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Signs of a Potential Abusive Partner

Updated on November 20, 2016
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Potential Abuser

There are certain signs to watch out for in your partner that will give away the possibility that he will be an abusive person. Check this list out and make a mental note of each.

1. Incessant Lying

If you are dating someone who lies just about any small thing, that is one warning sign that a person's screws and bolts are not fitted properly. Take Andrei, he would lie about everything and anything in his life. He once told a girlfriend that he is dating a gorgeous woman during their 'cool-off' even showing pictures of him and the girl, perhaps just to make his girlfriend insecure. Andrei's girlfriend later found out that the woman is actually his cousin. At another time, he would brag to friends that he took a vacation to Europe, when in fact it was just another relative who did that. He would also lie about his educational background, where he finished his degree, even when nobody really asks or nobody cares if he actually did.

If you are dating this kind of person who seems to live a double life, and now you yourself is getting confused from all the lies the other person is telling you, this is one sign of mental instability. You better confront the person or better go find a more sane person who is at true to himself to save yourself trouble in the future

2. Stalking

Women are most often stereotyped as the one prone to stalking their partners. Any signs of someone stalking is not healthy. It is another telltale sign that a person may be unstable. Love can drive some people to do desperate acts but when done overboard, the person guilty could well be on his way to psycho territory.

Victor is in a relationship with Ashley, but lately Ashley notices that the former would show up 'accidentally' on places she frequents like the coffee shop, grocery store and even the deli beside her office, for no apparent reason. Could it be just coincidental? Maybe, or maybe not. But it could be that this psycho in the making is just following her like a tail. He once even inquired why she went home late one night, after apparently getting into her garage and feeling the hood of her car still warm.

3. Unjustified jealousy

Getting jealous in a relationship is normal if kept within bounds, but once it becomes unjustified, things could take an ugly turn. If the person you are dating is jealous for no reason, you might want to think again. Take the story of a Jay who has a girlfriend of not, she gets mad when he glances at another girl when they are out in public, gets jealous when he goes out with female friends, and every female acquaintance is a potential third party. She would even forbid him from talking to female members of her family. Just to check out on him, she would call him on his celphone, and insists that he should answer it at all times, otherwise it means war. Then if he is unable to answer, expect her to call nonstop, 30 missed calls at least on a good day. Then she would text her something like, "Answer your phone or I'll blow your car right now, you" invictives included.

4. Unjustified Snooping

Many people snoop but there are snooping acts that could make one question the other person's sanity making him a potential psycho. If you are dating someone who always checks your phone when you are not looking, obtains your computer password through any means, install some device or software in your laptop to know which sites you are visiting, then this is a a big red flag that you may be dating a future psycho. Snooping is different from wanting to know what you are doing and your whereabouts is simply not an act of a sane person. Take Josh, Josh is in a long relationship with Gold, he reads all of her phone messages when she is in the bathroom, records the cars mileage everyday to know if she is going somewhere than her usual route, checks her handbag stealthfuly when she arrives home, and even goes through all her dirty underwear, just to make sure that she is not seeing someone else. These acts may sound funny but if you say yes to similar acts done by the person you are dating, then you could be dating a future psycho.

5. Uncontrolled temper

Do you feel that your partner is like a ticking time bomb who could blow off at the slightest provocation? You must now tread carefully, because uncontrolled temper can either be a sign of a deep-seated emotional problem or a health condition, worst a mental problem. Either way, you would not want to be in the receiving end of a person's anger. A person who is very temperamental is quick to anger and verbal and physical violence are not far behind.

If you are dating someone who shows some signs such as these that make you think if she is okay or not, you better think hard. You wouldn't want to spend your life in misery with a person whose screws are loose in between the ears, don't you? Act now, get out of the relationship asap.


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