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How to survive single motherhood?

Updated on July 28, 2010

How to survive single motherhood?

I just graduated from College when I got pregnant with my first child and made the terrible mistake of marrying a man who doesn't have the guts of raising one's family. It took me 6 years to figure out things are going nowhere and by that time, I already got three kids with me to raise on my own since their father abandoned us for another woman. It was very difficult and stressful to do everything on my part. But through the years I have managed and learned to survive single motherhood. How did I do it? Please find below some useful tips and advice.

1. Accept things that happened in the past. There is no way that you can change the bad circumstances that resulted to single motherhood.

2. Get over with all the hurt, bad feelings and negativity. Put all those aside to start with your life again.

3. Move on with your life now. Stop being miserable.

4. Put yourself whole again. Pick up all those broken pieces and get up and beat the challenge.

5. Gather all the strengths and courage you still have. Use it as your foundations to overcome all the barriers and obstacles you are facing right now.

6. Clear your mind of useless clutter. Meaning you get rid of those things that keep you down.

7. Keep a positive mind set and attitude. Surround yourself with beautiful things to boost your morale and uplift your spirit.

8. Keep your sanity and do not be weaken by the daily turmoil and difficulties of life. It is not easy but you can make it through if you just hang on and persevere.

9. Love yourself more. Learn to pamper yourself to balance things and stress out. It is very important for you to keep your inner balance to move on.

10. Love your children more. Not only you act as their mother but be their companion and friend as well.

11. Always keep an open communication with your children. Discuss things with them. Let them understand the situation.

12. Encourage teamwork and cooperation between you and your children so it is easy for you to manage.

13. Cultivate love, understanding and respect all the time in the family. Even if the children are having no father. Life can still be beautiful.

14. Organize yourself well. Segregate things on priority and write down your action plans.

15. Learn new skills and craft. Work out on improving your knowledge to make yourself a better person and a better mother more importantly.

16. Have faith in God knowing you are not there alone to take care of everything. Lay down all your troubles and worries in God knowing He alone controls all circumstances, the source of all provisions and that He will provide your needs and the needs of your children.

17. Pray every day and be specific of what you are praying for.

18. Teach your children good values. Training always starts at home.

19. Focus on your children. Do not devote your time on useless things not concerning to the welfare of your family.

20. Learn to socialize with good friends who share the same trouble and interest as you.

21. Don't lose hope and courage. Things will be better for you.

22. Do not be discouraged of criticism from others. Instead turn those criticism into constructive ones to motivate you as a person.

23. Find other means of income to boost your financial needs.

24. Work hard. All sacrifices and effort will soon pay out.

25. Don't give up when things get rough. Draw strength from your children. They are your best assets and resources of love in your life. They will fill your days and complete you as a woman.

Hope all these tips and advice help. Good luck in being a single mom! It is tough but there are rewards along the way that cannot be measured by money alone. A lot of single mothers have proven they manage and survive so there is no reason you cannot do it as well. It all starts with little steps at a time. Learn to put your act together and be productive in life!!!


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