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Sweet Pain

Updated on January 1, 2019
Mehran Abro profile image

Sweet Pain is as well defined by sweet poison that injects into your blood without any source of touch.

Sweet Poison
Sweet Poison

Sweet Taste Of Venom.

I'm not sure that either this article will drain your sorrows away by taking the dose of Sweet venom or it will squeeze all the sorrows and let you drain it away yourself through the worst taste of lust.

Its almost a sunset time while he drove through that mysterious path, that leads to an unsolved destination and had taken the life of 68 others who never thought to be gone through what he had this strange feeling of desire of something he was unaware of.

While going through this he had this Blue shinning eyes, which were being pulled to to a mysterious power of attraction. This was the moment he felt a worm touch on his neck, as if some one was pulling him back through his neck, this worm touch from no where at all made him more curious to know more about this mysterious place where he was to give his life away without being acknowledged by this fact.

He reached to some place where he thought to take some nap for a while, as he put his stuff besides him under this massive tree that almost covered more than quarter size of that unsolved place. While being laid under that tree, his face upwards to the sky, as he gazed the sky with those curious eyes which were saying everything about this desire he had, of which he couldn't figure out since ages.

He felt this unusual gentle touch of the finger tips over his pure red milky lips that made that power want to feel this dark temptation of curiosity came all the way in order to find the reason of the weird stories that took away the life of 68 others. She knew that he was going to be his 69, but she loved the fragrance he had put on and couldn't resist to wait any longer to make him her 69. She thought for a while to either make him the 69 or to make him 69 till the rest of her life '' which was never going to be over till the End of the world ''. Meanwhile his sudden wake up made him calm as never before. As he glanced at his chest, he felt the wild scratches made with finger nails by someone he couldn't figure out. By this time he had been fallen in an unconscious state of mind, and he loved it.

The very weird thing about this unsolved mystery was it would never let some one go away from it after feeling it once wither in conscious mind or an unconsciousness state of mind. It had a history of leading someone to an extreme worst situation where one could lose themselves for ever and get busy in re-finding themselves.

Now as he had been fallen into an unconscious state of mind, so made him do what ever she wanted him to do. She started to take as much advantage of it as she could by making him be arrogant to every other relation he had with anyone even with his dog. He would break things in aggression for no reason except the one that had been controlling his mind set without letting him know about the ounce of it.

She started to fall in love with her supernatural power of making him do things according to her will without even touching him, she kept him puzzled over the decision of being lost in that state of wanting her for his lust or to let her have him in her lust of controlling him, which got to an extreme addiction of Sweet pain. She would make cut his arms all the way from palm to the of the forearm, he would usually drag the sharp tip of Knife on his veins that leads to his heart and would cause unbearable pain, that latter became his medicine to move on with everything around him unconsciously. She made him look at herself in his blue shinning eyes while he would stare at the mirror. This Sweet pain led him to a situation where no one could hear him no matter how loud he screamed to be pulled out of it. Latter he realized that he had been screaming out for help to pull him out of that situation from those who had already been injected with this Sweet venom by this mysterious Creation. He latter found out that there is no way he could be pulled away from this attraction of sweet poison, because that is how the entire Universe was designed to be Functioned.

The Mysterious creation came out to be '' WOMEN ''. Which is known to be the '' Devil in Disguise ''.


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