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Taking Proper Care of Your Engagement Ring so that it Sparkles Forever

Updated on November 15, 2009

Your engagement ring means the world to you and you want to keep it as shiny and beautiful as the day you received it. If you follow the easy steps below, that will not be a problem.

  • If you keep your ring if a jewelry box, make sure that it is kept in a separate compartment or a cloth lined pouch. If you don't, you run the risk of having the ring scratched or damaged by the other jewelry in the box.
  • Although you are proud to wear that gorgeous gem on your finger, take it off when you exercise, clean, or engage in any other rigorous activity that might cause buildup to accumulate on the ring.
  • Take your ring off in the shower, the shower can cause clouds to form on the diamond.
  • When you wear the ring be aware of items that you might snag it on. If you do snag the ring on an article of clothing or a tablecloth, be sure to take it into your jeweler. The snag may have caused the prongs to loosen and you run the risk of having the diamond fall out.
  • Try not to touch the diamond directly, the oil on your fingers will cause the ring to get dirty.

If you follow these great tips, your engagement ring should stay in amazing shape!


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