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Stop Being Jealous Of Other Women

Updated on March 11, 2017

Some females have succumbed to the pettiness of jealousy towards other women. She might be someone you consider a rival, or she might even be your friend, but have you ever considered how being jealous of her is not really healthy for you? When you spend your time obsessing about someone else then it is impossible to focus on yourself.

Even friends are guilty of sometimes saying and doing things that express their jealousy. It is far more healthy to express genuine admiration for something you can respect another female for, and thus better for us to learn how not to focus on being jealous of those around us. Honestly, I always admired people who can focus on themselves while still interacting with others because these people are truly rare. I must admit sometimes I have been jealous of a woman who is cuter or more popular than I am, but with age, I have learned we all have things we shine at.

Even if that woman you are envious of is more popular, more beautiful, or more successful than you, she will one day encounter another woman who is more beautiful, more successful, and more popular than her. We all age, and unless you know something the rest of the world does not, it is impossible for any of us to look like eighteen-year-old supermodels forever. Even those eighteen-year-old super models have messy hair and bad breath when they get out of bed in the morning, which shows no one is perfect 24/7. Yes, it is natural to be envious of other women from time to time, but the goal of true self-awareness is to focus on how you can make yourself better, not on how the women around you have this and that. Here are a few tips I have used to help myself focus on my own life, and not on other women whom I might be slightly envious of.

Stop being envious of her already!
Stop being envious of her already!

Tip 1: Exercise More And Eat Healthy

Often you might admire a woman who you think is more toned or fit than you are. Other women will express admiration for her athleticism and her being able to wear the latest fashions, and guys will give her appreciative looks as she passes by. However, how is she being in good shape taking away from you? In reality, her life has nothing to do with you, but sometimes it is hard being surrounded by women who look like super models. The other day I was watching one of the Euro trance videos my sister enjoys, and a particular one with Swedish women dancing around was quite intriguing. I could not help but think: gosh these women are beautiful! They are tall, lithe, and thin, and who would not mind being born with those genetics? So you can be jealous of the women that are around you and lament your height or the shape of your nose, but how is this positive?

Awhile back I remember reading an article by Jack Lalanne, and he advocates exercising and eating healthy throughout life. If you read his books or watch his DVDs, you can find many great tips for getting in shape and eating healthy. Lalanne's philosophy is you have to be happy in life, and he advocated the most important person in the world is you. Following that philosophy is actually a good thing, even though many of us might have a hard time keeping up with Lalanne's healthy eating habits and exercise routine. However, you have to admire a man who spent his entire life working out and eating healthy. LaLanne has often shared about how when he was a teen he was weak and a sugar addict, but attending a health lecture changed his worldview. The point is: you do not have to obsess about how another woman is more attractive than you because it is far more healthy to focus on your own nutrition and exercise routine.

If you begin eating healthy and exercising people will notice, and some of that attention you were jealous of the other women receiving in the room might be given to you. Who knows, you might be surprised and the woman you think who is oh so beautiful might even compliment you on how you how great you are looking today. Once years ago I was surprised when a woman who I thought I was so much more attractive than I am complimented me on my physique with running, but this just goes to show we all have things about us that are beautiful and can be admire by others. I am not suggesting that everyone go out and strive to look like a supermodel, but through proper nutrition and exercise, everyone can look more attractive and healthy. The point is to get away from obsessing about what others are doing and to start making healthy changes in your diet and activity levels.

Tip 2: Focus On Your Own Writing

Once in a while, I am guilty of being a little envious when other female writers receive admiration and fan fare for blogs. A few weeks ago I even caught myself feeling a little envious of how someone received forty-seven thumbs up for an article they posted to Facebook when I only received two or three in the same amount of time. Oh well, people just happen to identify with other people's views and topics more than mine, it is not the end of the world. I still receive search engine traffic to my hubs and websites, and there are a few loyal people that always comment on my writings.

When I was feeling a bit envious of other women writers, I had to catch myself right then because when I decided to become a blogger I knew this would be a solitary journey, and I should not expect to get any admiration for it. Yes, I do enjoy people commenting and reading my articles, but I also know I that a lot of what I have to say is just not wildly popular.

My writings tend to appeal more to a niche audience, and I have become well aware of that over time. One of the things I did to start focusing on my own writing again was to create a new fan page for my website rather than just posting everything I write on my Facebook wall. For the most part, now I just post links my website's fan page, which is a good tool for promoting my writing because this shows up in search engine results. So I say use Facebook as a tool and create a fan page to promote your website and writings, which is a better way to focus on your own writing.


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