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Updated on June 29, 2010

My Life...My Love...My Truth

I love a person who was the best thing which happen to me in my entire life…I would have cut a part of my body if that brings a smile on her face…that is the intensity with which I adore her for all what she means to me…we first met along the river side and our relationship was pure as the waters of the river itself… we shared the deepest secrets of our life with each other, we longed for each other’s company, we looked into each other’s eyes for hours together without saying a word but still shared the story of the entire world with just a glance to each other…we had nothing in common and still felt each other as one…

Her laughter sounded like the flow of a stream, her color was as vibrant as the early morning sunshine, her face was synonymous to grace, beauty and charisma to me, her scent was the smell of a thousand gardens, her closeness was like the sense of attaining Nirvana, her voice sounded like sweet music to my ears, her body was so flawlessly crafted that it would take a whole life time to assimilate it’s perfectness…

The truth kept behind closed doors

We shared the most perfect relationship two human beings could ever do…our love was not carnal, but unconditional and true…but there was one thing we both were aware and afraid of, we did not belong to the same caste of our families…

Our love for each other had reached to such an extent that maintaining its secrecy was not possible anymore…when our so called Elders of family got to know about us they decided that it was better for them to be called as murderers rather than face the shame of being parents to nonconformists to their social stratum and see us live our lives happily…

We were both slaughtered by the simplest way of killing a person, slit throats…they thought, this is the best way to obliterate the uprising of their own blood… this gave our family a sense of victory over rebellions against the set of manmade rules…now our parents can hold their heads high again and can pretend that they had one child less all the way through…

I am the spirit of the unfortunate person who committed a crime in the eyes of the society by loving a person outside my cast…my sole has not attained salvation and peace, I want people to know about us and many others who are sacrificed in the name of retaining cultural conventions and family dignity…

I write to tell the world that ‘There is no honor in honor killing, only disgrace…'


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    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 6 years ago from Qatar

      Dear Jackie, much appreciate your comments..the reason for writing this article was to spread awareness on the topic and I am glad that it does, keep the fire burning...Cheers

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 7 years ago from The Beautiful South

      I have written heavily elsewhere on injustices but this is something that is so shocking. Yes! speak out, and I will try to absorb and study to understand.

    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      Hey Hypno, good to see you here…I totally agree with you that using the word ‘honor’ gives the whole concept a dignified touch to it…although I have used it for better understanding purpose here… However, the basic rights of freedom and speech is taken away from the ones who defy their parents’ wishes to marry the ones they love…in the rural parts of my country, it is very normal for the parents to decide the fate of their children totally…I strongly believe spreading awareness and introducing strict laws against such gruesome acts would result in reducing the number of deaths, if not irradiate it completely…thank you very much for your perceptive on the topic which is much appreciated…Cheers..

    • CMHypno profile image

      CMHypno 7 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      We should all stop referring to them as 'honour' killings, as it gives this cruel practice a dignity that it does not deserve. Parents, whatever their culture, have got to learn that they do not own their children, and that their children are real people in their own right. Everyone should be born into a position of choosing the course of their own life, and their family should be there to give advice and support them, not trying to control them and their choices. Honour killings are murder, plain and simple, and to say that you love someone and then kill them (often horribly) is just warped.

    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      Hi H-09, good to see you visit my page..I indisputably agree with your comment and strongly feel that this horrendous practice should be irradiated from our society like a deadly decease…Cheers..

    • hubber-2009 profile image

      hubber-2009 7 years ago from India

      I think using the expression "honour killing" instead of "honour murder" play down the seriousness of the crime?

    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      Freya, such a lovely comment coming from a very adorable writer has made my day..I totally agree that over time a man does not feel the pain and agony of killing another human..Ruthless and dead is the heart which does not feel anything by seeing others hurt..very truly pointed out that absolutely no honor can be gained by killing..Thank you for sharing your views..May peace be upon you..Take care

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      That is really sad story. I am too, not believe about honour killing. Once man killing another human being, some part of human in him is gone. The second killing will less terrifying. The next one will be in cold blood and this man become heartless. It Scary! No honour we can gain in killing. Nothing at all!

