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Ten Ways to Tell When a Crush Likes You

Updated on September 16, 2015

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Crushes happen to young and old alike. We get them at all ages.
Crushes happen to young and old alike. We get them at all ages. | Source

Everyone has a crush at some time in their life

Two people attracted to each generate sparks. This emotion causes those butterflies deep inside of the stomach. An uncontrollable smile comes when picturing a certain face in the mind’s eye. The highlight of the day is seeing this face and more importantly the beautiful smile accompanying it. When all of these feelings come rushing forth, a question usually comes with it as well. Does my crush like me too?

The crush response to the opposite sex is a very early part of any relationship. A general attraction or a sort of magnetism is felt by one or both people. The reaction of identifying the sensation is a breathtaking surprise, but scary. Your hope is the sentiment is not one dimensional and his feelings are the same for you as yours for him.

Whenever a crush is acknowledged a sort of investigation begins to confirm the recipient of a crush has feelings identical to yours. The greatest fear is he does not. More importantly, what happens next if he does not respond positively? Is the friendship lost as well? Does he like you just as much as you like him?


A change in the landscape of things slowly takes place. The status quo shifts from friend to something more than simply a friend. There is a desire to step it up on your end of the relationship. The issue is whether or not the same desire is reciprocated on his end as well. Moving from a crush to something more is a natural step for lots of people.

Is he your boyfriend or not?

If things are not has hot as you would like them to be at this time, don’t despair. Back off and keep the friendship if you value it. It is possible for things to change in the future. Whether that future is one day or one month from now decides for most whether they wait around for change.

What transpires next is up to him. It is possible he sees no appeal in moving from friends to girlfriend and boyfriend. Magnetism exists and you do believe he is lured by the same fascination with you as you have with him.

Verify where the crush stands. Discover if he shares the same attraction. There are actually signs displayed by the male sex which verify if he does. These are the top ten signs he has a crush on you.

Some crushes are only make believe. These are for movie stars or musicians. You know you will never have a real relationship with them, but you still find them very attractive.
Some crushes are only make believe. These are for movie stars or musicians. You know you will never have a real relationship with them, but you still find them very attractive.

Does he make you laugh?

  1. Finding every reason to talk

Digging up reasons to talk to you whenever possible is a good sign. He asks about the weather, current classes at school or if those are new eyeglasses. All of these things he already knows, but he still talks to you about them. He looks for any motive to visit with you.

Sometimes this is a face to face, on the phone and through social bookmarking sites. At the very least he simply says hello while other times the conversation goes on for hours. These little gestures are sometimes all you need to know how he really feels.

Why he finds reasons to talk-He wants to hear your voice. That beautiful voice and laugh hold a charm for him and it makes him feel good. He wants to be in your presence.

2. A small touch

Most men make small physical gestures toward their crush. The pull or lure of being around you strikes a desire to physically touch you. The need for a way to make some sort of small contact on a physical basis reinforces positive feelings he has for you.

Generally you get a brief hug. They even ask to hold hands (they say as a “friend”) as more often than friends. If he helps set up a better bowling ball stance or stops a fall while roller skating, he wants to touch you. These are all small points of contact he makes with someone he likes.

Why the small points of contact-Most of this physical interaction is in no way sexually. There is a simple stimulation of feeling connected through the sense of touch. The sense of touch, hearing, sight and sound when it comes to you are all temptations.

3. Eye to eye contact

There are some persons who admit the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. If this indeed is a truth there is an attraction to gaze into another’s who shares a unique romantic connection with you. For some reason lovebirds like looking into the eyes of the person they hold in affection. When he likes you he makes eye contact as much as possible.

Shy guys find it more difficult to make this happen as their feelings intensify. It is not just you. They rarely make eye contact with anyone due to their shyness. This really sends a mixed emotional message because a guy attempting to move away from a more intense relationship acts in the same manner.

Why eye contact-A crush looks into your eyes often. Countless admit they are searching for affirmation special affections are returned.

4. Compliments are abundant

He tells you often what makes you special. He repeatedly admits inside of you is an extremely nice, smart, funny and understanding person. He admits you have a beautiful personality and a great friend full of compassion. Compliments on how great your hair is great, but identifying what you have inside making you distinct from everyone else is even better. A number of guys start to notice clothes and give praises on these as well.

Listening to some of these compliments give hints into whether he likes you back as well. The flattering remarks and kind words are shared with you and others. There are times when he purposely wants others to hear about your great attributes.

