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Updated on July 10, 2012

How the Human Brain Grows


By J. J. Crook

Have you ever wondered why there are two genders? Male and female? In a simple sense, human sexuality is a seed transfer system, with a pleasure package component to assure the necessary contact between opposite genders, wherein a male’s spermatozoa [cell] is transferred to a female to join with her egg [cell] where together a new human being is “conceived” to start its nine-month developmental genetic journey to the moment of birth. But why are there two genders in the first place?

Since life, and human beings, were one celled animals, each cell retains genetic memory. As the number and complexity of cells grew, so did life’s genetic memory. This is the reason that a fertilized chicken egg goes into complex development within the eggshell all by itself, from genetic coding, creating bones, feathers, organs, a circulatory system, a brain, talons, a beak, and a certain color and size. Genetic memory is the reason that zebras have stripes and a certain butterfly develops hawk eyes on each wing to deceive and scare birds away from eating it. Genetic memory is the reason human beings experience dejavu . As if they were there at an event in the past with their great, great grandfather. They were, - genetically. Expanded genetic memory is how the brain of living things grows, expands, and evolves into higher creatures. Even plants. But how does the genetic memory expand to allow such an evolution journey into a higher intellectual creature? The how is the mystery of why there are two genders. Male and female.

Picture a Chinese individual before that nation opened up to the world, with its unique genetic memory for thousands of years of isolated, Chinese culture, closed off from the world. Such genetic memory would represent a certain data base. Now picture a European individual with his or her thousands of years of genetic memory. The European’s genetic memory would represent a certain data base wholly different from that of the Chinese individual. Now make a circle with your left hand’s index finger and thumb. Now make a circle with your right hand’s index finger and thumb. Let’s call the left hand female. Let’s call the right hand male. Now bring both circles together (as in conception between a spermatozoa and an egg). Bingo. The two circles expand into a larger single circle of genetic memory. The genetic data base doubles, hence, the intellect doubles, and the newly conceived individual evolves with a larger genetic memory i.e. a larger data base than his or her parents. Walla. A higher creature.

The mystery of why there are two separate genders, male and female, is that is how the intellect grows and evolves into a higher species. The continuous doubling of genetic data bases for a larger singular data base, by the joining of two separate data bases, male and female, into one. Two separate genetic memories combined into one larger genetic memory producing a higher intellectual creature.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thoughtful indeed!

    • alisha4u profile image


      6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Interesting One...!


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