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Talk To The Ugly Girl First

Updated on December 28, 2016

Talk To The Ugly One First

If you want to be good at picking up women or at simply flirting with a woman in general, then you have to be a pretty good conversationalist. Now let me give you a hypothetical scenario:

Let’s say that you have your eye on a particularly attractive girl and she is walking down the street with a group of her girl friends. You want to strike up a conversation with her, but it would be rude to just come up and talk to her and only her when there are other women around her. Not only could the other women get envious of all the attention that you are giving her, but they could also become your enemies in your bid to win her over by getting in your way. When this happens, then your attempt to approach her is pretty much screwed over.

So what is the best way to approach this issue? The simple solution is to just go ahead and talk to the ugly girl first when you approach the group. Never be tempted to talk to your target – or presumably the one you consider to be the most attractive of the group first.

If you go and talk to the attractive girl first, then you will give her the wrong impression that you are nothing more than a shallow man who only likes women for their looks. Furthermore, the ugly girl could get in your way as well as her other friends that you’ve chosen to ignore.

The ugly girl could

  • Simply influence her prettier friend and tell her that you’re up to no good
  • Get in your way by barging into the conversation at the most inopportune moments
  • Monopolize her pretty friend’s attention so that the friend does not have any opportunity to talk to you
  • Otherwise just get in your way using other means

Remember that these girls are already friends so there is no way that you can win against the ugly friend if you are just a random stranger to them.

You disarm her as a threat by talking to her first

In contrast, you will be getting rid of any obstacles which are in your way by talking to the ugly girl first. This is because:

  • You defang the ugly girl by talking to her first: By giving her your attention first, you can win her over to your side and she is less likely to get in your way when you finally talk to her friend.
  • You make yourself more intriguing to the prettier girl: This is because she will find it interesting that you chose to talk to her less attractive friend first and this will make her curious to get to know you better because most guys would most likely talk to her first – she will be interesting in knowing why you are different.

By talking to the ugly girl first, you can greatly increase your chances of making a good impression on the pretty girl while removing her ugly friend as a possible obstacle. This method is by no means a guarantee that your talk will go well, but it does help increase your odds of success.


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