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Successful Celebrity Marriages

Updated on March 25, 2016
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With an eye on fashion, art, music and movies, Jaynie keeps her finger on the pulse of pop culture. Why? Because it's fun.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce.. It seems everyone has an opinion on the subject. Some are happy, some disappointed; some are in shock but most are surprised that it took this long. Not that five years is a long time, but by Hollywood standards, it may as well be a lifetime. In the wake of the demise of yet another Hollywood marriage it seemed appropriate to focus on marriages that have survived the public scrutiny. Superstar actors and musicians the world over are subject to bad press. Some of it is of their own making as they engage in scandalous affairs, substance abuse and other unsavory behaviors. Some of it is entirely created by the media to sell print or to get viewers to tune in to online or television news shows. It is hard to know which stories to believe, or how much of any one story is truth vs. fiction. Under this type of pressure, it is no surprise that marriages fail, yet there are plenty that weather the storm and emerge even stronger. The following are just a few of the more successful celebrity marriages.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

One of the most enduring Hollywood relationships ever belonged to Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward who met on the set of their movie, The Long, Hot Summer in 19. Ironically, when Joanne caught his eye, Paul was married to his first wife. Obviously Mr. Newman takes marriage very seriously he just realized that he was married to the wrong woman. His wife soon granted him the divorce that would enable him to marry the love of his life. Together they produced three children and lived a happy, faithful life until his death in 2008. The secret to their lasting union was their ability to remain faithful to one another and to make one another laugh.

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer

The couple were introduced by Meryl’s brother, who was a long time friend of Don’s. Meryl married her artist husband in 1978 and they went on to produce three children together. She has notably thanked him in her acceptance speeches and has remained faithful to him despite her superstar status, which is no easy feat in Hollywood, though they do make it look easy. The secret to their longevity may lie in the fact that they work hard to achieve balance between their personal and professional lives and have set their relationship as a priority. This is one celebrity union that is not rife with scandal. Privacy and normalcy are key.

Bono and Alison Hewson

The couple met in school and starting dating in 1975 but didn’t marry until 1982. They have four children together. Theirs has been a whirlwind, exhausting life as Bono performs worldwide with U2 and pursues his political and humanitarian activism. But his ability to remain faithful to his wife and family make him quite a catch and their union is a rarity in the world of celebrity marriages.

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley

The couple were high sweethearts in the 1970s but did not marry until 1989 when they surprised everyone by getting hitched on tour while in Las Vegas. Dorothea has been an ardent supporter of Jon’s musical career for decades and together they have raised four children. What makes this union special is that despite Jon’s status as a superstar rocker, he has not been linked to any other women since marrying Dorothea.

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening

The couple, whose 21 year age difference has never been an issue for them, met while working on the film Bugsy, in 1991. They began dating soon after but it seems the actor had designs on marrying her from the beginning. This might account for their longevity; after all, Beatty had made a career out of bachelorhood and few thought he would ever commit to just one woman. But he met his match in Bening, who is respected throughout Hollywood as an independent, intelligent and amazingly talented woman. The couple has four children together, the first of whom, Kathlyn, was born two months before their 1992 wedding.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

The couple was introduced by Sarah’s brother in November, 1991 but didn’t start dating until February 1992. They married in a former synagogue in an Episcopalian ceremony in which the bride wore black. They have one son, James Wilke, born in 2002 and twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha, that were born via surrogate in 2009. Among the secrets to their longevity seem to be that they definitely march to their own drummer, fiercely protect the privacy of their family and don’t seem to be threatened by one another’s successes. He is a wildly successful stage actor while she has been a star of stage and screen, most notably in the Sex and the City franchise.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Best friends, costars and parents, this power couple has been collaborating on a number of levels since they married on April 30, 1988. The first met in 1981 while filming an episode of Tom’s sitcom, Bosom Buddies. Their paths crossed again in 1985 while they filmed the movie, Volunteers, and the couple married three years later. They have two sons. The secret to their longevity may be that they consider themselves best friends who truly want to be together.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Russell and Hawn first met while working on a film in 1968 but didn’t reconnect until 1983, and sparks flew. The rest is history. They have jointly raised three children from previous relationships and have one son together, Wyatt Russell, who was born in 1986. The couple have four grandchildren. Over the years, the couple have attributed their longevity to an active sex life and the ability to resist getting married.

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    • Jaynie2000 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I agree. It takes a lot more dedication and sacrifice to stay together and unfortunately, too few people put that kind of commitment into it these days. )-:

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It is good to see celebrity couples stay together in their marriages. They have so many obstacles such as fame, money, vainity and people who pursue them because they lack respect for the marriage arrangement. I commend the couples you featured because they have remained with their mates through thick and thin.

    • Sara Algoe profile image


      6 years ago from Phoenix, Ariz

      Tom and catie almost made it :)


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