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The Truth About Spirituality, Religion and Our Relationships

Updated on March 21, 2014

You Are the Light of the World


There Is Always an Answer

Jesus meditating
Jesus meditating | Source

In Defense of God

God may not have created this world that we live in. What if WE created this world with our own thoughts? Or quite possibly, we were the angels that fell! Could be that we fell into a world of dreams or illusions that we created.

Have we not felt terrible guilt, since time began?. As a result, we began projecting our guilt and fears onto to each other. We really bought into the illusion of separation. We began arguing, and condemning and controlling each other over anything, including religion,, color, race, sex, politics, which soon escalated into condemnation and even murder..Even nations began fighting and killing each other...The strong preyed on the weak and injured, setting up rules for other's to follow

Do you really believe God would have created a world such as this? Would God command or even teach us, to hurt others?

If a person decides to hurt, or even kill another, then wouldn't God recommend that we forgive them?.They do get corrected on another level. Is this not a dualistic world? Jesus taught forgiveness and love for your brothers...

We have become terribly afraid in this world. We expect punishment, for making even the slightest mistakes, and yet to err is very human.

Many of us have been terribly punished as children. We were taught badly, by parents, teachers, and society that we are not worthy or good. We've been scolded or severely punished, first by misguided parents, and then by the narrow minded teachings of others.

We have felt such enormous guilt, that we've even projected our hatreds and deep-seated guilt onto each other.The ego within us has always felt the need to accuse someone, or something out there in the world.

We are like buzzards, seeking out dirt, analyzing and tearing each other apart with gossip, lies, slander, and sometimes even murder. Where is the compassion and love that we're to extend to one another?

This past Sunday, I talked to a lovely lady, named Rebecca at a local Unitarian Church.

She related to me, the torturous treatment she received as a child living in Mexico. When Rebecca was 7 years old, she stole some money that didn't belong to her. A nun promptly dragged her into a kitchen. The nun grabbed a long handled knife, and shoved the knife in front of her face.

She yelled at Rebecca for stealing the money.She said, "I'm going to give you a choice. Either I'm going to chop off your hand, since your hand caused you to sin, or I'm going to burn the sin out of you, to save you from the fires of hell"

Rebecca chose the fire. The nun then burnt her hand over a hot flame. Rebecca suffered 2nd degree burns, and large blisters on her hand and arm.

Rebecca, said, "When I grew up, I found a different path". She was deeply relieved to learn that God is a compassionate and loving God.

She endured more torture with this nun, but she did learn to survive.

Her survival skills eventually helped her to save her younger sisters life. She said, "Each day, I would get punished by this same nun". "The nun would shove my head down, into a container of water"..

The nun would release Rebecca's head whenever she came close to drowning. "My head repeatedly, went up and down in the water". "I barely had time to take a breath".

Rebecca stated, "I didn't know how to breath, under water. I was always gasping and inhaling water into my lungs" Over a period of time, Rebecca learned to hold her breath without swallowing water

Rebecca and her sister were never taught to swim. Years later, when she and her sister were at a lake, she said, "I was able to save my sister from drowning, because I had learned how to hold my breath under water".

The nun learned to torture, because of the teachings from the Holy Book, that she so fervently studied. I was touched by Rebecca's story. She eventually forgave this deeply disturbed nun.

The ego is not our friend. It is suspicious to vicious. Its always about blaming! The ego wants to destroy ourselves and others. It literally hates us.

The ego believes in separation. There are those people in this world, that teach we are being punished by a God that thinks we are sinful. In fact, they say, He's sending us terrible earthquakes, tsunami"s and tornadoes. They truly believe God is punishing people for their sins. How can you love someone you deeply fear. They truly believe this..

God does not punish. Mankind does!

God is total unconditional love. What does unconditional love mean? Jesus, came to teach, a different message which is unconditional love. He said, " to love God with all your heart" and "to love one another".

Did Jesus not say " love your enemy, and "not to judge another?" In fact the 5th commandment, given to Moses, states "Do Not Kill"

When Jesus said, "to the injured or sick people, they were healed, he knew in truth, that they felt guilty for what they THOUGHT they had done".He told them their sins were forgiven..

Jesus freed them from guilt, by extending only love, He told them, "They were forgiven".

Jesus went among those who were considered undesirable by society." He gave them only Love, with no condemnation..

He understood well, that those who do judge others, for what they feel guilty about, will only experience suffering, guilt, and misery. They have not forgiven themselves for what they think they have done or thought.

Our ego holds the past against us, and many others. The ego is totally unforgiving, wanting to unconsciously destroy them and us as well, through murder and suicide, which is highly prevalent today in this world.

This was demonstrated well, by the mob that wanted to stone a woman caught in adultery! Jesus said, "after he knelt down on the ground, 'who among you can cast stones"?

Everyone then walked away except for Jesus, and Mary! Jesus, said " Where are your accusers?

Jesus was like us! He understood the human condition. He prayed and meditated. He sought counsel and guidance from God.

God spoke through Jesus, and he spoke the Divine Wisdom that was communicated through him, to the masses. Can we not do the same? Sure we can, if we so choose..

He taught, that we are the "Light of the world" He instructed his disciples "We would do, what he did and more". He meant that literally.

The teachings from Jesus and the ASCENDED MASTERS is that we never separated from God.

We are One with God, and with each other. I AM IN YOU, AND You ARE IN Me! It could be, that we never left God at all!

Could be we chose to come in with our contracts ahead of time, to work out and heal our ancient relationships with others.That includes our parents, friends, churches, so called enemies, and our special love partners.

