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Supporting Your Partner’s Career Goals

Updated on June 11, 2019
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Grace has a degree in Social Sciences. She loves collecting art pieces and is amazed by how talented artists are.


Pursuing career goals can be both exciting and challenging, it is definitely not a smooth journey, however, having the support of someone close to you can possibly make the journey less grumpy than if you had to face all the storms on your own. It is important for partners in an intimate relationship to have long conversations about each other’s career goals; such conversations should be centered around what their career goals are and how they plan on attaining those goals.

Why is important to share your career goals with your partner?

It takes time, dedication, effort, hard work and commitment for one to achieve set goals. On the other hand, it also takes time, attention, trust, love, care and selflessness for a relationship to grow strong. If both your relationship and career goals are of value to you, you would not want to find yourself in a position where you have to choose between giving up on your relationship and pursuing your career goals or vise versa. Hence it is crucial for your partner to understand and support you through your journey.

1. Valuing individual interests and values

The first step is to understand that even though you share interests and values, you are still individuals in a relationship, you are allowed to have individual interests and goals; and both your goals are equally important. There should never be those incidents where one partner is always expected or manipulated into compromising their career for the purpose of the relationship, whereas the other partner always has the freedom to pursue career goals without receiving any form of obstruction from their partner. Remember, it takes selflessness and other elements for a relationship to work, being consistently selfish and not valuing the interests of your partner is not going to help your relationship in any way.

2. Offering assistance to your partner

Secondly, you need to be involved in your partner’s career journey by showing interest and offering assistance where possible. You do not need to be an expert in your partner’s career field for you to be able to support your partner; being curious to know a little about your partner’s career and listening to them when they share their daily work experiences can mean quite a lot to your partner. A partner could also determine what resources they have available which they could use to ensure that their partner gets closer to their career destiny. For instance, they could offer financial assistance if their partner plans to open a business or plans to acquire an academic qualification, or even assist with paperwork or assignments. Investing your time, effort or money is a sign of how much you believe in your partner’s abilities and how bad you want to see your partner succeed. However, the goal pursuer should be careful not to end up being too reliant on their partner and lazy to complete tasks on their own, your partner should assist you to a certain extent.

3. Motivation during a challenging phase

Supporting your partner means believing in them even when they do not believe in themselves. The pursuit of career goals is not an easy process, nothing worthwhile in life comes easy, there are moments when your partner is going to feel like giving up or be convinced they were dumb to believe that they could attain the goals they have set. Those kind of moments can be viewed as a test to you as a partner, in terms of how much you care about your partner and how much you believe in your partner’s strengths and abilities. For example, if your partner decides to give up on their career goals and you do not take any action to motivate them into changing their mind and regaining their self-esteem, it could somehow be a sign of how you were never absolutely interested in seeing them succeed. Hence, it is significant to pay attention to your partner when they have certain conversations with you, when they are having breakdowns you are able to constantly remind them how important their careers are to them, and possibly to you too.

4. Equality in a relationship

Both partners should equally support each other’s career goals without being selfish, discriminative or gender stereotypical. Supporting each other’s career goals as partners can have three benefits; it could build your relationship, it helps the goal pursuer to make great progress with her career journey and the partner who supports the goal pursuer benefits either directly or indirectly. For instance, if the goal pursuer eventually obtains an academic qualification and gets employed as a result or gets promoted at work as a result of hard work, a few things could possibly change in the relationship; the couple might now afford to go on a romantic vacation they always wanted to go on or even have a dream wedding they have been longing for. Intimate partners are in contact with each other on daily basis and are interdependent on each other, therefore most changes in your partner’s life, either positive or negative, they also have some sort of effect on you as their partner. Partners who support each other become closer, love each other more and their bond grows stronger.

© 2019 Grace


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