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Steve Pavlina and Polyamory

Updated on February 6, 2011

I am happy that I live in 21st century and not in Stone Age (I don’t remember my previous births though). I live in a relatively happy state and safe environment because of the society. I am safe because of those strong men and women in the army guarding the borders of my country. I am safe because there is law and order in my country and a large police force working hard to maintain it, a creation by the society. To be successful, I don’t have to be very strong physically as society and the institutions it created takes care of my safety and the safety of my family. Society created schools to educate me and jobs to feed my family.

But I also know human society is not perfect but we have come a long way in the positive direction from the stone ages. The advantages of living in a society outweigh the loss of freedom as an individual. It is because of the society every man can get at least one woman for him. Family is the smallest unit of the society. I can sacrifice my basic instincts as a member of animal kingdom and can sacrifice my individual freedom so that the social structure the human race created remains intact. Marriage works perfect to maintain the healthy smallest unit of the society family.

Spiritual Connection with Other People:

At some point in their lives humans are bothered by a lot of questions about life about death. They don’t know the sweetness of sugar they experience is similar to what others the experience. They want to connect. It is impossible to feel the experiences of other people. They experience life alone and they hate this and want connection with other people. They meet people with similar interests and likings as they have and feel connected. They fall in love with these people. They feel connected through sex as it is the only way where one can get into the strongest physical pleasure and the only way where one can get into close connection other person physically feeling a spiritual connection.

Some people forget about the connection and continue their normal lives while others get bored after some time and try to get the same experience of connection with others.

If they don’t get anyone they run to the yogis or personal development gurus like Steve Pavlina. Steve Pavlina preaches about polyamory. A yogi like Nityananda preaches  about tantrik sex for spiritual connection and gets into jail.

You just get marry the person who you can have a connection and feel the love. Have children. Remember that to be always in higher consciousness is not possible. Fight when you are in lower consciousness. Do things which make both of you get into higher consciousness like gardening, reading the books of a particular author, watching Sleepless in Seattle, etc and when you feel connected have sex as soon as possible. Have a good purpose in life. You cannot get the meaning of life you have to give one by living a purposeful life. True connection is possible only with God.

Marriage is great. Family is important. It is your duty to protect your children till their wings are strong enough to fly independently. Leave polyamory to Steve Pavlina and tantrik sex to the jailed yogis. Divorce is a way to get out of abusive marriages, separation with mutual consent especially after a couple of children is bull……


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    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      what i don't get is does this guy think that I would donatate money and he has CONTACT information? That's like me setting up a website paraphrasing all of tony robbinson's, zig ziglar's and norman vincent peale's teachings, and having a button at the bottom that says, "please donate." CRAZY

    • Venkat profile image

      Venkat 6 years ago

      @Kwade tweeling

      Your are not misinterpreting. I don't know about immorality, but it is indeed a weak and vain attempt. BTW thanks for the comment.

    • kwade tweeling profile image

      kwade tweeling 6 years ago from USA

      Perhaps I am misinterpreting your hub. I feel like this hub is calling polyamory a weak, vain, immoral attempt to feel spiritual.

      Was that your intent?

    • Venkat profile image

      Venkat 6 years ago


      Thanks for commenting. But I do think there are people who can see some sense in my mentioning god.

    • profile image

      Notgodtalkagain 6 years ago

      You article may have made sense until you had to mention god in it. If we were meant to only connect to god, then we'd still be with god, not down here to experience everything else.