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Suggestions for Picking Wedding Colors

Updated on April 17, 2008

You have a number of options when picking wedding colours, as you can pick what is classic and eternal for weddings, or pick what is the current trend in themes. According to Elizabeth Reuth, this seasons hottest colour trends are bright, punchy colours, which bring a look of freshness and fun a wedding, and the ever popular chocolate brown.

Here are some suggestions from her article:

"Decadent Chocolate Brown - Brown sounds a little odd for a wedding color, but right now, brown is a very popular for weddings and for fashion in general. Medium to deep toned chocolate are being used with several combinations of colors. Depending on which color you pair it with, brown can add either a rustic or a trendy touch to your wedding. Brown with orange, brown with sage green, brown with sky or turquoise blue and brown with pink are some options that will make your wedding stand out."

Sizzling Citrus Yellow - When you think of yellow, it may not immediately strike you as a fresh color. You may be thinking of yellow as a dated pastel, but that's where you're wrong. The hippest yellows are bright (think lemon meringue pie.) Yellow comes alive when it's paired with white and black, gray, pale muted blues or neutrals like camel or khaki. There are several ways you can use this citrus themed shade. Bright yellow with white and black striped accents has a chic European feel.

Cool Cobalt Blue - Cobalt Blue was splashed all over the runway and red carpet this year. You can easily bring this electric color into your wedding by pairing it with another color that's a bit understated. The motto here is to keep it simple. You don't want to use any color that tries to compete with the blue. Cobalt looks fantastic when it's paired with white or soft gray and silver also gives it a classy vibe. Stick with blue as the main event and you can't go wrong.

Fruit Punchy Orange - Orange is quickly becoming a hot color for weddings and it's no wonder. Orange naturally evokes feelings of lightness and energy. Many couples want an exciting wedding, so they want to use an exciting color. Orange definitely fits that bill. The best looking oranges to use are either yellow toned or red toned. Both types of orange fit well with pink as an accent color, muted pink for yellow toned orange and fuchsia pink for red toned orange. Mixed together, orange and pink give your wedding a fun update.

Obviously those colours wouldn't all be used at the same time, but for those women who want something a little more subtle and classic, they can take a lot of direction from the basic colour wheel. Picking colours that are directly across from each other on the wheel will result in a bright and dramatic scheme, while colours that are closer together on the wheel are more complimentary and subdued, but still beautiful.

Some common colour palettes include blues and tans, browns and greens, pink and black, pink and green, black and white (very classic), or orange and pink.

A great website to find examples of different colour combinations (as well as a multitude of other wedding ideas!) is the bio list at Magnificent Bliss. In their 'Specialty Bios' section, they have a list of themes, which many of the colour palettes listed above, as well as common themes, such as spring, autumn, beach, etc.

Magnificent Bliss

Although using the year's trendy colours as your wedding palette will provide a very inStyle wedding, my suggestion would be to lean towards the more classic and subtle colour palettes, and pulling in those bright trendy colours in small ways, such as your flowers, or your invitiations. Many people who sought to have a trendy wedding have probably looked back at their pictures after the currents have changed, and wondered what they were thinking.

As I find pictures, I will add a few more to the page, however if anyone wants information on a specific colour palette, for instance if you want to know if two colours look nice together, or if you need information on how to bring those colours into your decorations, make a request!


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