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Updated on January 2, 2013

book cover

Ignorance is costly

I was deeply touched by the ordeal of an innocent woman, faithful though she was who died of HIV/AIDS which she contracted from her husband. Sadly, he confessed to have acquired the said disease from a one-night stand. Beatrice’s story (not her real name) is the inspiration for this book.

The scourge of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in our world today, especially in third world countries, thrives on ignorance, high level of immorality and sexual perversion. Ignorance about HIV/AIDS has increased the level of prejudice and discrimination against its victims.

Stories abound of infected persons becoming homeless, finding their belongings on the street and their homes locked against them; of children barred from school; workers fired; and many other forms of indignities. I have also heard of some organizations that subtly make their infected staff redundant as an excuse to fire them. These companies apart from not employing persons that tested positive during their initial employment medical tests carry out periodic medical tests on employees.

It is easy to point accusing fingers at such organizations but the question is, “would you act differently?” While they may have a reason for their actions, there is also a need to strike a balance and give a human face to how we treat victims of HIV/AIDS who are seeking employment or are already employed.

The story of an infected pastor who lost his wife to HIV and is still saving souls through his ministry to both the uninfected and those living with HIV/AIDS, will help us change our attitude towards those victims of the deadly disease. Whether it was by accident or their fault that they got infected is not a good enough ground to condemn them. Our Lord Jesus said “let him that hath no sin cast the first stone”. Jesus has given us a ministry of reconciliation and not that of condemnation.

This book is not intended to condemn those who got infected through any of the above condemned behaviours and are now living with HIV or those currently involved in these sexual perversions. The purpose of this book is to inform them that God still loves them. He loves us even while we are in sin or down with sickness.

Satan is the killer but God through His son Jesus with outstretched arm is waiting for us to come back to Him for every help and comfort that we need. There is hope for us all when we forsake darkness and embrace God’s light. God has kept you alive to turn over a new leaf and be reconciled to His eternal purpose for you.

If you are wondering why God has not destroyed today’s world as He did to Sodom and Gomorrah, it is because He cannot play into the hands of Satan who desires more human beings to die in their sins and join him with his fallen angels in the lake of fire.

Turn these pages, and let’s discover together how Satan is employing sexual perversions as strategic warfare weapons against the purpose of God for our lives. It will amaze you to learn of how much incursion Satan has made into humanity, corrupting the beautiful creations of God. When you are through, you will agree with me that without the help of God to uphold and guide us in our daily life, man is capable of being corrupted.


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    • Cute Edge profile image

      Anthony Amalokwu 5 years ago from Nigeria

      read this update...

    • Cute Edge profile image

      Anthony Amalokwu 7 years ago from Nigeria

      THE SEX APPEAL Sex is everywhere at the moment but the truth about sex has become very scarce. That is why this book is a timely wake-up call and an indispensible resource material for every home in a world whose continued existence is threatened by the HIV/AIDS scourge.