      This Hub is well written and touching. Thank you.

    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      Thank you Sameerk for reading my hub, shall definitely read your poem very soon..I would certainly take your advice and try publishing more of my articles here..Take care..

    • sameerk profile image

      sameerk 7 years ago from India

      very nice hub , u need to write more , check out my new poem , tiny things

    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      Hello Dawn, it was great to read your comments…I realize how sad and shocked other people would feel when two lovers are killed in the name of false honor and ego, even shocking is that fact that the killing was through their own family members, there would be nothing to top that up with reference to brutality I guess…I have always believed that even if it is an arraigned marriage, it should be with the consent of the couple involved…but sadly, in the rural part of our country the bride and groom have no say at all in these matters…the family decides their fate and they have to comply without any other option, if they choose not to, then such killings occur…I am aware that marriage has a more liberal approach in the western countries especially in America, but the unfortunate part is as you have rightly pointed out that the divorce rates has been rising on an alarming rate now a days…

      The general population in the urban and more developed part of our country has a more modern approach towards social rights and duties though…the person in question has all the rights to choose their own life partner and a majority of them turn up to be successful…the influence of the western countries has rooted itself in our daily lives resulting in a cultural shift…

      I loved your thought on marriage and your formula to make it a successful one…Thank you for your profound insights…take care Dawn…

    • dawnM profile image

      Dawn Michael 7 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

      Hi MagicBoy this brings tears to my eyes that people have to live their lives in this way. In America we have a choice to marry and the sad fact is more than half of the people end in divorce which is tragic in itself. We can choose who we marry that must be a strange concept for you, especially when where you live to have that choice is not even an option.

      When a man and wife marry it should come from love, a place where you want to share your life with them in everyway. There is so much beauty in a good marriage, that is filled with respect, love, passion for one another and deep gratitude that you are able to spend the rest of your life with that person.

      Great article!

    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      Hey Sweetie, good to see you here..I do agree with you that there is a steep rise in the number of such cases throughout India, as a matter of fact I was surprised to see a case emerge from South India also which was previously not considered to witness such killings..I am glad that for once the media is criticizing the wrong doers..Hopefully people should change their stance and give up this horrible practice..Thank you again…Cheers

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 7 years ago from India

      unfortunately honour killings are on rise and more people are getting educated and more money they now have be it delhi or in Karnal in haryana.. more rigid they are becomeing and intolrence is getting more and more..

    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      Hello Hummingbird, it is an honor to receive a comment from a great writer as you..I wanted it to be a story of a person who has seen it all happen with him, I thought that way it would touch the hearts of the readers and may be people who commit such crimes would realize..I was glad that you could view that in my is an awful act and it every such case just leave me bruised as I feel they have murdered for false ego and respect…

      Thank you for your most humble words, I greatly appreciate it…@Magic..

    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      Jess, I am so glad that you read my post and have passed such insightful thoughts about the same..I know that many people are not aware of this satanic practice followed from centuries and still committed in huge numbers..awareness regarding this immoral topic was the only reason I wrote this article...I realized that off-late the number of honor killings taking place in northern part of India has intensified drastically…although there are laws and strict punishments imposed on such killings, people consider being behind bars throughout their lives better than live with the realization that their daughter, sister, niece etc has loved/married outside their own cast which is actually like a black spot on the family’s name forever…other people in their cast disown them and treat them with disrespect…this has been the case since many ages now and such wicked practices are still followed with strong commitment and motivation..but all said and done, love is blind and many couples fall prey of such social constraints and either lose their love or have to lose their lives…

      Thank you again for stopping by and for you perceptive comments..saying Amen to you prayers… Cheers…

    • Hummingbird5356 profile image

      Hummingbird5356 7 years ago

      You wrote this as if you were really the person concerned. Until I read that it was someone killed for "honour" it could easily have been you that you were writing about.

