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Telltale Signs your Wife is Cheating

Updated on March 18, 2013
Credit: iStock Photo
Credit: iStock Photo

How to Tell if your Wife is Cheating

I know we all have that voice in the
back of our head that tells us that something just isn't right. We tend to trust it less when it comes to our spouse. We are quick to dismiss those thoughts as our green eyed monster kicking in. Sometimes it's true though, and here are some ways that can help you to know if your wife is cheating on you. Keep in mind please that just because one of these is happening, doesn't mean she is, just that you might want to sit down and actually have a conversation with her.

  1. She is putting on more make-up/dressing up more. As it tends to happen, once we have caught the man, we tend to get comfortable. If you notice her dressing up more, it might mean she has someone to dress up for.
  2. She won't let you look over her shoulder when she's typing. Unless it's about your birthday, there is no reason for her not to let you look.
  3. Those sneaky back hugs where you wrap your arms around her middle, make her jump out of her skin. Jumpy people usually are hiding something.
  4. She is insisting to go out alone. Unless you two do everything together, why wouldn't she want to go to the mall with you?
  5. She won't let you meet her new friends. You might not want to hang out with them, but she should let you meet them.
  6. Her conversations center around one specific person. As humans, when we are interested in somebody, we tend to talk about them a lot.
  7. She wants to have sex more. It's kind of a chain reaction. Good sex means that you want more sex.
  8. She wants to have sex less. This one is easy, if she's getting it from somewhere else, then she's probably fine not having any at home.
  9. She is cooking all of your favourite food. Women feel guilty. Woman do not like feeling guilty.
  10. She seems more distracted. It's hard keeping up a secret life. Your brain is always busy.
  11. You catch her in a compromised position. Sometimes things are just what they look like.
  12. Her friends look confused when you ask them how lunch was the other day.
  13. She calls out someone else's name in bed. Again, sometimes it is what it looks like.
  14. She hurries to get off the phone when you walk through the door. Again, it could be that she's planning your birthday party; it could be that she's planning her own party.
  15. She has stopped talking to you. Women are communicators. If we aren't talking to you, we are talking to someone.
  16. She has told you she has cheated on you. Okay, this may seem obvious, but for whatever reason, when people are told the truth they don't always believe the truth.
  17. She seems angrier with you. If she has found someone else that is doing what she needed you to do, it's possible that her anger will start to come out more freely.
  18. Her text message history has been deleted. Who does this unless there is something to hide?
  19. She seems more interested in how your day has gone. If she's getting her needs met somewhere else, she might alleviate her guilt by trying harder to make sure yours are met.
  20. You found dirty lingerie that you have never seen. The only way we put this on, is if we think you will find it sexy. If it's dirty, and you've never seen it, then someone else has.

Use this as a guide to start a conversation.


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