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Sugar Daddy Season

Updated on December 29, 2017

Sugar Daddy Season is your time of need financially

Sugar Daddy Season is meant for every sugar baby to find a potential Sugar daddy at the time he/she need one. I'm not talking about getting a quick couple of hundreds. I mean finding another way for somene else to take care of you financially. Like paying your bills, going shopping, paying off debt, saving , investing, even spending time together and getting paid while doing it!

Are you looking for the Candy or the Daddy?

It's obvious that the candy is easy to find but hard to find an actual Sugar Daddy. In my experience I have downloaded multiple apps pertaining to Sugar Daddies. Most apps are worth using some not so much. The most I can tell you on gaining a sugar daddy is be patient and not so agressive. Sugar daddies prefer a sugar baby that is submissive to him/her needs. Oh and don’t go looking for multiple sugars if you can't keep up with any, but then again back up is nice just in case one fails.

Sugar Sites and Apps I've Used

  • HoneyDaddy
  • SugarD
  • Sudy
  • Sugar
  • Seeking Arrangements

Will Not Use Again

For all the sites I have used, majority of the sites and apps suck. Every app and site is different but if no one is really on it's a bust. Most prefer you to pay in order to receive a message back. It's not a gurantee you get a reply back, so it's not worth it. Premium accounts aren't worth it either just to fill out the rest of a specific type you want and can never find. Watch out for sites that ask for a free trial or profiles with no picture of the person trying to reach out to you. Make sure you are able to delete your account whenever you feel like it. Nothing annoys me more when your looking for the Delete account button or section and they don't have one. Then you have to reach out to the company and they don't reply back to the email or chat.

Never again will I believe a lifetime movie

I got the idea of wanting to have a Sugar Daddy from a lifetime movie and a video I came across on my Facebook. Everything isn't what it seems, by saying that I mean every possible Sugar daddy isn't gonna be your sugar daddy. Explain exactly what you are looking for but don't come off as if money is the only thing you want. Even though that’s really what you want.

Personally, I have been harassed by Sugars because I don't run errands especially when they are in another state. I may be looking to get paid but not to do multiple jobs for you. Especially, when you supposedly have an assistant that can do it for you. What’s the point of having an assistant to do it for you , but turn around and ask your Sugar Baby to do it? Am I right? It's nice to talk to someone new and find out what all they do. Always stay cautious because you never really know who they are.

I have read an article on scams and not to be straight forward about how much you want to recieve. I find it funny how in movies you get one big plot and you find a solution for it. In reality it's nothing like that. You have to question every possible option and outcome. Your getting paid to make someone happy, its not a regular job with a crappy pay. Are you the type of person that tells everyone your business and don't care who judges? or Do you keep to yourself so no one can judge?. I have been both, I've only told friends about the issues I have about finding a SD and also joke abut how much I would be getting paid. Sad thing is I have never actually been paid because I'd always end up being scammed. Luckily I pay attention to the traps they all have.

Stay away from HoneyDaddy thats the worst app to use ever. It’s exciting to add a new app and create a new profile, and get messages within the first 30 minutes of creating it. It starts to suck when all of them are scammers and sugar babies starting posting on their profiles of all the number they have gotten and who the sugar daddies are that scam. I have only found one that was willing to pay, but i turned him down because he wanted to watch me take off my clothes and touch my lady parts. Sorry this sugar baby is not taking her clothes off money. I would have been a Stripper or a Porn star if that's the case.

What made it even funnier to have that app is how everytime I posted a photo of what apps I use to recieve cash, Sugar Daddies would post and leave thier numbers or kik to talk. It got so bad I also posted all the numbers and kik names I have recieved and posted on my profile, only to be deleted minutes later. Being a Sugar Baby is not for me, I rather work my job and find another. At least I will know where my paycheck is coming from.

What to Give and What Not To Give

Apps to Send and Recieve
What not to use
Paypal/ Facebook
Cash app/ Zelle
Bank Account info
Venmo/ Google Wallet
Gift Cards/ Reloadable cards
Apps to use to Recieve and Send Money. What not to give when asked how you recieve a payment

" I've been burned by a Sugar Baby before , all I need is...."

If you recieve an email or text from the potential sugar daddy and the conversation goes to the finacial arrangement. DO NOT give out you username and password to your bank account. Most have asked for me to buy a Itunes, OneVanilla, and Walmart gift cards before I could recieve any money. Its a complete scam. don't fall for the " I've been burned by a Sugar Baby before, all I need is your account details baby". Nothing is more annoying than someone setting you up in even more debt.

What I haven't covered before I'll cover now...

It's not for everyone to try and find a Sugar Daddy. If you have no other options make sure you run background checks if possible. Don't be so agressive in the conversation only to get the money. Make sure you don't give out bank info or buy gift cards or reloadable cards in order to recieve money. Everything is not what it seems. Be willing to stand your ground on what you are looking for in a Sugar daddy. Be willing to meet the Sugar Daddy in person in a public place.

Know what you want but watch out

If your down to be scammed that fine too, just know if your already in debt you just might be in more. Be careful of the questions they ask you when it comes time to talk about the financial arrangement. I've read an article to always meet in public with a SD inorder to recieve the money, but I've never seen that to be true. Whatever floats your boat in the situation go for what works for you. Bring a best friend and have her hide in a booth just incase you don't feel safe. Some of these Sugar Daddies can be a lil too much in the touchy department. Avoid the ones that claim they want to prove themselves to you once you call them out on the scam. Some don't get it or don't want to. Some want it their way and only their way. Just RUN and BLOCK.

10 Facts On Looking For A Potential Sugar Daddy

  1. Create a profile an a website or app of your choosing
  2. Do not give out you real name
  3. Use an app to chat rather than giving a phone #
  4. Have cash apps available
  5. Run background checks
  6. When you say no ( MAKE IT CLEAR)
  7. Make it know what you want from a Sugar Daddy and what your willing to give
  8. Meet in person if possible
  9. Write down the scammers profile or numbers to avoid later an possibly help the next sugar baby that joins the site ( Try Not To Get Deleted)
  10. Never pay for the apps only to still be ignored

If you have an Questions feel free to comment and I will answer as soon as possible.

© 2017 Na'Kymbra Curry


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