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Story of our love

Updated on March 4, 2013

W. K. Hayes


This is and will always be the...

Story of our love

Dance with the willow and see her cry

Lowly braches spread far and wide

Weeping is the willow with a soft sigh

Hear the weeping willow should it die

Dance with the pine tree oh so tall

Spiny green needles poking us all

Brown crusty bark still green after fall

Hear the forest cry when timber is called

Dance with the oak, so mighty and true

Beautiful colored leaves but none of blue

Acorns fall creating all anew

When the oak falls, so do you

Dance with the tree that makes the pear

Taste the juice of the lovely fair

Giving to love of an undying pair

Two lover’s embrace without a care

Dance with the Maple so sticky sweet

Clinging to the pancakes of a tasty treat

Think of a love that cannot be beat

For you are truly, all that I need


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