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Tell me, what do you know?

Updated on June 16, 2016

What is it exactly that you know?

When you talk to me it is almost as if I am trying my hardest to read between the lines so to speak. I want to know what is inside your brain. I am not sure why this information is important to me but it is. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I like to compare and contrast. Maybe I want to take what you know and compare it to what I know. Are you smarter than me? Am I smarter than you? I'm dying to find out!

I thoroughly enjoy talking to you. I want to know what you know. Can you teach me anything? I sure do hope so! Tell me what you know. I hang onto every word that you say. I want to learn everything that you know. You are interesting to me. The subjects that you know about I am interested in those same subjects. I like listening to the words that you say.

Give me some conversation, please. I do not care what it is that we talk about but I just want to communicate with you. Let's keep the lines of communication open so that I can find out more about your knowledge. I want to put your knowledge into my brain. I will feel richer when I have your thoughts in my head.

Respect! The mutual respect between us is phenomenal. I can see you choosing your words very carefully so as not to say something that would be demeaning to me. I do the same when I talk with you. I really watch which words that I allow to come out of my brain. I want to only say words to you that are respectful to you.

You complete me in so many ways. I feel as if I am a better person just by being in your presence. Have you ever heard of one person making another person a better person? That is me when I am with you, exactly! You make me a better person.


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