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Ten Things I Love About Being Single

Updated on September 25, 2019
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I attend the University of The Living. All my education comes from first-hand experience's life throws my way.

Do Women Act Like Men Behind The Scenes?

What an intelligent question I have asked. Almost makes me want to ring my own bell to receive the attention I deserve for spreading the truth.

Yes, I know. Many people already know that no gender is innocent to anything, but I am excited to go through a list of ten things that as a single woman, I would never admit to, let alone do in front of a partner if I were in a relationship. I believe it is safe to say that I am not the only woman who enjoys the freedom of such actions.

Can us women do some of these around our men? Yes. Many of us though were raised in a "must be a lady" enviroment and have been mentally trained to think we are less than a woman if we even accidentally squeak one out. Where other women were raised in a "girl, everyone does it" upbringing. I was not of the latter part. This does not mean I am a "lady" by any means because being single, in my own place, oh let me tell you of the joys I enjoy. In a minute.

I raised my girls to be girls. But to also know they are no different than men when it comes to certain actions or body processing air we all have. While my mind knows I am not going to hell for having a gut full of wind when it exists in front of someone, I wish at that moment running into the inferno was an option.

"Act like a man" is a stereotype comment only if there was no honesty involved here. No one needs to get offended. Why? Keep reading ....

Ten Things I Will Uncover About Being Single

The TV

The Grocery Stores

The Explaining

The Jealousy

The Cats

The Cleaning

The Vapors

The Sips

The Sharing

The Cheap-o

The TV

I am not a fan of the TV. Sucks your brain cells out and takes away from family time. Have seen this time and again in two relationships. So being a single woman, my home does not have to have one. The weather and news are both on my cell phone. Quick in, quick out, and back to life. If a movie strikes my rare interest, I have an external hard drive for my laptop. Settled. No tv. But if I want one at some point, the option to recline, fart, scratch, and belch will be a privilege never to be told except here. Like men though, women do not want to share the remote control either. Maybe so no one watches the TV or so she can cry at another episode of The Walton's.

The Grocery Store
Being a single woman who loves tofu and vegan dishes, I do not have to hear how there is nothing to eat in the house and everything in the shopping cart is bacon-less. There is no spending money on a partner's need for a lack of vegetables. This also goes hand in hand on how much money I save being a single woman. There are true benefits to this area for me. So, yes, us women think the same way men do. "Do I HAVE TO pay for her dinner?!"

Explaining Myself

Men can call their woman an old ball and chain all day long but the first invite to a local bar with a group of lady friends, and he is throwing out stipulations on what you can and can not wear, who to talk to, to phone in every hour, answer his ten thousand texts in fifteen minutes, and to remember that body of yours belongs to him. Total barbarian.

Without missing a beat on this, the majority of women are all in all natural-born jealous creatures. Many see a woman looking at their man and they are ready to cat scrap.

Yes. Women and men are identical when having to explain to each other where they are going, when they are getting home, and how much can be spent. But this woman does not care who looks at any man because she is single, free, and can flirt till there is no one left standing. I owe no one an explanation of where I am going or when the time of return will be. As a matter of fact, when I find myself no longer being single, I will still be no one's restriction, and they are free to enjoy the beauty of another soul sporting good genes. Heck, I may even look with them. But that is a topic for another day. :)

The Cats

Men and women partners are not the same in this area. What is up with a man having to have a dog, and one that stays outside all the time? As if a junkyard dog in the outdoor elements day in and out is love. That should be a redflag to run but that is not this topic.

Why must we always be so different? Why can (most) men not embrace the fact that they love the kitty-cat without thinking of themselves as soft? Ever seen a full-grown sized man with a Chihuahua? What's the difference between that and a calico?

Oh, who cares because the freedom I have with being single is my love of freedom to scamper over to a rescue center and adopt. Any future partner will have to accept my cat, or they will never be in my life. Power to me. Power to the purr.

Pick Up Time

Oh my Gawd!!! Want to tick a woman off? Bring in a lazy man who does not pick up after themselves and lives like trash. Nothing more than a boy looking for another Mama. Please!! Unless that man is working 60 hours a week and my butt is a stay at home woman, he WILL pick up his toss along's.

Being a person who loves a clean and organized home, I will NEVER be able to be with someone who does not care about their home or about their own hygiene, let alone the stuff they toss on the floor or on a nearby collecting table. I know there are a lot of lazy men, just as there are women, but this single white female of near 49 is not in that category. My standards of living may be the very reason I remain single until I die.

It is safe to say I do not mimic a (slothful) man in this department.

The Vapors

This is a medical term people used properly back in the early 1900s and before. In today's society, everyone uses a more delicate way of saying fart.

Basically, a fart is like blowing out a cat 3 hurricane from inside yourself. Air fresheners by the scents lining shelves across the house. All so a woman is not found out to be .. just like a man.

There. The cat is out of the bag. And being single, there is no reason to worry about this. If I ever find that forever partner, you can pretty much guess I will be backed up. Letting loose is not happening in front of anyone. Until that occurs ... I think it is safe to say I vape.

The Sips

Drinking out of the gallon of milk is a free and liberating procedure that takes precise timing for it to feel amazing. I mean, I can not just go into the fridge because I am single and drink out of every container. This is an art, people. And I am an artist. Leave me to my canvas. And when you visit, bring your own jug.

The Devices

NOT THOSE !!!! Although I can say as a single woman, that is none of your business because I am talking can openers, types of coffee pots, and the so on devices. None of those do I have to worry about someone coming along and breaking. Do not have to share them either. I can be as stingy as I dare to care be. A woman in the kitchen with her toys is like a man in the he-shed with his tools. Two different parts of the home.

Thinking about it now, I'm no so sure if being single has anything to do with this section. We are all like this to some degree no matter our status. Still, it goes without saying, I can now have the kitchen and the he-shed. There are benefits happening here as a single woman. :)

The Cheap

It really is amazing at how the green-backs are saved to spend on other things I may want because there is no one else I have to worry about. It is so much cheaper to be single, than to have a partner. This is without question, a very rational way of living.

Surely There Is More To Being Single

Oh my goodness gracious, of course, there is. Like going to bed when I want. Waking and not brushing my teeth for two hours or until I have four cups of coffee. But the question now ... is it worth it?

Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist

Not Closed Down

Being single is not something we are all taught to be when we grow up. We are actually taught to find a spouse and become parents. Then teach our children the same so they can follow in our path and produce grandbabies. Truth? I wish I knew I could have turned off society and preached something different. That someone in my time could have said ...

Know what Julie? One day you will find yourself alone. But you are not alone. You are only single as a way for your mind to restore itself.

Enjoying This Topic

Sometimes, being single is quiet. But that quiet settles down when noise arrives. Then I feel blessed to be able to hear it, without having to take care of someone. This is how I know for right now, this is the road I need to be on. Not ashamed to admit I vape, and embrace taking care of me. Single is not a disease. It is a mental restoration of your soul.


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