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TWINS TO THE END: TRAGEDY WITHIN (new information has been added)

Updated on August 16, 2011

Twins- everyone finds twins fascinating and these twins fascinated everyone in their life. They were tall with skin the color of caramel. The had ebony hair with flecks of red and almond shaped eyes that slanted upward on the outside corners due to their Asian genes. One twins nose was a little wider than the other but the African gene that contributed to this feature did not interfere with her beauty.

Tracee and Staci, the names given to them by their Asian mother, Su- jong, traveled most of their life, due to their father Mikes job with the United States Military.They lived in Asia until they were eight, then to Africa until they were 15, and four years in Russia. When the twins turned 20 the family came to settle in the states, in Clairton, Pennsylvania.

Once the girls were settled into their new life each explored their interest in fine arts, music, dance and the introduction of young men. Staci found the love of sports, particularly football, to be highly favorable in meeting guys.On the weekends they would attend the local high school games where they became quite popular. Soon they were hanging out and visiting the clubs and bars near their home. Rarely did you see one without the other. Within a year Staci was going study with a slightly older and more "worldly" man.He was very handsome but not very book smart.Everyone noticed the jealous and anger streak that this man had displayed on several occasions. Tracee did not care for him very much and voiced this to her sister.


Soon after their 25th birthday they relocated to Pittsburgh so they could get better paying jobs.Tracee became interested in old artifacts from Egypt and Staci became assistant of Mellon Banks. Things were looking good for the twins especially since Stacee was no longer seeing Wes. They continued to go out to clubs on a regular basis. The drinking increased for Staci because no matter how much she knew the things Wes had done to her was wrong she still missed him and loved him very much. Although she had promised Tracee that she would not contact Wes she broke that vow soon after their arrival. He would sneak into town to stay with Staci when Tracee had to travel out of town for work purposes. Not feeling good about lying to he sister Staci found an apartment nearby. On several occasions Tracee found it unusual that Staci did not want to go to the latest club opening in the Meat Packing District but she thought nothing more about it.

Almost a year later Tracee begins to have a serious relationship with a co worker and they move in together.She is very happy and Nick is madly in love for the first time in his life.Dealing with her own life and work Tracee did not notice the change in Staci, the bruises on her arms nor the nervous tics she had developed.

Wes was back to his same abusive self and it was taking a toll on Staci. She wanted to ask her sister for help but she did not want to spoil her happy moment with Nic.

Staci hadn't seen Wes in two weeks and she felt relieved. She changed the locks,informed the doorman that Wes was no longer permitted in as her visitor and prayed he would stay away but deep down she knew this was not likely to happen.

In the meanwhile Nic asked the sisters to play hostesses for a restaurant he was opening downtown.They agree but he had one stipulation for the job: they had to dress alike. They hadn't dressed alike since eight grade but they thought it would be fun.

The night was a success. Nick had made his dream of owning a restaurant a reality. He was very happy. As he leaned against the bar smiling lovingly at Tracee he noticed Wes pacing in front of his car from across the street. Tracee came to him and rubbed the small of his back and he purred like a kitten. He bent to kiss her.

At this moment gun fire filled the room and on the floor, in a pool of blood, was the twin. People began to scream and run for cover.

In his dazed and confused state Wes holler out how sorry he was and asked how could Staci be with another man so soon after their break up. As the other twin heard his voice and realized that Wes was the shooter she ran to him crying and beating on his chest.

This is the point that Wes now knows that he has shot Tracee.

Devastated of these events and blaming herself Staci soon began to drink constantly. She lost her job and was evicted from her apartment. Eventually she moved back home with her parents where she hardly ate, slept or bathed.They worried about her mental state.

That night, as Su-jong and Mike watched television, Staci took her own life.

Physical abuse was one main factor in this story and I would like to take this moment to advice anyone in such a situation to seek help NOW. There are places that can help you.

Another point I would like to make is that love of your family can blind you of the pain one may be suffering so please be vigil and if you feel abuse is being done do something NOW.For tomorrow may be to late.



No one has the right to beat on another human being. Your husband nor your boyfriend should ever raise their hand to strike you. Never feel that you are being abused because of something you did or did not do. Abusive people have issues within their self that causes them to deal with situations violently.They are in need of help also.Protect yourself and your family. Do not have your young daughters believing that this is normal and that all people do this.You have to break this vicious cycle Now.




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    • roshall profile image

      roshall 5 years ago from Ohio

      This is very so and thanks for commenting

    • roshall profile image

      roshall 5 years ago from Ohio

      thanks for sharing hope things got better. there is help out here you can contact me personally.

    • roshall profile image

      roshall 5 years ago from Ohio

      thanks and its a shame that this is going on stil and its happening to even your people

    • roshall profile image

      roshall 5 years ago from Ohio

      thanks for commenting I just hope to open the eyes of those to get help .

    • roshall profile image

      roshall 5 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks for commenting Marilyn, I hope to reach someone with this to help or give help.

    • roshall profile image

      roshall 5 years ago from Ohio

      HI showuright, thanks for commenting and if i can open one persons eyes to this problem than i did pretty good with this piece.

    • JDove-Miller profile image

      JDove-Miller 5 years ago from YOUNGSVILLE

      A very powerful and sad story. I hope it is not true but meant to highlight the dangers of remaining in an abusive relationship.

    • profile image

      lisa calloway 5 years ago

      had a similar experience.great job.

    • profile image

      ExoticHippieQueen 5 years ago

      Hi Roshall, I don't know if this is a true story or not, but either way, the tragedy of abuse occurs every minute of the day, all over the world. Thank you for this story.

    • roshall profile image

      roshall 5 years ago from Ohio

      thanks for commenting and i am glad that you took time to read this.Have a great day

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 5 years ago


      This is a story that had to be told. Because I battled alcoholism and drug addiction for quite a number of years, I closely identify with the tragic situation that you covered. Unfortunately, I witnessed a number of incidents that were quite similar to the one you wrote about.

    • Marilyn D Hagan profile image

      Marilyn D Hagan 6 years ago

      This story Roshall is so tragic... thanks for bringing this out so that people are even more aware of abusive relationships and violence of any kind...

    • roshall profile image

      roshall 6 years ago from Ohio

      Hi showuright, my name is roshall and thanks for commenting.Although this story is not about me it does hold truth to so many people i have come across in my life. This is a subject that has affected many people and many more need help.Have a good day.

    • showuright profile image

      showuright 6 years ago from Southeast

      Tracee, your story was very well told and insightful. So many women go through this. thanks for sharing.