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The LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex) Story

Updated on June 22, 2017

Sometime before 1967, being a homosexual in the United Kingdom was considered a crime that could lead to a sentence of indefinite “preventive detention”. Homosexuals were considered to be dangerous sexual offenders- if found or assessed thoroughly by the court to have engaged in private and consensual sex (with men).

Gays, in those years, were hiding their true identities in order to avoid criminal convictions and also suspicion from their families. Though it wasn’t the ideal solution, most gays chose to marry in order to conform to what society thought was 'right and appropriate' behaviour. They naturally also wanted to avoid people’s inhumane judgements. But this didn't resolve nor change who really they were underneath. They may be handsome husbands or robust looking fathers, but deeply within they were gays.

We know for a fact that tying the knot with another, care and respect, can be the path to happiness. But to marry without love and affection only for security purposes is a huge and terrible mistake. There were many married gays who have ended-up having a vex life though they had adorable kids and a loving family. Tragically speaking, for those who couldn't handle the miseries they felt inside, they committed the heavyhearted way of ending their existence, suicide. Sad but true!

I was told by a close friend that intellectual and educated gays in the U.K. started a clandestine organisation which aimed at broadcasting who they were and spoke about their inner feelings as humans. One of their very powerful tools that helped in spreading and strengthening out their opinions and factual evidences about gays was to publish a newspaper that was given to the public for free. And because of that, the public as well as their families gradually understood and accepted the existence of homosexuality. Not just in the United Kingdom but also around the world.

Nowadays, gay people are having a much more relax and calm life than before. But we still cannot deny the fact that discrimination does still exist. Whether we like it or not, the most affected ones are the meek looking homosexuals or those who cannot defend themselves from the hands of narrow minded people.

As they say, we cannot expect everybody to welcome third sex people into the community. But we have to look at the greater picture which is; it is no longer a crime for them to express their true identities in public. And as result, more and more gays are stepping-out of their closets with pride and confidence, even at a very young age, because of their family's love and support.



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