-taking tiny waistline. Literally breath-taking! They had to undergo the pains of wearing rib-breaking corsets for the sake of looking beautiful and aside from this, having pale skin was also fashionable then. The woman took pains in looking ghostly and deathlike. The more bloodless a woman look, the more attractive she was. Then there was also a time, when fat women were praised as the embodiment of beauty. To be laden with fat was a glorious status; symbol for the high society. And now, modern societies idea of beauty if typical fashion model. We are made to believe that if we become as skinny as those super models, we will be accepted and admired.

Fear of Becoming Fat

If to have Kate Moss’ figure requires depriving the body of its basic needs, then forget it. if possessing the body of a fashion icon can truly satisfy us, if it could really award as a perfect partner in life, then why did Cruise and Kidman divorced? Karen Carpenter wasn’t too happy either starving herself to death. The fear of becoming fat, unaccepted and loved must be intense that these unfortunate people begin to lose their common sense and rationality. Due to the strong desire to fit in, glaze with the fear of being rejected, intelligence is lost.

Need not put mask in order to be loved

This is only among the many problems which arise from false identification. The important point is that we shouldn’t stay in this illusion. So what if you achieved the body you desire? That body will still shrivel and die. If we could only appreciate the essential truth of our identity, that we are all children of God, and that we are spirit in essence, only temporary housed in this material body, if we could just realize that the most perfect, most lovable person loves us unconditionally, then we wouldn’t be wasting our time decorating the body just to attract someone. With God, we need not put mask in order to be loved. We can come to Him naked. God sees us, the persons within these mortal frames. If could only direct all our love and entire lives onto Him, then we will be able to taste real love.


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