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Success Love Life - Work on your Relationship

Updated on September 23, 2011
Aging together...
Aging together...

I believe that the best way to achieve success in your love life is Working in your relantionship!

I read this idea somewhere, probably in the book "The 7 Habits of really efective people" and during the past 2 years, as I think more about it, I realize that this is so much true!!!

I don't know if this happens to you, but it happend to me with the normal consequeces of loosing someone you really love...

You get to think that She/he will always be there and then you stop doing the simple things that make all the difference...

The beggining of the relationship

At the beggining of each relationship the first few months are always amazing: your heart keeps pumping really fast, you can't think of anything else, you just want to be with that person...

As you're getting to know each other you allow her/him to do things you usually wouldn't allow, you make some changes ion your life to adapt a little bit to your lovers life, you try to amuse her/him, try to impress her/him...

You celebrate one month, two months, your first kiss, the place where you first met, your first night together, your first weekend, the meeting of hers/his parents...

And all of this things just seem pretty normal to you! You don't start to wondering if you really should do that or not, you just... go with the flow!!! And aren't these the best days of your life???

What happens then?

So, what happens then that everything changes and you start wondering if this is really what you want?

My bet is that you stopped working on your relantionship.... You start thinking that the other person will always be there and you stop doing the really important small things...

You don't surprise her/him anymore... you don't go out for dinner or to have fun don't care anymore on trying to continuosly get to know your partner...

Let's just change the topic a little to try to explain my idea. You're at the gym, you hire a personal trainer, what's your goal? work on your health/stamina so that you feel better with yourself!

At your job you try to do everything right, push a little bit further, be proactive, what's your goal? to impress your boss, to get that promotion, to feel better with yourself...

This are just two examples, I could keep on going for hours...

So, be honest with yourself, do you try to be better, to be proactive, to set goals, to go a little further in your love life everyday??? Or you just settled up and let things go on?

Don't you think that if you work hard on any other area of your live to get better on it, to get better results, shouldn't your love life be at TOP of this list? Why is it that the most important persons in our life get so fast to the bottom of our priority list in what matters to get things done better?

So... My solution to get amazing success in your love life is very simple: just work on it! Try to be better everyday, try to get to know every little detail of your lover, try to surprise her/him often, set some goals together for your relationship (as you do on your job/gym), work on them!

Your family and friends are the most important things of your life, don't loose them just because you got distracted with something else... keep in mind that you could loose them and never get them back, when keeping them close to you just depends on your actions, on a little effort each day to make things better!!!

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Be honest...

Do you work on your love life everyday?

See results

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    • lbramos profile image

      Luis Bivar Ramos 7 years ago from Porto, Portugal

      Yes you have to choose family life :) And it's erally hard to manage everything, you have to find a balance and figure out what is really more important to you!

    • telltale profile image

      telltale 7 years ago

      Of course, you are right in saying "you need to work on your relationship..", but how do you find time to do this, when you are working 16 hour day, sleeping 4 hours, and by the time you reach home, she's asleep, and by the time you leave for work the next morning, she's still asleep. I have been there before, and I can tell you that it is extremely difficult to balance both family and work life - I opted for family life eventually and that's probably the reason I am still married today. :)