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Symbols of Love to Charm Your Girl With

Updated on September 24, 2013

For thousands of years, humans have exchanged gifts as a symbol of their love. From weddings to birthdays to holidays, it seems programmed into us to want to give a token of our affection. Men will agonize over the perfect gift. For the creative, there are puzzle rings or Rubik's cubes with hearts instead of blocks. For the traditionalists, gourmet treats and flora are winning bets. Here are the most popular gifts for men to give to ladies as a token of their amour without falling back on the old standbys.

Flowers- Think Outside the Vase

Sure, a lush spray of daisies or a dozen red roses is sweet, but don't stop there. For those allergic, delicate, hand-blown glass flowers make for a beautiful display piece that never wilts. Glass flowers can usually be exhibited laid on their side or upright, some with custom holders to add to as the years go by. Foil-wrapped chocolate roses are another flower-oriented option, as are earrings or a pendant showcasing her favorite variety. For the working girl, flower-themed desk tools and stationery are always sure to please. After all, how many coworkers will accidentally walk off with her hydrangea-motif notepad? Whether a lover or a dear friend, flowers have long been held as the ultimate statement of affection and regard.

Tasty Treats- Sweets for Your Sweetie

The box of chocolates, while sweet in the Forrest Gump sense, is tired and overdone. Add in the fact that many people are allergic to nuts, and this old standard could be accepted graciously and then thrown into the nearest trash can. To satiate her sweet tooth, consider ordering a cookie bouquet. Individually wrapped and available in non-allergenic varieties, she can enjoy the gift over several days without encountering a stale goodie. Other quirky variations include taffy, hard candies, or a fun container full of gumballs or jawbreakers.

If you insist upon chocolate, be aware that Hershey does indeed have allergen-free chocolate guaranteed to be untainted by nuts or their oils. Order her a gift basket of kisses or a comically-huge chocolate bar. M&Ms candies can also be ordered stamped with a short phrase of appreciation or adoration. Creativity is key with chocolates.

Jewelry- Adornments to Enhance Her Radiance

You think she is the most beautiful woman alive, so why adorn her with a run-of-the-mill diamond chip earrings, or, worse, a tennis bracelet? By the time the average woman is twenty five, she has enough of these to last until it's time to pass them on to her grand-daughters. To impress the clever lady in your life, try puzzle rings. For the romantic, a diamond-encrusted heart-shaped pendant or charm is sure to woo her - just be sure to avoid the princess cut engagement ring unless you're looking to propose! Active ladies will love an anklet because there is less chance of it snagging or catching as she pursues her sports or hobbies. If your girl is a granola-eating environmentalist, a funky toe-ring will look great with her sandals. Think about her personality and lifestyle before selecting jewelry and you'll be sure to pick a winner.

Stuffed Animals- A Furry Friend, Indeed

While a teddy bear is cute, what on earth does she do with it? Look around her home. Does she prefer pigs? Frogs? How about cows? If your lady squealed in delight on your date to the zoo and took ten pictures of the lemur exhibit- there is your answer. With online resources, or the zoo gift shop, only a click or call away, don't settle for the tired bear unless you're positive she adores bears. If she owns a pet, such as a cat or dog, consider a miniature stuffed version bearing it's likeness for her desk. Be sure that whatever stuffed friend you decide upon is made in the USA and does not feel at all like real fur. Foreign-made stuffed animals, especially expensive ones, are sometimes covered in cat or dog pelts.  Not only is this bad for someone with allergies, but horrible for someone who loves animals, or has a cat or dog.

Dinner- Wine and Dine

Sure, some women love having to get dressed up and eat questionable food someone else has prepared in a fancy restaurant. For every woman that likes this, there is another who would rather walk on broken glass. Think about your lady. What would she rather do? Perhaps tickets to a hockey game, or a romantic picnic on the lawn at a concert venue would be more fitting to her sensibilities. Keep a sharp eye on the entertainment section of the local paper for news about upcoming art exhibitions, musicals, or author readings coming to town. Not every woman appreciates fare she can't even pronounce, let alone know which fork to use to eat it. By tailoring the big night out to what she likes, you'll feel like Prince Charming.

In short, the old standbys are just that for a reason. Most women do adore these symbols of love, but making the choice with her individuality in mind will make or break the gift. Whether it's puzzle rings, going to see Phantom of the Opera for the sixteenth time, or buying her a stuffed lemur, show her that you care by putting your own personal spin on her gift. After all, a gift is an expression of your care. Personalized care is far better than the old standard.


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