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The Most Important Relationship Advice

Updated on February 4, 2015


The most important relationship advice is simple, it is not a fairy tale notion which seems implausible.  The key to relationships is; find someone you respect! So many of us have been there....we have fallen. Simple as that. We have been willing to overlook the annoying habits and compromised our most basic belief systems. The truth is; there are many people out there but the most important thing is to find someone you respect. Someone who you look up to or look toward. Ask yourself; is this person someone I would be able to grow old with?

Make It Lasting

Ask Yourself

 If you find yourself mothering or fathering someone. If you are a babier or a constant nag; ask you respect the person you are with? If you choose someone you only adore but do not admire...eventually the soft cushy bubble will burst and you will look back and say...geez...I could have seen that coming. Here are some questions you can ask yourself if you are not sure they harness your respect:

1. Do you find yourself seeking the advice of your partner?

2. Do you wish to please your partner? (we're not simply talking about an obligation or subservient attitude)

3. Does the list of qualities you admire in your partner outshine the list that annoys or bothers you?

4. Do you like to brag about your partner?

5. And finally, do you feel respected in return?

In answering honestly, you can surmise the foundation of your relationship based on your attitude so far.



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    • Benjimester profile image

      Benji Mester 

      9 years ago from San Diego, California

      I couldn't agree more. I've always said that I want to find a girl that I genuinely and deeply admire. Admiration is very similar to respect, but I think admiration takes it to the next level. That's my main goal. Thanks for the most excellent advice :)

    • dagny roth profile imageAUTHOR

      dagny roth 

      9 years ago from Neverland

      Thank you Pink Butterfly!

    • profile image

      Pink butter fly 

      9 years ago

      wow that is an amazing article

    • equusport profile image


      9 years ago from Horse Captial of the World

      When you grow tired of incompetence, tired of irresponsibility, tired of excuses - making them or taking them, tired of faking it, tired of being manipulated, tired of making decisions out of guilt rather than logic, and tired of living someone else's life, you will find yourself fantastically liberated.

    • equusport profile image


      9 years ago from Horse Captial of the World

      Great post and I agree that if you don't have respect, you don't have a relationship! Often people confuse need with love. No relationship is good without trust and honesty. Confidence in yourself and your significant other is equally important. Space and time for yourself, with friends and for your own dreams also adds to a healthy relationship. Intelligent choices require really getting to know someone, beyond infatuation. And you are entering into a relationship with not just an individual, but with his/her's family. Chemistry cannot be artificially produced. The past is the past and you can't change it. Let it go and move on and forward. Excuses are for loser's. If you use logic as your absolute, your heart will follow what the human mind knows. Look for common interests, values, and a moral code of ethics that you both live by. Accountability and responsibility goes hand in hand. Independence and the ability to stand alone will help make your relationship strong and will also give you the courage to know you deserve to be loved beyond measure. Because you do. Thanks for the great post!


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