Why he compliments you- He reinforces why he likes you and all of the remarkable things which make you special in his eyes. Speaking about these things with others also tells them how extraordinary he finds you.

5. He laughs at your jokes

Telling some of the stupidest jokes still gets a chuckle from a guy crushing on you. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be funny to get the smallest of smiles. He laughs with you and never at you if he is a guy crushing on you.

Why-He laughs or smiles because he wants to validate he is listening to you and wants to be on your good side. This is a roundabout way of letting you know you are important and he is listening to what is being said. Even though it is only a joke, laughing with you says something important.

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When he answers on the first ring it is a good sign he likes you

  1. 6 He answers right away

Whenever you text or call it seems like he answers immediately. Almost as if he is waiting for you to say something. This means before you leave a call back message he is on the line calling you back.

Why- The truth is he is usually waiting for you to call or text. When someone is crushing on you it seems as if you are always on their mind. There are other calls they receive, but it seems like he wants to hear your voice and gets back to you much more quickly than any other person he knows.

7. Flirting everywhere

Being a flirt is a good thing. This means he is not afraid of you teasing him and flirting actually encourages it. Flirting is also a way for him to get your attention and even touch you in some cases. Some are natural born flirts and actually do it all of the time, which doesn’t mean the same thing. Others never flirt, which means this is a very important step in the direction of feelings toward you.

Why-he likes the attention paid to him when flirting. This is his way of letting you know he has special feelings about you. He wants the attention you give him.

8. He shares thoughts and feelings with you

A guy not shy about sharing his personal feelings with you on a multitude of subjects likes you. He is comfortable discussing all sorts of things going on in his life which typically is off limits. Shy guys will even open up more with a girl he likes. Some of these involve friends or even family. Appreciate the trust he puts in you.

Why he shares with you- He has a comfort level with you making it okay to share things not otherwise discussed. He also wants to know what your opinion is on matters he talks about. He values what it is.

9. Will not allow negativity from you or about you

When a man has feelings going beyond a crush he sees you in a positive light. He will not allow any personal disparaging from you or even others to do the same. This is a sure sign he likes you.

Why no negative feelings-he cares about how you feel. He is protective of your feelings and will keep you safe from others. He wants to make you feel better.

10 His friends are not as important as you

This is a significant idea and actions show it. Essentially if a decision between spending time with you versus his friends exists, he chooses you. Deciding to spend his time with you is a key factor in moving forward in the relationship. This doesn’t mean he ignores friends or even family. Simply having a choice of one or the other, he chooses you.

Playing the Xbox or hanging out at the gym with the boys doesn’t sound as good as spending the afternoon with you at the movies. He likes spending time with you if given the choice

Why he gives you a benefit over friends-having an advantage over friends reinforces his feelings for you is more than friendship. He likes the time spent with you

In conclusion

There are more than a few ways to tell how a guy feels about you. These are helpful tips and advice to follow to confirm your crush actually likes you back. It is nice to know your feelings are returned by a guy. If not, verification they are not and moving on is okay as well.

One of the best ways to know if your special someone thinks you are special as well is a simple question. Put the question to him or one of his buddies you trust. Asking the buddy is taking a chance he knows his pal or if he answers in the negative, he doesn’t go back and tell your crush.

Everyone has a crush at least once or twice in their life. Some lead on to better more intense relationships while others simple peter out. Whatever the case may be, knowing for sure one way or another is wonderful.

How about your crushes?

Have you had a crush and he didnt return the same feelings?

See results

Is the sentiment a one way street? Feeling him out to determine his emotions for the entire situation is something to act on as soon as possible. Small hints dropped here and there are typically enough to point in one direction, he does or he does not.

Some people even engage "spies" for the cause. Asking a close friend's opinion is a nice way to verify if you are reading more into a situation than actually exists. This saves face before you approach a special someone that isn't interested in you in "that" way

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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 2 years ago from all over the web

      Aufait. Doing the opposite was a consideration. writing the anti crush hub might be fun. thanks for the comment.

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 2 years ago from North Texas

      A good list. I think it will be useful to young women especially.

      I find I go out of my way to do the opposite sometimes just to make sure I don't let them think they've succeeded and can now relax. I think sometimes guys do that too.

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 2 years ago from all over the web

      i think a lot of people have the question to ask, but need a push in the right when things are looking positive

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 2 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Thanks for writing this interesting hub.


    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 2 years ago from Wales

      A very interesting read ; great work and here's to many more gems from you in the New year.