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Forced Feminization

Updated on April 30, 2009

Anything But That!

I started out as a model and have been in the fashion and entertainment industry for over 20 years. Later on I became a makeup artist and have met all kinds of people in every walk of life. Soon men began coming to me for advice about clothing and makeup and I figured it was just harmless fun. After all, that was my job-to make people look their best. It turned into a full time career helping them become the girl of their dreams and I loved it as much as they did! Over the years I’ve also found that many men have fantasies of being forced to wear women’s clothes, to have no choice but to be dressed in a lacy bra and panties and act like a lady often in front of a group of women. This fetish is commonly known as Forced Feminization.

It most often involves a situation where they have no choice but to obey my wishes. The threat of blackmail is a very popular theme. For example, you are caught stealing my lingerie from a laundry room or clothesline and I threaten to call the police. You plead with me not to and promise to do anything I ask if only we can keep this our secret. And being the understanding person that I am I will give you a choice. Either I teach you a lesson by dressing you up from head to toe complete with makeup, and possibly a trip to the beauty salon or have you arrested. As strange as this may sound it is a huge fantasy for millions of men all over the world.

There are as many different levels to this as there are fetishes. For some the highlight is simply to be threatened and to agree to the consequences. For others the thrill is the slow but thorough feminization which they are powerless to stop. Many men also like the humiliation aspect of this and it is necessary to complete their experience. Of course some want to take it even further but that is not something I do.

I have found that if something like wearing women’s clothing gives you pleasure and doesn’t hurt anyone else then by all means enjoy it. The problems that arise stem more from the guilt and confusion that so many of these people feel. For their whole lives they were taught to ignore these feelings and act like a man while part of them wants to wear a cocktail dress and heels and sing “I Feel Pretty”!

This is where the idea of “Forced” comes in. If they are forced to do it, and no longer have a reasonable choice then the guilt is removed and they can be free to enjoy it. It is no longer a choice but a consequence. Brilliant! Problem solved!

There is still a tremendous amount of conflict though and as a makeup artist and Dominatrix I feel it is my role to help out in any way I can. I even started a website featuring personalized audio stories in which I narrate their fantasy that they can play on their iPod, computer, or stereo. While some men actually have a closet full of dresses and enjoy this fetish, many others just fantasize about it in between beating themselves up for thinking about it. I feel that by having their secret fantasy on an mp3 that they can listen to whenever they want I am providing a safe and easy way to explore what turns them on. If later on they decide to start wearing panties to work under their business suit and it makes an otherwise miserable job a bit better then my work is done.

As a side note there is one thing I have to insist on. If you do decide to wear panties please buy tasteful ones! Never buy ones with little sayings on them and under no circumstances ever but seven pairs with the days of the week on them.That’s just wrong!

Kiss Me!

I'd like to straighten out a few things besides skirts!
I'd like to straighten out a few things besides skirts!


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    • jessicastorm profile image

      Jessica 5 years ago from Boston

      Love it!

    • profile image

      KerryMaxCook 7 years ago

      How extraordinary that you so well captured the hidden sissy male fantasy of longing to be stripped of his masculinity and force-feminized by an attractive female authority figure. Female authority figures in uniform have always privately made me extremely submissive.

      You are very wise in the ways of the sissy male.

    • profile image

      femguy 7 years ago

      If not for guilt I think every man would be wearing panties and turning the woman inside loose.

    • profile image

      Erica Starr 7 years ago

      I have several of your hypnosis Mp3 and I love them! I would love to have a special cuckold one! Your wonderful and I envy how sexy and feminine you are! E

    • profile image

      myinnersuzi 8 years ago

      I have felt this way since I was very young. The first definite feelings I had were around 12 yrs. old when I used to sneak my mom's Cosmo into my bedroom. I adored looking at the beautiful women, their clothes, hair, makeup, and nails. One day I realized it wasn't just because they were pretty, but because I logned to be like them. From that day forward the desire to dress and be like a woman has never left my heart, or mind.

    • profile image

      Justme 8 years ago

      So very true, hopefully I will be able to experience something like your story later in life

    • profile image

      Mike 9 years ago

      Awesome Teresa,as is your website and blogs!

      Keep it up-PLEASE!

    • profile image

      Teresa Bowers 9 years ago

      You should see what I can do with rope!

    • profile image

      Spin 9 years ago

      One word for you madam. Brilliant!


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