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Talking Dirty for Beginners

Updated on February 6, 2015

Researching a Role

So I went undercover as a phone sex operator for some possible writing material and found out that it is an interesting job. I never heard so many wild and crazy stories that made me want to laugh one moment then pull my hair out the next. As I did a little research I found out that the business grosses over a hundred million dollars. Even though we live in the technology age there is just something about talking to a flesh and blood person that drives men wild. The job provided an opportunity for stay at home moms, mothers who have lost their jobs, and career driven women that want to make an extra income. Women from all walks of life were getting into this business because it was easy.

The companies that I checked on including the one I ultimately worked for provided no background check. I guess it really wouldn't make sense for this type of business to perform such a thing when you are a witness to unspeakable work. It is virtually simple to find a company that you like enough to apply, fill out the paper work, and upload your IDs. That is it in a nutshell if you want to work as an independent contractor. On the other hand if you want to try to go out semi on your own you can also hook up with a website service that provides you with a 800/900 number and the ability to process your client's credit card payments. To each its own to say the very most in this situation. If you are easily offended or even sensitive in the ear this is definitely not a job for you. It can be a bit overwhelming talking about fictional sex for hours at a time.

The thought of getting somebody off when you don't know what they like forces you to be quick on your toes.

How do you survive
If you have a financial crisis that you need to work out I suggest you think about getting your own website established and be in more control of your characters. This way if you are not truly good at being a phone actress you want have to meet some quota. This would give the gentlemen an idea of your characters and if they want to find out more then they will call the website which in turn calls you. The charge is per minute or hour and at least you are getting something instead of nothing. However if you do work for a company you can hang on in there by jumping into the gig face forward. You need to have some thick skin in this game by realizing that callers are going to hang up on you constantly.

Don't get offended its just that some voices stand out to some people. I had to find out the hard way when I was working a six hour shift. I made the necessary quota to stay hired within a couple of hours. But then as time progressed it became a challenge keeping the callers attention long enough to maintain my average. This was making me feel frustrated because even though it isn't the ideal job I still wanted to do my best if that makes any sense. I tried everything from changing up my voice to talking with an accent. It really had me stuck because I wanted to maintain that obsessive average. Then a few days later from working I felt more comfortable enough to relax and forget about making a quota but instead bringing myself into each situation without exposing myself.

After I learned win or lose just play it became easier to handle with record averages for a first time phone actress.

The Callers

Some of the callers can be down right alarming to engage in a conversation. Without giving too much away I talked with callers that wanted me to be a little girl to callers that wanted me to play their mothers. For the average person this would probably shock them. Some of the secrets that husbands hold from their wives really make you think how much do you really know your love one. Which in itself makes for a very wild story but I am use to people telling me their personal hang-ups. In fact I actually didn't mind to talk with those type of people instead of trying to be sexual. Confessions was more of my arena and it allowed me to talk less, listen more. If I didn't talk to these types of callers I think I would have thrown in the towel on day two.

Occasionally there would be men calling just to talk about absolutely nothing because they were bored. This caller helped to waste time as I got paid but drain the mess out of me. Its hard to stay interested and upbeat when you are talking to someone who clearly has nothing to say at all. What was so shocking is that a lot of men liked transvestites or transsexuals.I knew there was a market for it but if you watch mainstream television the subject is clearly taboo. This was big business that should have a market all on its on. One caller that was ridiculous to me is the caller that doesn't say one word. He just holds the phone while you do all of the work talking to dead air. Every now and again the caller would whisper what he wants you to do and that was creepy after minutes of saying nothing.

My Conclusion

After months of research I not only made some great money but learned a lot about human behavior. Although I wouldn't recommend this type of work unless you had no other options or you was confident with yourself to separate the job from your life. There is great money to be made which definitely plays a factor when you have to pay bills. I looked at this junction as a way to learn how to be persuasive with people. In a tough notch sort of way this job actually helped me to talk with people more. Maybe not on the level of sexual fantasies but to be a better listener. At this point I am unsure if I will ever go back to being a phone actress again anytime soon. But I will say this if you are interested in doing it set up some short term goals. When you have succeeded those goals take a hard look at where you are and if you want to continue being a phone actress for money?

I have a new found respect for the women and men that are phone actresses. Its not an easy job talking dirty when you are put on the spot. Oh well I got some great material out of it for future purposes so I can't complain.

A Video Tease


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