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Ten rules that will guarantee a happy woman and a great relationship

Updated on September 14, 2013

Do you know how to keep a woman happy?

The first thing you need to know is always be yourself.

A that lack the self-confidence to get a great, beautiful girlfriend put on a big show to get a woman's attention. But the guy that always gets her is the confident guy, because a man that has confidence in
himself inspires attraction from women to himself like bees to honey. Often confidence out-weighs good looks because you have to really be sure of yourself to be sure you're capable of having a gorgeous girlfriend.

The second thing you need to know is that you need to be mindful of the little things that make romance and attraction grow. Guys too often thing of the "big romantic gestures" (remember the last Valentine's
Day you had with a girl?) and miss the small but still important things you can do to keep her happy. Have you ever offered her a small treat that you specially selected for her from a candy store? Have you done her chores without being asked, just because you know it would lighten her load for a day? Think of all you could do, but didn't.

The third thing you need to do is always appreciate her. It's easy to get beat down by life and start taking each other for granted. But that isn't love, it is? Appreciate her. Don't take her, of the thing she does, for granted. There's never a bad time to say "Thank you" and "I love you".

The fourth thing you need to understand is that by being with her you have made the decision (even if this isn't fully communicated yet) to be her life partner. When you are with her make sure your eyes aren't wandering down the low-cut blouse of some girlish thing taking your burger order. Other women don't exist for you when you are with her. Anything less than that is a bad day for any relationship. Women are monogamous by nature, and men are selective and not always too selective and the phrase "the day I stop looking is the day I die" isn't meant for you and your relationship, is it? So stop eyeing other women when you're with her (this is a high cause of breakups too, so you've now been warned!).

The fifth thing you need to do is to make her laugh. You don't need to be the best comedian, or someone that you aren't, but share in your light-hearted part of the personality you have and let her in on some of the funny, yet bright, parts of your life. Your sense of humor will go a long way in making your girlfriend's day easier to handle and an short escape from the every-day chores.

The sixth thing you need to remember is that the things that you share should be enjoyed by the both of you. Common interests create strong bonds in a relationship. If this means that you have to pay attention to things that don't really interest you at first, then bear through it. And she'll love to spend time with you all the more because this shows that you care.

The seventh thing you need to know is that once you have the girl it doesn't mean you can scale back your efforts. Keep your grooming up guys! If you shaved regularly, keep it up... clean clothes all the time, keep it up. Watch the fashion trends, as much as they interest her (for you) and make the effort. Don't get sloppy because now you have her, you need to make personal grooming a part of your "relationship regime".

The eighth thing you need to understand is that she has a life larger than just the two of you, and you have to be a willing participant in that part of her life. Socials with her work co-workers, her family's dinners and get-togethers, these are all the times when you must keep on impressing her with your willingness to share her life. Become a member of not just a couple but of her wider circle of friends and social network. A woman validates herself through her social connections and if you don't share this with her, resentment will start at some point in your relationship.

The ninth thing you need to understand is that a woman has feelings of her own and she needs understanding from you to be considerate of her emotions, her feelings, her moods. BY appreciating hormonal changes, and stressful events that normally do not directly concern you, you share a bond that cannot be broken from outside stressors.

The tenth, and last, thing you need to be open to is trying new things with her. Break that shackles of your day-to-day routine, of your uneventful evenings together. When your relationship was new everything shined bright from the moments you spent together to the way you kissed each other. Avoid the "relationship rut" by being open to trying something new with her. This will go a long way towards maintaining a healthy relationship.

These ten things to know and understand will help you to keep your dating life, and relationships with women, healthy and strong.

These are common sense remedies that many guys forget about or ignore after a while in a relationship and this often leads to breakups and divorce.

Pay attention to what you are doing... because she see's it too.

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    • R Pseudomen profile image

      Robert Lee 5 years ago from Canada

      Hi IAmWoman, I have read books, maybe not the same ones you have.

      "Back in my day" life was full of pickups and hookups. The male friends I had were the ones getting married, without a cheating thought in their minds and I am sure their new wives felt the same.

      But this article is about respecting a woman and the keys to keeping her happy and in love with you.

      Bed hopping, maybe, is a game you play but the women I have spoken with aren't as keen as a roll in the hay as they are for finding a great guy and being with him and him alone.

      Maybe you need to re-evaluate how your relationships go and what is is that makes YOU happiest.

      Maybe you should read another of my hubs and see if you're in there too.


    • profile image

      IAmWoman 5 years ago

      Women are monogomous by nature? Read a book! Women have been trained for years to be monomogous an that a woman should only be focused on one man. This may have been true back in the day ( when you were dating) but it's 2012, we're in the workforce etc and we're far more confident and open sexually then we were then, an as society changes so does it's values. So again, read a book before making these ignorant "rules".