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Success in (Arranged) Marriage Life

Updated on December 27, 2015

Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage, a tradition followed in India.

In India, it is a dream and pride of all the parents to search and select a matching partner (spouse) for their son or a daughter and get them married.

In this occasion of arranged marriage, both the boy and the girl would be coming from a different family, whom they wouldn’t have met even once.

In this case if they both get marry, there will be lots of issues, misunderstand in their life. The reason being, both have come from different environment and culture.

One of the recent surveys says that there are more than 1000 divorce cases filed every month in major cities in India. It wasn’t the case early.

Since now-a-days the world has become fast and people mentality moved to instants and varieties, it is expected from spouse as well. If he or she is unable to show innovations in their routine life, it is getting bored.

What is the reason for increase in Divorce in the recent times?

  • Intolerance:

    • In this 21st century nobody is willing to tolerate anything, nobody is willing to compromise on anything

    • Specification sense had increased very much

    • If they want something in some format, it should be in the same format, no negotiation or compromise

    • The same thing is expected from a spouse. If they don’t get the response as expected, they were unable to tolerate

  • Ego:

    • Both the partners are having equal egos

    • Nobody is willing to compromise on their egos

    • It is a myth that if you compromise on your ego, it is treated as you are defeated

    • This will not work out in real life

    • Individuals can have ego but coming to real life, family life, you have to compromise on certain things

  • 3rd person:

    • Letting 3rd person into their life

    • If the partners have any misunderstanding or conflicts, letting 3rd person (either from family or friends) to compromise

    • This will not work as the 3rd person would not be knowing the real problem the couple has

    • So never ever let someone to speak on behalf of you for your own family problem

How can we overcome from these issues and successful in marriage life?

  • Treating Spouse as a Friend

    • Since you have come from different culture / environment, please treat your spouse as a friend and try to get their confidence

    • Don’t expect anything from them until both you mutually understood each other

  • Observe

    • Start observing your spouse

    • His / Her taste, likings, disliking

    • During conversation, say what you have observed about him / her?

  • Impress your spouse whenever you get a chance, that will boost your intimacy

  • Learn to listen your spouse

  • Don’t initiate an argument

  • Accept your fault

  • Make sure to spend time with your spouse, have a “sweet nothing” conversations

  • Show them that you are treating them as an important person

Try it and be successful in your Marriage Live. All the Best.


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