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Stop ! Don't Say Nasty Things To Each Other

Updated on January 1, 2015

Don't Call Each Other Nasty Names

Everyone needs to stop. Everyone needs to stop saying nasty things about someone else. Everyone needs to stop the hating against one another. If someone has done something bad or violent against you, then you need to call a policeman or go to the police station and report it. Stop calling other people names, that is the first way to stay out of trouble, you must carry on real conversations without caling someone nasty names, becase that habit only makes things worse and creates more problems for everyone.

The police have other organizations to refer you to, people who can help you and they will help you get things straightened out. However, sometimes it takes time and it depends on the situation you are in and the resources that are available to help out. Sometimes you may not get the help immediately, and you may have to find a safe place to go to on your own. But, don’t give up, never give up there is help waiting for you in some form or shape, you just neeed to find it, then treasure it.There will surely be things you will need to do to keep the help, like tell the truth, you must be willing to tell the truth or the help may never work out.

Two Policemen who Did Not Have to Die
Two policemen were shot dead in their car in Queens New York. They have been laid to rest. Honoring slain NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Liu
Vice President Joseph Biden: Ramos was a cop for all right reasons
Full honors were given for fallen NYPD officers
The men are remembered as loving family members

During the service for the two slain officers, Commissioner Bratton announced he was appointing Rafael Ramos as an honorary NYPD chaplain and posthumously promoting him and Officer Liu to the rank of detective.

In the meantime, the killer had shot himself in the head at one of the subway entrances not too long after he killed the two policemen. At least we don’t have to worry about him killing anyone or make anymore violent outburst against anyone else ever.

We cannot take back today, once it is gone there is no return, so do it today. Saying you are sorry will not bring back today, nothing will. So you only have this day to get something good done. Do it today!

Bad people come in all colors, sizes, shapes and family backgrounds just like the man who went from Baltimore to kill two policemen while they were sitting in their car on a street in New York. The man who did that also shot his girlfriend before he left her in Baltimore, Maryland in a hospital. He was angry that police shot and killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner. His anger was truly being misplaced to go out and hunt down innocent policemen because they had not done anything to him or his family. No one knows his family background at this time. But, it can be said of many reports of mass killings that the people who did the killings were mentally or physcally deficient in some manner and could not function competively in the real world, so they became criminals in order to get attention that they wanted or needed. Those are the people we need to seek out and make sure that they get help they need before something else goes critically wrong. And more especially their victims who need help should receive it.

Second are some who are not mature enough for the job, the police who are not mentally capable or in the right mind to deal with problems that they will come up against in the streets. Public servants like police are up against many unreasonable situations in their daily activities while in the streets. They need better training to deal with the freedoms that America provides for all people. More in your face situations are brought on by people on drugs, or mentally deficient, kids who have been raised to speak their minds and not in a respectful manner are to blame for some of the situations as well.These outraged kids need to be taught how to respect the people who would protect thier families.

You may find police who actually take down a big man who was not doing anything wrong on the street except standing there, and he gets choked to death. I will personally say that this was dead wrong actions by police and that racism was more than likely to blame. There were more than four police involved in the violence. You can actually see the man on the ground and hear him breathing hard. While the police are roughing him up. There is a legal suit being brought against the police for this incident by the deceased's family.

Millions of Good Policemen

There are millions of good police all over this entire country.Yet there are a few bad cops, just like there are a few bad doctors, a few bad priests, and a few bad politicians who want to take the bare necessities away from our most vulnerable senior citizens. We need to vote them out of their offices as soon as possible. We absolutely have to do this because all of our futures are at stake when they make the rules against us, yet rake in more scam money for themselves.

Bad Parenting Skills

If your childhood was not good, maybe one of your parents did bad things to you I am sorry this happened to you. However, you should not let that experience go, you should report it to the police. Most often this was not your fault. Grownups are responsible for their own behavior, you are not responsible for them or their actions against you or other family members. All adults are responsible for their own actions no one else.

No child should proceed a parent in death because it is unnatural, especially in a violent manner. In a profound moment of a sense of sadness you will remember your child in smiles in something that they did, or said that made you feel loved or happy or proud. I am sorry that you are grieving and for the fact that you need to grieve for your lost child.