      This is a horrendous crime and it needs putting an end to.

      Thank you for writing about the subject. Your writing is very good and I look forward to reading more hubs from you.

    • Lifeallstar1 profile image

      Lifeallstar1 7 years ago

      Magic Boy, When I think of honor killing I think of the suicide bomber type stories. Not that I think that is a good thing, it's just what pops in my mind when I hear those two words together. I appreciate reading about other cultures and what goes on so I can learn and grow as an individual. I want to thank you for writing this and you wrote it so well. It made a huge impact. To think your family will kill you because they disagree or feel you have shamed the family is unbelievable. I knew it used to happen but didn't realize it was still going strong. It shocks me to think a family would disown you by doing this so you can see how shocking it is to think they would even kill you. Living in shame is worse to them (if acceptance is out of the question) so they kill. Unconditional love doesn't exist in their eyes. They care about what others think about them or what they believe God will think of them so they kill their own loved ones. It's a despicable act.

      Thank you for spreading awareness on this topic. I am truly saddened that this still goes on and pray this unthinkable behavior will end. Jess

    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      Uma, the practice of honor killing and other age old social practices are the other face of modern India which is completely contradictory and conflicts the image our country portrays to the outside world..I am happy that the government has taken initiative to force strict regulations and has placed an Act with this regards..I am hopeful that such horrendous acts would be curbed down dramatically in the near future..I believe we are way too far away from washing out hands off cast system in our country…that is if we are able to take care too..Cheers

    • profile image

      Uma07 7 years ago


      This practice surprised me no end when the media was all over it.Honor killing in India has risen so high,everyday you have atleast one incident from some part of the country.It's usually the girl's family that resists such marriage and in the process it is not only the boy but his whole family is slaughtered.They don't spare even the pregnant wife.God save us from such people.

      As long as caste system exists this is going to continue.

      Take care.


    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      Cheeky Girl, my heart is filled with happiness after reading your interpretation to this article…I realize how much our thoughts coincide with each other…I was just left smiling at your sentences thinking that it’s the same way I have things in my opinion…yes, there are many parents and other family member in the society who would think it would be better to kill their own children who love someone outside their own caste/culture then allow them to let live that way, as it is considered a matter of great shame for the family ever after…they do not realize the fact that love does not see any boundaries…I hope and pray that such practices are abolished completely as soon as it is such a shame…

      About writing, I am thinking of a fun filled topic which I want to write next…let’s see…anyways I have taken a lot of tips/lessons from your hubs thought…thanks again for visiting…

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      This is a great hub. I am very moved by the description here too. Having a relationship outside of one's cultural conventions, and being killed for it. Why? I know a lot of people who are dating and having relationships with people outside of their own culture. Technically so is my own partner, but all these people are simply doing what human beings do when they are love with someone else. Surely Love is Love - wherever it happens...

      Some people will go too far to make a point, and instead of making their own culture relevant, their culture becomes a news story and something made worse by the event. You have shone a valuable light on an important subject, and we need to talk about it a lot more. I wish you lots of success on Hub Pages, my friend.

    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      My dear Friend Mansoor, it's so nice of you to share your thoughts about the article and for mentioning such sweet comments...I totally agree with you with respect to spreading the awareness and disapproving such awful social practices (Mass Mailer may not be a feasible mode though)…one more person informed, would be one more person critical on this subject…

      Thank you very much for your profound suggestion though…always appreciated…

      Take care…

    • profile image

      Mansoor 7 years ago

      Nice...Very Nice..i guess we must share this link as a MASS Mailer in order to throw some light on these Horrific Practices.I truly denounce such acts...Hoping such article inspire the young guns to take a cue out of this and prevent such evil practice in near future.

      Plz do keep sharing such intresting articles ,the least one could do is share it with his near and dear ones...



