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Stress in one income household

Updated on August 20, 2017

40 plus hours in the office later, the stress comes home with little income to show for it

All week I've looked forward to spending the weekend at home with the ones I love, only come Friday, I'm already exhausted. I know there is a house to be cleaned, bills to be paid, but I fear parting with the paycheck that just hit my bank account. Although my husband has a small Social Security Disability check that comes in monthly, we always end up just about two hundred dollars short each week when it comes to the house hold budget.

Most of the arguments by far are my fault, I'm overtired. There isn't enough time in the two days I have off work to cram in all the errands, the laundry, the fun activities we had dreamed up all week with family and friends. I am defiantly not the life of the party; grumpy and calculating each red cent in the bank accounts as we spend money on such frivolous things as groceries for the week.

I start arguments by insisting I spend more time online trying to write for extra money, I am constantly online trying to search for better jobs but at the end of the day I lack the motivation by the time I get on third job site.

I hate that we aren't paying off full credit card balances each month, that we are spending exactly what comes in every week without any savings to fall back on- not that I could accomplish that much either when I was single either.

As much as I gripe and complain and count every penny, I couldn't be happier because coming home to him and fighting for our dreams every day is what keeps me going.

As my father in-law tells me, "This too will pass." Every marriage early on goes through these struggles.

I won't sit back and let it weigh me down. So I started to research ways to cut money.

By updating the cell phone plan I saved a little money there.

Almost all utilities have some sort of assistance program and by just filling out the application I was able to get a reduction for a month or two just by researching the information on their websites.

Such programs also exist in most counties for assistance with housing, food banks, and more.

Rather than shopping at one grocery store, I clip coupons and sign up for loyalty programs to save a few extra dollars a week.

Help is out there for those that look and there is defiantly no shame in being a savy consumer.

My stress level is still a little high with a looming car insurance bill in the next few weeks but I know we will make it work out because we always do. I know I have the greatest family and friends to support me if I start to fall. We all have struggles and fears but we can't let ourselves become slave to them either.

I many be counting every dollar but its moments like that that keep me going
I many be counting every dollar but its moments like that that keep me going | Source

As the cost of living goes up, the average income is not, so finding ways to save money is crucial to most households

Heading off to the office for another grueling week
Heading off to the office for another grueling week | Source

Do you and your spouse fight about money?

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