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Updated on June 8, 2017

Feeling Heartbreak


The World Feels Dark, Empty And Pointless

Life is to be considered interesting. But whenever we are down or feeling heartbreak it is indeed feels the opposite.

We have our journeys through our lives. That is the beginning, middle and the end of our lives.
We experience some heartbreaks during our lives. Those heartbreaks become very fundamental component for us in developing our wisdom in life. But when we are inside the situation, and feeling the heartbreak, it is terribly painful.
Usually when we experience a heartbreak, we can't be able to sleep, smile or eat. The world feels dark and empty or even pointless.
Then, with time passes we automatically move on, and even got us all surprised whenever we are looking back and thinking of how we were all got hurt.

Broken Heart

When we experience a heartbreak we are usually feeling;

  • the broken heart,
  • emotionally feeling pain and hurt
  • and at the same time feeling of a great longing or feeling a loss.

We often cry, scream, and if we are not careful we could go to a deep depression that could lead to any self-destruction. We would not like that to happen. Need to find ways to really cope with it and not denying the heartbreak.

  1. We should understand and recall back our emotions and our thoughts, if it is possible from our really early stages when things started to get bad and then to a stage when it ended.
  2. We need to think as well on our other past relationships and searched for patterns. Make a better actions for a better and solid situation for the next relationship in order to keep the relationship last and never break again.

Getting Our Lives Back

  • Apart our understanding on our past and looking back to our pattern, we need to lift ourselves up mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • We need to direct our focus on positive things.
  • Taking care our health mentally and physically, by doing exercises, eating the healthy way, like cutting out the sweets that has been our comfort food and most important of all is cutting on drinking alcohol as much as possible.

Need To Reconnect To Ourselves

  • The way for us to be able to reconnect to ourselves are starting with the step of reconnecting with the people we trust.
  • Other than that, connect to ourselves by meditation, deep breathing, yoga and bring ourselves closer to God. Trust that God has His best plans for us.

Stay Strong And Connect With Yourself

  • Often when we experience a heartbreak we just think and feel that we are in a deep dark hole that we would forever be stuck in it. In reality, it's just our worries, disappointment and the feeling of loss that caused it.
  • Our world, our entire life feels as if it's collapsing. No way out, empty, numb and worthless. This is the point where we should be again in tune and in connection again with ourselves.
  • Feel the moment first, learn where it went wrong. Tell it to ourselves that we would do everything in much better way to keep it all work and functioning. Be always in a happy and nourished situation.
  • Being really in tune again with your self, there will be no more risk for another situation of a heartbreak or feeling empty. Instead we would be feeling complete and happy again.

Overcome Heartbreak

  1. Human being are evolved to be able to overcome heartbreak and again finding new love.
  2. We designed to be a person that by nature we can get over a relationship. It is normal that if we feel being rejected by our partner and our first feeling is to win them back.
  3. If we feel that we are failing, then it becomes a burden to our brain, our ego and our feeling inside our heart. Its all becoming a turbulence inside us that seems hard to move on and recover.
  4. During a heartbreak, we continue going to a downhill beacuse we truly believe in that moment that our pain will never end.
  5. Based on my personal experiences, we should not worry so much about it, we, humans are fully programmed to get over romantic break-ups and able again in moving on to new relationships.

Bearing The Pain And Being New Again

Now we are able to proudly say that we managed to bear our painful and hurtful scar in our hearts and managed to rejuvenate ourselves. Feeling that all those heartbreaks were really worth it.

So the next time, whenever we are feeling that heartbreak hovering in our lives that ready to make us feel into a million pieces, remember the points bellow;

  1. Please just hang on very tight, think positive, take our baby steps of staying always positive,
  2. Always keep moving forward in reaching the bright light.
  3. Believe that this heartbreak too will be over and soon pass. And be a happier and wiser person.


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