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Successful Relationship

Updated on December 31, 2012

True Love




Everybody wants to be loved.

When I don’t start with God I miss it, because God is love.

When I don’t start with myself, I couldn’t love other people.

Love is medicine that settles all controversy and heals every wound.

When doctors prescribe it not;

Please my beloved, prescribe it, for yourself: it is a medicine that is good for the soul.

Everybody wants to be loved.

Now and then I began to think, I should love only my lovers.

Ironically, when I got married my children stole my love.

It happens that my love for my spouse suffers, for jealousy was invoked, again the boy in every man shouted, strike balance!

Then I remembered where and how he found me, his tender voices; and the very words he has not fail to speak.

“I Love you, the angel of my life”.

“You are my love: the very best thing that has ever happened to me”.

His tender touches which could not be found from them that stole my love.

I call back my love for my spouse.

Everybody wants to be loved

Parents, bosses and colleagues need love.

Then it occurs to me I should love my neighbor as myself as the author of life has said it.

I began to wonder whether I have this volume of love.

Suddenly I discovered there is an ocean of love in the heart of every man when he decides to love.

The author of life has such immeasurable volume of love embedded in the hearts of men.

This ocean of love is crying for expression in the world today; men prefer to quench it.

Love need to be experienced.

Love need to be shared: share it to the unlovable.

Let the love go round.

Let’s spoil the world with love.

For I have discovered it is the cure for depression to whosoever that expresses it.


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