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Teaposy Blooming Tea Gift Sets

Updated on February 21, 2011

Teaposy Blooming Tea, A Perfect Romancing Gift

The exquisite taste and unique beauty of Teaposy blooming teas make them the ideal romancing gift for your wife or girlfriend. She will just love the romantic time that you spend together enjoying this special gift filled with smiling and anticipation.

Silver needle white tea, premium spring harvest, is the primary ingredient of all Teaposy blossoming teas. They are a rare commodity the finest of which comes from China’s Fujian province, produced exclusively from the buds of the tea bush. Such a thoughtful romancing gift will let your girlfriend or spouse know that you really care for her.

Teaposy blooming teas are hand crafted with natural herbal flowers into attractive blossoms that bloom cheerfully for your tea drinking pleasures. You two are guaranteed to enjoy Teaposy as an uncommon and high-quality experience in the appropriate setting. And she will never forget the moment.

Celebrate Blooming Tea Gift Set for Her

Teaposy Celebrate contains 8 unique blooming teas made with the highest grade of rare silver needle white tea leaves, 1 24 oz glass teapot with stainless steel loose leaf filter, and 2 sonata loose leaf tea sachets.

Teaposy Celebrate Blooming Tea Gift Set for Her
Teaposy Celebrate Blooming Tea Gift Set for Her

Blossom Teaposy Romancing Gift Set

Blossom blooming tea set contains 6 unique blooming teas, 1 12oz tea for one teapot with stainless steel loose leaf filter, and 1 soul mates cup + saucer. Harvesting, crafting and packaging of the blooming teas always happen in the same year, so that the tea is always market fresh.

Teaposy Blossom Blooming Tea Romancing Gift Set
Teaposy Blossom Blooming Tea Romancing Gift Set

Garden Blooming Tea Gift Set for Her

Teaposy Garden contains 6 unique blooming teas, 1 16oz tea for two teapot with glass loose leaf filter, and 2 soul mates cup + saucer. The blooming teas are scented with only natural jasmine flowers without the use of artificial flavors.

Teaposy Garden Blooming Tea Gift Set for Her
Teaposy Garden Blooming Tea Gift Set for Her

L'amor Teaposy Romancing Gift Set

L'amor blooming tea set contains 6 heart of love blooming teas, and 1 16 oz tea for two teapot with glass loose leaf filter. All Teaposy blooming teas are submitted to reputable labs for inspection to meet world class standards.

Teaposy L'amor Blooming Tea Romancing Gift Set
Teaposy L'amor Blooming Tea Romancing Gift Set

What do Teaposy blooming teas taste like?

Teaposy blooming teas are lightly scented with fresh Jasmine flower that imbues them with a subtle Jasmine aroma and a lingering sweet finish. Not all teas taste the same though, as each one is made with a different type of flower that influences the tea and infuses it with a distinct natural taste.

For details, see the individual blooming teas below. 

Butterfly Blooming Tea

Bright and fresh with a complex slightly dry berry-like taste. High notes of Jasmine contrast the smooth white tea giving birth to a lively, rejuvenating tea that refreshes the senses. Drink alone or with a dessert.

Calendula Flowering Tea

A medium-bodied tea with a lingering floral aftertaste. Smooth and slightly nutty, revealing the bright flavors of summer and spring.

Falling Water Blooming Tea

A full-bodied tea reminiscent of wildflower honey. It has a soft texture and lingering aromatic finish as it's richness fills the mouth with natural flavors. Best enjoyed at a picnic.

Heart of Love Flowering Tea

Refreshing and tangy, this tea tantalizes the palate with ripe citrus flavors. The bright golden cup pampers the taster with light rose aromas after a long day.

Lady Fairy Blooming Tea

Sweet and tangy, this tea floods the mouth with a heady floral fragrance. The lily provides a depth of character. Relaxing and stimulating at the same time, a night time drink.

Noble Essence Flowering Tea

A nectar-like lingering sweetness characterizes this tea. Rich, complex, intense flavors of creamy pear with a hint of oak. Best companion of a light afternoon meal.

Red Song Blooming Tea

The rich taste of carnation mingled with subtle jasmine fills the mouth with a mild fragrance. The slight tang of fresh plum adds to the enjoyment as you're sipping your tea after a delightful dinner.

Let it Snow Flowering Tea

A distinctive tea with a pure chewy texture. Dry, nutty, heady floral aromas, a sweet finish and a slight tartness characterize this luxury drink of a bright, sunny day. 

How to Brew a Teaposy Blooming Tea

You need to heat water to boiling temperature for a tightly tied Teaposy tea to start blooming. You can make best use of a heat resistant teapot with a wide base to enjoy the delightful sight.

Give the Teaposy flower a minute or two at boiling temperature to start blooming. For some of the flowers it will take more time. Be patient and enjoy the moment.

Once the flower is at full bloom, you are ready to take your first cup of tea that will reward you with a strong aroma and light flavors. With each following cup, flavor increases and aroma decreases gradually.


  • Keep adding hot water to the pot. You'll be amazed just how many cups of tea one Teaposy blooming tea can offer. This is a slow brewing tea, so you may get 5-6 pots of tea out of just one flower.
  • After you have finished, you can keep the flower in a glass container filled with cold water to enjoy the sight for a few more days. If you change the water from time to time, it may even be a few more weeks.
  • You can save the tea if you cannot finish it in a container in the fridge for iced tea.

Teaposy Blooming Tea Video


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