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Updated on September 14, 2012


Jennifer Mills-Westley, 60, asked for help in a social security office in the busy Los Cristianos resort.

Staff said "She was in tears and looked frightened." She stated, "She feared she was being followed" and took refuge in an office moments before her death.

But she left after security guards checked the street and said "The coast was clear."

Tragically, her killer was still following her.

The retired road safety officer from Norwich was then followed into a nearby store by her killer, by 28-year-old Deyan Valentinov Deyanov, a homeless Bulgarian man with a history of mental illness.

Deyanov stabbed her 14 times in the neck with a kitchen knife, before he beheaded her. He ran out with her severed head. The blade was found in a bag Deyanov was carrying when he was tackled and overpowered a few minutes later.

A source at the National Police in Tenerife said: "We have been told that Deyanov was following his victim on Friday morning, that she went into a social security office asking for help and saying she was very scared".

She waited in the office until he disappeared. She walked into the Chinese-owned shop nearby and he followed her in.

A police source said, " Her killer than grabbed a large kitchen knife from a shelf and stabbed her at least 14 times in the neck without saying a word".

After he managed to sever her head completely, he picked it up and ran out of the shop," He said, adding "it was without doubt one of the most gruesome crimes we have seen in Tenerife".

Police believe Deyanov picked his victim completely at random.

Ms Mills-Westley had Spanish residency and lived in Tenerife but often traveled to Norfolk and France to visit her daughters and grandchildren.

Her ex-husband Peter, who now lives in Ireland, said "His former wife was a wonderful woman, a brilliant mother and I loved her very dearly."

Frank Clydesdale, the chairman of the residents comittee, said: she was a charming lady, a joy to know.

"This is the kind of place where you don't stick your nose into other people's business but you always say hello and have a chat."

She has been here a long time and always been very nice. Its just such a dreadful thing.’

Norfolk County Council said Ms Mills-Westley had worked as a road safety officer there until about 15 years ago.

A spokesman said she had been a popular and well respected member of staff and had worked with many schools and children to teach cycling safety.

One of her two daughters, Sarah Mears, a business consultant who lives with her husband Barry near Norwich, said "The family was devastated". She said in a statement "That her mother was fully enjoying her retirement".She added: "She was full of life, generous of heart, would do anything for anyone."

"We now have to find some way of living without her love and light."

Ms Mills-Westley's other daughter, Samantha Gomes, is understood to live in the Midi-Pyrenees area of France.

Deyanov is said to have had a history of violent crimes. In February he was released from a psychiatric hospital following an earlier random attack in Los Cristianos.

He was well-known in the resort to both police and locals, who said he would walk around the resort shouting: "I have been sent by God to carry out his justice on earth."

Deyanov had been living in squalor in a derelict house on Los Cristianos beach. The one-story building, which reeks of urine, had been secured with wire fencing, but squatters including the Bulgarian clambered over it each night to bed down. A picture of a tortured Jesus with a crown of thorns was found in the dilapidated house.

Mail Online News, story was written by Matt Slandy and Tom Worden

Our hearts go out to this wonderful beloved woman, who was a shining light in her family, community, and world.

Sadly, this story reminds me of a wonderful minister that I knew personally, in Abilene, Texas. She was the pastor, of the Abilene Unity Church. I attended the church for a short while In Abilene, before moving to Corpus Christi.

Her name was Karen Johnson, and she was a dynamic, loving, caring woman, who believed in helping others out in the local community. I remember how she would have the children gather around her in the front of the Church, and read bible stories to them. She and the children would discuss what the stories meant, in a non-fearful way!

She taught unconditional love! After her services, everyone would gather to give love and healing touch, to those who were sick, and or in need of comfort.

Last year, a friend of mind told me, that Karen was brutally murdered in an attack by Renat Antoinette. Renat was a disturbed parishioner, that attended Unity Church. She was counseling him, and after being called to his home, she walked in, was grabbed, restrained and murdered.

Her throat was cut, and she was later discovered by some of the members of her church. Some of the people at her church, had warned not to go to his house, but she did not listen..She was found murdered the next day.

Her murder, was described as too gruesome, to be revealed to the public.

Renat had hanged herself after the murder. She was previously known as Bobby Allan La' Loge, a transsexual, who had recently changed his name legally. He was a Vietnam Veteran and a writer of twenty one books. He had always wanted to murder a woman, ever since he was a child. He wrote about it on his website, about a year before he murdered Karen.

Our former minister, Joseph Byrne, pastor of the Unity Church, in Corpus Christi was a friend of hers, and attended her funeral services.

Sometimes in life, we truly do not understand why violence occurs to people we have loved..but it does happen that we need to forgive these people who are so tormented, twisted, and full of hate. They hate themselves as well!

We need to address and find ways to help these people before they hurt or kill someone else.

They almost always give out warnings beforehand. People need to start caring enough, to get involved! I know Karen, would have forgiven her killer, because she was that kind of person!


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  • Donna Suthard profile imageAUTHOR

    Donna Suthard 

    6 years ago

    Thank you for your kind remarks LuxmiH... I am so glad you are so safe in Tenerife.. We just never know, whats going to happen in our lives on a day to basis.. but I can well imagine the fear these women went through. It takes great courage to live in this world.

  • LuxmiH profile image

    Luxmih Eve-Lyn Forbes 

    6 years ago from Fort Pierce, Florida

    Wow! Interesting how quickly and unexpectedly 'life' changes. I was just in Tenerife in January, there but for the grace of God....

    I enjoy your writing style and presentation. It is so easy to read, even when the subject is so tragic.

  • James A Watkins profile image

    James A Watkins 

    7 years ago from Chicago

    Thank you for the excellent reportage. I found this article quite interesting though, of course, profoundly tragic. Demons roam the earth.


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