Adults Need To Stop Everything

All adults need to stop, just stop everything for a minimum of whole day or even a few days and think about your feelings about who it is you don’t like and why. If the reason is a really bad one then you need to seek legal and possibly emotional professional help.

Did your parents do something bad that is against the law to you?

Did they yell and scream at you for nothing? Did their anger involve a physical assault on you, a beating, or involve sexual violence against you? If you were hospitalized or hurt so that you could not function then you need to go to a doctor, or hospital, a minister, then the police station and report them immediately. Did you see violence in front of you? However, you and the rest of your family must make arrangements to leave the area or find a safe house to go to. The police can help with that as can some ministers, social services, social organizations like Violence Against Women and hospital staff who can recommend a therapy person.

Tensions are high across the entire country which is another reason to stay calm and do what you have to do to save yourselves from any violent outbursts from anyone.

You must get ready to help your congregations when there are violent problems in the homes. You must get ready to do something whether it is counseling for the offender or tell them to turn themselves in, you are not exempt from reporting a crime or that someone has told you they are going to kill someone else when they are in a rage.

Preach Non-Violence in the Home

You must begin to preach non-violence in the home against anyone. Speak out against unbounded anger, unreasonable actions against family members. You are here to speak Gods words and help the downtrodden among us. You can make a difference and you must because God will also judge you if you do not speak out against family violence and abuse. The angels will cry if you don’t do your job better, and so might you in your darkest hours.There is no reason you can’t schedule a few evenings for a couple of months for counseling sessions to help your congregation, You might even be able to get a couple of professional people to be on hand to help out in extreme circumstances.

What do I want out of all of this?
I want to organize partnerships from those principles who will donate to accompllsh the following:

1. I want radio hosts to plead with the criminal element to get help for their behavior against their families, and society go to family counseling, anger management classes.Get your brotherhood together it is all of our responsibilities to do no harm. Stop promoting violent music, actions against women and children.

2. I want ministers to literally step up to their responsibilities to their real people in congregations who pay their salaries to do better with family relationships. Live a better life yourself because we only live once, lets make it better for everyone.

3. Encourage victims to get counseling to help them cope with life experiences

4. Pay for and encourage a child to take art classes, music lessons, to play a sport.

5. Get more top athletes to help provide motivation for everyone they come into contact with to get involved in youth training programs. Enhance the opportunities for athletes to donate to food pantries.

6. Encourage large corporations to help sponsor abuse counseling programs in neighborhoods. To offer counseling services to their employees. To donate where they do business to official organizations that actually help people, like food pantries and not to ask their employees to donate unless their salaries are over $50,000 a year.

7. Music and entertainment industry leadership personalities can do a lot to help teens who are in trouble. I want them to speak out, to organize a program to help and donate to organizations who can help, like the YWCA, the YMCA, homeless shelters, food pantries, teen homeless shelters.

8. There are thousands of vacant buildings which could be re-purposed to homeless shelters, transition centers, foods pantries, free clothing exchanges, and training centers.

9. Our social service workers from our government are vastly overworked, we need a surrogate agency. Counseling could be offered .

10. Do not hesitate, sign up here to express your interest email
Womens Legal Defense and Education Fund

Dedicated to advancing the rights of all women and girls
National Center for Children Exposed to Violence

It is the mission of the National Center for Children Exposed to Violence (NCCEV) to increase the capacity of individuals and communities to reduce the incidence and impact of violence on children and families; to train and support the professionals who provide intervention and treatment to children and families affected by violence; and, to increase professional and public awareness of the effects of violence on children, families, communities and society.

The Yale Childhood Violent Trauma Center is the Trauma Section of the Yale Child Study Center. The Yale Child Study Center is renowned for its research, clinical services, training programs, policy work, and local, state, national, and international collaboration conducted by its faculty.

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

The mission of the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCDSV) is to design, provide, and customize training and consultation, influence policy, promote collaboration and enhance diversity with the goal of ending domestic and sexual violence.

National Center on Elder Abuse

October begins Medicare Annual Enrollment and it runs through December 7th, 2014. Consumers are faced with myriad choices and it can be overwhelming and confusing. Financial predators use this time to contact Medicare Beneficiaries to trick them into providing their Medicare numbers and other vital medical identity information. This fact sheet from the OIG is very helpful so that consumers can protect themselves.

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Video two policemen shot

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Two Policemen Shot


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