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Karma, Fate, Destiny, Spirituality & Relationships - Stay Married or Divorce?

Updated on April 12, 2013

Whether to stay or leave an unhappy relationship can be a very difficult decision, especially when children and other factors are involved.

Will you create negative karma if you leave your marriage? Some may say that you have an obligation to stay married for your children. We disagree because we feel children know when their parents are unhappy together, and a divorce, when handled with compassion, unconditional love, and responsibility, can be the best for all involved.

Divorce, itself is not terrible, but the way divorce is too often handled can be. Considering the story-book fairy tales of relationships and marriage, breaking up is the end of the world. Alternatively, if you perceive divorce as a natural part of a relationship that was destined to end, such a transition can be peaceful and tolerable.

Since traditional marriage and divorce are man-made concepts rather than spiritual ones, negative karma isn't created from the act of divorce, but the through the negative ways people act before, during and after the process of divorce.

In case you're concerned that you've failed if you leave your marriage, consider the following excerpt we've included below from our book, Your Love Life and Reincarnation, chapter 12, How Do You Know When to Leave:

When a relationship ends, it's often called a "failed relationship." This implies that it was supposed to last forever, no matter what, and if it ends before one partner dies, there is something wrong with one or both of them.

This belief is unreasonable yet surprisingly common. Not all relationships are meant to last forever-or even six months, for that matter. When people try to force a relationship to meet their expectations instead of allowing it to be what it's meant to be, the result will be unhappiness and stress. The length of time a relationship lasts is irrelevant. What really matters is how we treat and react to our partners and what is learned and accomplished in the process, which is why we, on a soul level, choose the relationships that we do.

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