    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      Hello @Chandu, it’s such a pleasant surprise to hear from you…I am overwhelmed by your appreciations and your comments bought a feeling of cool breeze within me… thank you very much for that…Ya, I really am thinking of writing another article totally dedicated to Sydney Sheldon, LOL…my aim of writing this article was to stir a sense of realization amongst people that such dreadful social practices should be bunged off as this leads to the denial of one’s right to freedom of expression and choice…

      I shall take your humble request and continue to write…thank you again…take care…

      Hi @Kalu, Good to see you on the page…thank you very much for your comments which bought a broad smile on my face…I am touched by your words…

      We need the youth of our country to show courage and appose to such horrific social practices…I believe that there is a lot of fear among people regarding these practices in our country…the most shocking fact is that these sort of killings are taking place in the urban and metro cities of our country and the number of cases are rising alarmingly… it’s hard to believe that illiteracy among people is not the only reason for such crimes…we should stand against the practices of such biased and prejudice misdeeds made in the name of cultural and religious grounds… one such case is like killing a whole community together…I am hopeful that people who are more informed about such satanic acts would lead to its eradication…Thanks a ton for sharing your opinions…and yes, I would be waiting to read your article too… take care Brother…

    • profile image

      Kalu 7 years ago

      Hello Mr. writer ,

      Never knew you had this terrific skill in you,lovely article bro, wish i get inspired by you and post one one of my own too;)...coming back to your article, its a disgrace to the society to have such people who commit crimes in the name of caste,religion. The first thing people need to understand is that love is unconditional,it has no boundaries,no limits. I request all the brothers and their sisters to spread the above article and help the cause to a certain extent if not attain its goal, let it not fall on deaf ears.

      certainly there is no honor in ‘honor killing’

    • profile image

      chandu 7 years ago

      Hi bro your article is just awesome i never knew that there was a poet amidst really proud to know that guess those sydney sheldon's novels really worked.On a serious note this was one of the best articles i have ever read in my entire my life.You are too good for anything brother really proud of you.Take care and continue writing such wonderful articles.

    • @MagicBoy profile image

      @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

      Padma, Glad to see you liked my first post…thank you very much for your feed-back, your comments bought in a lot of satisfaction within me for the only reason of the article is to spread awareness about the topic…I only hope that people would realize that social practices we follow should be for the betterment of oneself and should not be the reason for their own downfall…thank you again for feeling the same way as I do…your comments are much appreciated…take care and have a wonderful day:)

      Hello Madhu, thank you for stopping by and passing such intense annotations…I am intrigued by your comments…I have always appreciated your thoughts and today is no exception…Yes, May God bring peace and salvation to all…Amen

      Have a good day…

      MOW, My good friend…How nice to see you comment on my article, it’s wonderful to know your thoughts about my post…I am delighted…Its absolutely true that honor killing is one of the cruelest practices and its a poison which is fast spreading within our society…the worst part is that people who comment such crimes are proud of accomplishing such brutal acts…hope people leave the practices of barbarism and live and let live a life of peace and tranquility…we have to set the perfect examples for our future generations…Thank you very much for your much appreciated insights and motivation…Take care: )

    • myownworld profile image

      myownworld 7 years ago from uk

      Honor killing is one of the cruelest practices ever, and I have been reading and researching this topic for a while now. Absolutely, horrific stories.... and the worst part is, not many ever get known. Anyway, you added your own special angle to this hub and made it more heart rending and poignant, so well done! (the second paragraph was beautifully written btw). Take care and best of luck with your writing :)

    • profile image

      Madhurima Dey 7 years ago

      I am touched after reading this. Had been hearing a lot about honor killings, but can literally see the impact on the human emotion and human soul of such a ghastly act! Phenomenal!

      May god give peace and salvation to all the souls who have been prey to such an act!

    • profile image

      Padma 7 years ago

      I am so glad to see such a wonderful article on honour killing. I use to alway think how people can do this and belive me this article needs to be read by many so that diz article can bring the change in the world.Article is written with so much of emotion, I m really touched. I liked the way you have describe ur luv. I am wishing your artilce makes a huge difference and also wish it proves the pen is mightier than the sword.I look forward to read more of your articles.



      Good luck



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