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Surviving the First 100 days of the Relationship

Updated on September 13, 2011

Showing the Love

A relationship without love being expressed is an empty relationship. People in love should be willing to show all the love they have in their hearts. In the beginning of the relationship, people wait long to celebrate special occasions with their loved ones. The first month anniversary, the second and the third. I know how it feels. It's like "Oh my God! I can't wait to celebrate our first year anniversary!"

The first 100 days of Love

Love does not mature in just 100 days. Love really takes time. But, why is it important to celebrate the 100th day. 

The first 100 days of the relationship are the times of "getting to know each other" stage. Sounds like old school, yes but that''s the truth. Those are the days that each partner is interested on their partner's likes, dislikes, interests and other personal things that they need to know.

Those 100 days give you time to decide if you are still willing to give your self, your time, effort for that person after all the things that you learned from him/her. Surviving those days nowadays is not that easy. Most people become aggressive like, it doesn't matter if they know the person or not, they like each other and then they'll stay together. It's when they're already together that they will realize, it's not the person they really like. After knowing the partner's real personality, they will choose to end the relationship.

100 things to do and not to do

1. Continue the courtship. Girls love it.

2. Dating. Whatever kind of it.

3. Read together.

4. Watch movies together.

5. Don't do anything in bed. Show some respect.

6. For men, fetch her at home, send her back.

7. For girls, cook for him when he visits you.

8. Laugh. Make each other laugh.

9. Share your drinks.

10. Mark your calendars together.

11. Give time and space when needed.

12. Don't be late on your meet ups.

13. Let him/her meet your family.

14. Invite him/her on a friend's party.

15. Walk together.

16. Sing for him/her. Doesn't matter how you do it.

17. Always touch him/his hands.

18. Pray together.

19. Play some games.

20. Never talk about your stupid ex's.

21. For ladies, don't fix yourself in front of him.

22. For men, always phrase how she looks.

23. Go to your other relatives and introduce each other.

24. When having a date, don't think other things.

25. Don't interrupt when other is talking.

26. Laugh at those corny jokes.

27. Laugh at those funny scenes together.

28. Take care for each other.

29. Always ask how each other feels.

30. Wink.

21. Kiss

22. Hug

23. No sex.

24. Keep yourself attractive.

25. Write to each other.

26. Calls.

27. Texts.

28. Cry.

29. Comfort each other.

30. Don't tolerate wrong moves.

31. For men, don't keep the girls waiting.

32. For girls, you are worth waiting.

33. Never say "You are wrong".

34. Never shout.

35. Do not trash talk.

36. Breathe deeply when pissed off.

37. Establish the eye contact.

38. Give presents even without occasion.

39. Send her flowers.

40. Don's skip the "Good Morning" greeting.

41. Always smile upon seeing each other.

42. "I miss you" is good to hear.

43. Don't make decisions when you're mad.

44. Never make a promise when you're glad.

45. Do all your promises.

46. Send him foods.

47. Fix his collar.

48. Do his necktie.

49. Fix her hair.

50. Be honest,

51. Say what's in your mind.

52. Do not shout on arguments.

53. Have coffee together.

54. Protect each other.

55. Offer help when needed.

56. Do not offer what you cannot give.

57. Be true to yourself.

58. Don't pretend.

59. Don't compare.

60. Show willingness on what you are doing for him/her.

61. Don't be possessive.

62. Let each other do what you want.

63. Control your emotions.

64. For men, cry if you want.

65. For ladies, don't be too emotional.

66. Be sensitive to each other's feelings.

67. Evaluate each other's thoughts.

68. Give importance to TIME.

69. Show a little more love everyday.

70. Invite her to dance.

71. Invite her to parlor.

72. Cut his nails.

73. Comb her hair.

74. Be presentable always,

75. Eat plenty together.

76. Don't eat without inviting the other.

77. Have rest.

78. Reminder: Girls are more sensitive when having period.

79. Think before you speak.

80. Have a couple ring.

81. Couple shirt.

82. Bake cakes for him.

83. Give cards.

84. Surprise!

85. Be romantic.

86. Post on his/her wall on facebook.

89. Send message in facebook.

90. Tag your romantic posts.

91. Tag your pictures together.

92. Be reminded of special dates.

93. Road trips!

94. Offer your hanky.

95. Always pick up his/her call.

96. Understand each other's needs.

97. Tell stories.

98. Tell some things about your past.

99. Keep in mind # 100.



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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Nice list. Reminded me of someone I used to know.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Why no sex? That should be a very personal decision.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This is one awesome blog post. Keep writing. fedkebadeadd

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I've done just about all of these things before even readying this and my relationship is Amazing.


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