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Success in Relationship

Updated on January 23, 2010
Happy Relationship
Happy Relationship

What Is a Relationship of Success to You?

 Hello everyone! I constantly ask myself what is a relationship of success and, for some reason, I find hard to find a proper answer for such an important question but, I believe that now, I have an acceptable answer for it and, I would like to share it with you.

What is relationship? How to have a successful relationship?

I don't want to play the expert in here, but, I have been on a romantic relationship for almost 14 years now and, ever since I got into that, I have continually question me what is the definition of a relationship and how to be successful in it.

What is relationship?

According to the dictionary, relationship is:

  1. The condition or fact of being related; connection or association.

  2. Connection by blood or marriage; kinship.

  3. A particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other: has a close relationship with his siblings.

  4. A romantic or sexual involvement.

So, as you can see, a relationship can mean several things but to me, I would like to refer as a connection or association between two or more people.

Relationship Problems
Relationship Problems

Tips for a Successful Relationship

 Do you want to have a successful relationship? So, take in consideration the following thought from an english man named: Christopher Chapman dated from 1680.

"What I gave, I have. What I spent, I had. What I left, I lost by not giving it."

Most people believe when entering into a relationship, seems to expect that they will only receive and, what they fail to understand is that, in a relationship, is more about giving than receiving.

So, do you want to be successful in your relationship? Make sure to do the followings:

Be faithful, be understanding, be appreciative, be unselfish, be truthful, be honest, be a good listener, be respectful, be a good communicator, be considerate and, above all, be loving.

Be faifhful: On any relationship, in order to succeed, we must be faithful not only to ourselves but, as well as, to our partner, this is vital to  build trust and confidence in one another.

Be understanding: No relationship is perfect, problems will surge, besides, we all commit mistakes, so, we must learn to be more understanding and strive to give support more willingly to our better half.

Be appreciative: Life is hard to everyone and we all strive to do good and to make a difference in the lives of those that are important to us but, we constantly fail to be appreciative to those that try to give us in return.

Be unselfish: Being unselfish in most cases is something hard to do, we all have the tendency to put our own interest first, however, in a relationship, things should be on the other way around. in order to have a successful relationship, we should be willing to give and to serve our partners, this should be willingly and unconditional.

Be truthful: Without truth, any relationship is a fake relationship and will not last long, so, if you in a relationship because you want to and because you really care for the other person, make a decision and promise to yourself that you will always be truthful. It will make your relationship stronger and successful.

Be honest: Honesty comes side by side with being truthful. Decide to be honest in whatever may be the circumstances, if you really care for the person that is by your side, you have the obligation to be honest in all things with him or her.

Be a good listener: The will be times when life will be stressful and conflicts might become more frenquent than used to be in your relationship. Arguments will seem to become more prevalent and the other person, will blame you, will acuse about everything that happens in the relationship. If this does happens, don't fight back, not at that exact moment, try to listen to your partner without retaliating back, even though, it wasn't your fault. You will be surprised of how much you can learn just by listening. You will probably find out what the real problem really is and, you most likely find the solution for the problem faster by doing that.

Be respectful: Remember one thing, in the beginning of every relationship, we live a perfect relationship because, we are respectful, understanding, loving, good listener and so on, so, everything seems to be perfect, however, as the time goes on and, we come back into reality, so does the problems, when that happens, promise yourself that you will always be respectful to your partner, this will make a tremendous difference resolving conflicts. Be respectful is a basic principle to any civilized human being. Remember, treat others the same way that you would like to be treated.

Be a good communicator: Do you want to be a good communicator? First, become a good listener, this will tremendously reduce the amount of stress in your relationship and, you will also reduce the amount of conflict that you would likely encounter throughout your life.

Be considerate: Be considerate in my opinion, means that you put your loved one in top priority in your life, you think on him or her even before yourself, you respect, you care, and do all the important things that really matter to build a good and strong relationship.

Be loving: Be loving is the most important of all the attributes that were mentioned above. Without being in love for your partner, you won't do anything priorly mentioned, so, make sure that everything that you do for your partner, you do so for the right reason, called: LOVE.

It is not my goal here to a preacher to anyone here, however, I believe that if,  we look inside the teaching of the sacret scriptures, we will easily find out that the above principles if practiced in our relationships, will greatly improve our chances for a successful relationship.

I sincerely hope that you like this article, please, make comments.

Thank you!



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