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Stop judging or you will be judged

Updated on September 10, 2010
Stop Tugging and Work Together!
Stop Tugging and Work Together!


Why is it, some can look at the errors and correct others and they don’t see their own? How many errors do you yourself commit each and every day? You can’t excuse those of others and expect all to excuse yours. Especially when that person is supposed to be in a healthy loving relationship with you.


Whomever the dominate one in your relationship is; do you keep note of all the mishaps, faults and errors of your mate? Do you blame whatever mishaps that happen, some kind of way on your mate?


Here’s something you should think about.  How would you feel if someone did that to you? How would it make you feel if the one you loved looked at your every mishap, error, blemish etc., as we all have, and used it to hurt you by judging you? By the way that’s not love.


If your mate comes to you to confide in you with something that may be weighing them down, or, is of concern to them. Why would you turn it around to say they are doing or thinking wrong? Why would you be so critical of them? Instead of looking at the entire situation and lovingly helping your mate to see another side of the issue. Or give point blank questions lovingly to maybe help your mate answer themselves why someone may act a certain way, or why a situation might have occurred. Helping to understand without being harsh, that maybe they overlooked a certain fact. What ever happened to consoling and caring for the one you love?


Do you remember when you met that special someone and you understood that lives would change, but, you two would always be a part of each others lives and hearts? You learned that there were people who came in and out of your life, but there was also this person you wanted to be there forever. Without your mate you wouldn’t be you. Throughout different misunderstandings you lovingly remained patient and always tried to find out the reason why. The bottom line to the two of your lives was you couldn’t and wouldn’t want to think of being without one another.


There will always be times when things go wrong. Sit down talk it out and come to a mutual agreement. Not blaming one or the other, but, trying to figure out how to go forward from that point on. You know that holy saying, “Why do you look at the straw in your brothers eye, but do not consider the rafter in your own eye?” We all know the eye is very tender and so are your mate’s feelings.


Grow together and use the mishaps to strengthen your relationship. Stop judging, it may be frightening when your turn comes!


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