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Updated on August 1, 2015


Love in marriage is not an antidote to misunderstanding but a catalyst to forgiveness. Marriage is not a bed of roses but a land of prospects. No one marriage has ever succeed beyond the amount of love it enjoys. Marriage is not a consolatery game but a serious business. Marriage must involve the heart not just the mind. Emotion in marriage is good but this alone is not sufficient as it is a weaker element in a marriage relationship.
Marriage is not a casual affair and so should not be summed up at first instance but must be giving a deep personal consideration. Never conclude based on what you see perhaps evaluate your conclusions on what is yet to be. No couple is completely perfect but a blend of understanding individuals with different views and opinions who respect each others uniqueness.
Marriage should not be consummated until we have asked ourselves what could make us walkout of the union. Marriage is a land of tolerance, patience ,sacrifice and understanding. Marriage should not be contracted with over blotted hope but with a great deal of expectations. Marriage is full of its own challenges and surprises so the only driving force in all successful marriages is genuine love.
Every marriage is as strong as what brought it to be. Marriage is a personal affair and that should not to conceded to anyone no matter how important. Most broken marriages were consummated on third parties involvement. No person getting married should submit to any form of pressure from any quarters.
In every honest marriage relationship, the first choice is the ultimate. The second option is born out of disappointment. If not on the ground of infidelity, always fight for your first choice. When I was about to get married, because I was financially handicapped no one gave me a chance and my wife, was a million and one time forced not to marry me admist threat that bad that she was withdrawn from the university.
One day she informed me that she can't go on with me, as my first love I literally died inside of me. I waited for her until days were running into months and extending into year my patience were naturally eroding fast but my love remains as strong as the rock. When I couldn't stand the trauma I decided for the next option not until then I realized that the power of love is tolerance. Nothing about the later pleases me, not until then did I realize that friendship isn't enough to lead one to marriage. Friendship could lead to marriage but it requires the extra. I noticed that I could never forgive the later of the least provocation and such marriage would end up in flames.
Since I disliked divorce and breaking any lady's heart I patiently tolerated her until I found a genuine reason to breakup. Then I had to fight for my first love, I had to accept the sponsorship of her university education. At long last all opposition gave way and we finally got married. She is not an angel but we have since got along fine without much money but we really enjoy each-others company. We don't quarrel but we do disagree on some issues and that without harming each other. There had been occasions were she did things I felt really bad about but when she just appear before me, all my anger would just vanish into tiny air. My faithfulness to her is imposed on me by the love I have for her. I have had numerous opportunities to cheat on her but one thing that debarred me was having to share her love and the possibility of hurting her.


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