Jesus, was a great teacher, in that he did not play the victim! He never said, "look what you're doing to me" He said "father forgive them, for they know not what they do"

I know, that a spiritual teacher will not feel pain, if he does not give in to anger, or get upset. He has chosen not to play the victim, no matter what is said or done to him.

I know this is true, .because I once had surgery without an anesthetic. I was able to have the surgery using deep breathing techniques. The gynecologist that performed the surgery told his nurse beforehand, that I would not be able to endure the surgery without an anesthetic.

Afterwards, he told me " I made a believer out of him". He was amazed that I could demonstrate this! I then began to realize that our minds our very powerful, and I began to question everything that I'd been taught!

This was before I learned about the spiritual teachings, that I was later to learn. I learned that God is not restricted to one book or one thought system, especially any teaching that teaches that God would command his people, to wipe out certain tribes, or even to teach a parent that its acceptable to stone your child for drunkenness!

Jesus, has taught me, "that anything that is destructible, is not real, and therefore does not deserve anger" or judgment. All anger is fear or a call for help!

Eastern and western teachers have demonstrated these teachings as well! You will not suffer pain, if you do not judge. All we need to do is love!

Anger is never justified, but God understands that anger is deep fear..Even the slightest irritation is anger!

If we undo our anger, by giving it to God as soon as it comes up in our mind, then we will not experience any pain. All we truly need to do is to change our mind.

If we ask for God's Wisdom, then we will know how to react when someone gets angry. Anger is always call for help or love We need never defend ourselves. It only weakens us when we do.

Everyone who walks on this earth, will have accusers! It will be undone, as we extend only mercy and love.

What we do not forgive in another, will only come up again, until we make another choice! Forgive your brother and sister for what they did not do, "is a powerful teaching"

Teach them they are innocent, rather then guilty. Listen to each other without judgment. Be open-minded when communicating with others, allow them to share their deep pain and long held secrets with you.

All religious paths lead to God, that is, if we choose to listen with God's Mind and not our ego. It truly is not loving and kind to correct another, no matter what they say or do. Forgive them their errors, even if their not perfect in your dreams..

We can choose to give up the need to be right! We can choose Peace.

I do believe there is always an answer to every problem.

Problems will reoccur until everyone wins. We do need win-win situations instead of win-lose..

Allowing others to believe what they wish.. Love and compassion is the only answer in this world, that will truly work in resolving all problems..

If you teach only love, you will experience a peace that is not of this world.

Photobucket | Source

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  • Jay C OBrien profile image

    Jay C OBrien 

    4 years ago from Houston, TX USA

    Great article. Your ideas transcend various cultures and religions. Your concepts could be taught in Hindu, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All would be drawn nearer to one another.

  • ocoy profile image


    5 years ago from Cedar Crest, New Mexico

    Well thought out post! We cause the suffering in this world, both our own and others. This world is a school. We learn through experience, and through the experiences of others. (A wise person will not have to experience certain things himself if he has his eyes open and his mind operative!) Thanks.

  • Donna Suthard profile imageAUTHOR

    Donna Suthard 

    6 years ago

    Voodoo 123, I don't know much about Voodoo, except I learned long ago, our thoughts are joined with we have to be careful what we say and do, so as not to hurt another...our minds are joined, so truly there are no private thoughts in reality....As we think, thus it becomes....and if we think negatively about another, it well boomerang back at us...hope this will help!

  • Donna Suthard profile imageAUTHOR

    Donna Suthard 

    6 years ago

    Greenheart, Thank you for that wonderful reply....I have a great interest in helping others by sharing my stories...I do stay involved in life...and feel like I've had many adventures in this life..I look forward to reading your stories, now that I'm back on Hubpages!!

  • voodoo123 profile image


    6 years ago from Provo, Utah,United States

    Great post. I agree with you the voodoo is very helpful in love spell. Now i am looking for mastervoodoospells can you share something on mastervoodoospells.More Detail :

  • Greenheart profile image


    7 years ago from Cambridge

    Hi Donna.

    You are an interesting person.

    So involved in so many things.

    A strong and open heart.

    May you always be inherently Free!

  • Donna Suthard profile imageAUTHOR

    Donna Suthard 

    7 years ago

    V Kumar, thank you for your kind remarks.. It gives me encouragement...Thank you..

  • Donna Suthard profile imageAUTHOR

    Donna Suthard 

    7 years ago

    Macrobin, thank you for your wonderful comment!!

  • Donna Suthard profile imageAUTHOR

    Donna Suthard 

    7 years ago

    Thank you for your kind comments!! I really believe that mercy and love is the best path to take..I love dearabbysmom that you have such a wise pastor..

  • V Kumar profile image

    V Kumar 

    7 years ago

    Great Hub. I wish everyone reads it. Please keep writing more such pieces.

  • macrobin profile image


    7 years ago from Amarillo, Texas

    Excellent hub! Thank you!

  • dearabbysmom profile image


    7 years ago from Indiana

    Just last Sunday my pastor spoke on the one most recurring theme in the Bible...that God is love. Timely hub, thank you for writing!

  • Donna Suthard profile imageAUTHOR

    Donna Suthard 

    7 years ago

    Thank you for that beautiful prayer..How wonderful you are!

  • youmeget profile image


    7 years ago

    I love this Divine Mercy Image. It's one of my favourite and I love the accompanying prayer:

    You expired Jesus

    But the source of life gushed for souls

    And the ocean of mercy opened for the whole world

    Oh blood of Jesus, unfathomable divine mercy

    Envelop the whole world and empty yourself out upon us

    Oh blood and water which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy for us

    I trust in you.

    Thanks for sharing.



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