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Updated on September 19, 2015


A man whispers

To train his tongue to be loose in his mouth.

Letting his yellow teeth shine.

He sits on a bench on the porch of his house

Pulling wings from flies

To stop their annoying fuzz.

Too much touch

His fingers do not obey

His touch is louder than words

Flies break into pieces.

There is a pause in the high tension

Revelation of truth expresses deep darkness.

He ponders his thoughts.

Everyone is his own prophet

Always perceiving something but not knowing what.

What is real except that which is fabricated?

Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?

We are made subject to the laws of change

Not merely spectators.

The past is already here

It needs only intervention to perfect what's left to dream about.

Carry your heart in your pocket

During the charity of hard moments.

Learn to live with the seductiveness of money

Or you may lose everything

Including the name you go by.

Change is perfected, the moment of your fall.


I do not have child support and never have. I do not have any extra children roaming around. I wrote this because I have too many friends that do pay child support and I see their frustrations and dissappiontments because there is not much money left for their present family or to pay for extras.


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