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"Taking A Break": Can It Save Your Relationship?

Updated on November 12, 2010

You know, I've heard this one MANY times before, "we need a break".
I'm sure you've heard it too, it's been said to us a lot of times by unfulfilled

I used to be so against "taking a break" that's not even funny, I used
to believe that taking a break would only drift us appart even more.
I used to get really mad and sad if that option was even suggested.

Many of my friends still think that way. To them, the break thing
represents a losing battle, it's like their woman telling them right to
their faces that they no longer want to continue in a relationship
with them.

I no longer think like them, I'm now totally in favor of taking a break
to help the relationship, but before we go any further I must explain to
you in which terms I think the break thing can REALLY work, and a few
dangerous mistakes you must avoid in order to really benefit from this.

1) Don't let your girl bring up the "taking a break" talk. Be the first one to
bring it up.

Just act normal and say to her:

"Listen, this is clearly not working out right now, and I think I need a break".

did you notice I used the word "I" ? not  "WE"

This is important, when you bring the subject first, this takes the
"neediness" out of the equation, you're now the one who's willing
to let her go, and puts you in a position of dominance.

By saying "I need" you're now talking from your perspective and
you're demonstrating her that you will do what's needed to protect
yourself. Most guys who find themselves in a relationship crisis will
almost always put their woman's needs and desires before his, even if
it's detrimental to himself.

2) Be prepared to REALLY take the break, don't bluff!

If you're gonna do it, REALLY be ready for it, don't talk the talk, and
not walk the walk. Women hate manipulation.

3) Once you're "on a break", disconnect.

for this to REALLY work, you must disconnect from your relationship.
No communication, no facebook stalking, no emails, phone calls, text msg
etc.... you must act like you're really taking a break from the relationship.

This behavior will fire a "survival" mode in your girl's brain and after a
while without hearing from you, she'll want to see how you're doing, and
you'll start getting her attention once again. During this time it's important
that you use all of the techniques I've shown you in other blog posts and in my
book to AMPLIFY the attraction.

So, after all taking a break can REALLY help bring your relationship to life
if you know exactly how to do it.

in a future blog post I'll post the 5 most important things to do during a
"relationship break".

wait for it!

talk soon.



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    • profile image

      Woman on a Break 3 years ago

      I hope you're still not as chauvinistic as you were four years ago.