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Ten Ways to Tell When a Crush Likes You

Updated on September 27, 2017
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Crushes happen to young and old alike. We get them at all ages.
Crushes happen to young and old alike. We get them at all ages. | Source

Everyone has a crush at some time in life. Whether it comes in kindergarten or in midlife, it feels wonderful.

The crush is a difficult feeling to define. There is one simple way most folks use to define it. It takes place when two people attracted to to one another generate sparks in the heart. The emotion is sometimes talked about as a feeling of butterflies deep inside of the stomach.This is the start of an uncontrollable physical response to being in another person's presence.

An uncontrollable smile comes while picturing a certain face in the mind’s eye. The highlight of any day is seeing this person's face and more importantly the remarkable smile accompanying it. When any or all of these emotions come rushing forth, a question usually comes with it as well. Is this a one way attraction or does my crush experience the same sensations too?

Early on in the investigation

The crush response to another individual is a very early part of any relationship. Both individuals have an unexplained need to be in the same room or space. There is a sort of magnetism or appeal to see one another. Even hearing each other's voice elicits the same response.

The reaction of identifying the sensation is a breathtaking surprise, but some folks admit it is scary. A person has no certainty or becomes unsure of how the other feels. This stays the same unless both admit to identical sentiments. Without confirmation one only hopes the sentiment is not one dimensional and both mirror each other in the same way emotionally.

When the other person admits feeling the same

An enormous step takes place to acknowledge a crush. Admission is possibly in the form of a text, letter, email, phone call or all sorts of communication. There are those who relay it via a third party. Before a face to fact contact there is typically a sort of direct or indirect look into the matter.

An inquiry is generally used to confirm the recipient of the attention has identical feelings. The greatest fear is experiencing a one sided sentiment. More importantly, what happens next if reaction is not positive? Since most begin as a friendship, is this lost as well? Another issue is the size of the attraction towards each other. Are both feeling the same size emotions? One experiencing a wee bit while the other is at the opposite side of the spectrum is not always destined to work out.

There are those circumstances when the opposite side of things is equal when it comes to attraction. A fair amount of folks admit to knowing of another person's feelings before a verbal admission. Special looks or tell signs are relayed without realizing it is being done.

An enormous number of people find an appeal with another when there is more than a single meeting or encounter. In other words, a simple passing on the street is not enough to warrant the right conditions for this to occur.

A few words of advice when things turn out a little different than imagined after a confession to a friend.

If things are not has hot as a person would like see at this time, don’t despair. As long as the other person began as a friend, all is not lost. Back off and keep the value of friendship. It is possible for things to change in the future. Whether a future is defined as a day or one month, decide if it merits the wait. Waiting for a change is not a guarantee it will ever alter from where it currently lies. The other person sees a friend and in a situation where looking for love is not a no-no.

What transpires next is up to the recipient of a crush. It is possible the person sees no appeal in moving from friends to girlfriend or boyfriend. Magnetism exists on one side, but fails on the opposite side.

Verify where the crush stands. A real friend will admit there is no possibility of it going in the direction of romance. These are the top ten signs another has the same feelings of attraction or a crush on you.

An enormous sense of elation takes place in the presence of an individual.


A change in the landscape of things slowly takes place. The status quo shifts from friend to something more than a typical friendship. One party feels the desire to step it up to something much more personal.

The issue is whether or not the same sentiment is reciprocated on the other end of things. Moving from a crush up the ladder to more is a natural step for lots of people.

There are countless people who believe experiencing friendship first is a recipe for success when it comes to love.

These are signs a person wants to get closer. Whether a friend or stranger, keep these in mind when imagining a crush.

  1. Finding every reason to talk

Digging up reasons to talk whenever possible is a good sign. Questions about the weather, current classes at school or even if those are new eyeglasses. Some folks feel better asking general ones while bolder or braver individuals are more personal. The personal ones are unique and appropriate. All of these things are already known, but there is a desire to ask about them. Always looking for a motive to visit, no matter how briefly, with the right person. The crusher notices even the smallest things about another.

Sometimes it is a face to face conversation, Though, on the phone and through social media sites are just as frequently used for the same purposes. At the very least a simple personalized hello takes place. While other times the conversation goes on for hours. These little gestures are sometimes everything needed to know how another person's real feelings beyond a friendship.

Why the need to talk to you? There is a need for personal contact. More than a few admit the need to hear a unique voice on the other end of the phone. Though, most like the idea of getting a special answer, different from any other person, to a question asked. Any reason to have a conversation with this person is a good one.

That beautiful voice, the lucky ones get a laugh. Either hold a charm and it makes for a great feeling of feeling special in another person's life. Even spoken words are capable of creating the atmosphere of being in another individual's presence.

2. A small touch

Most men typically use large gestures when conversing with another. Women are more likely to use smaller ones. When crushes come into contact with either things change a little bit.

Men make smaller physical gestures. Females do as well, but there is more of a physical pull. While a woman is talking a hand or shoulder contact being made. Even generating a need to whisper comes to fruition. The pull or lure of being around this person strikes a desire to physically touch in some little way. Actually making some sort of small contact on a physical basis reinforces positive feelings he has for another.

Generally it is the friend giving a big hug, no matter how brief. They even may go as far as asking to hold hands ( as a “friend”) in certain situations. For instance, getting through a big crowd or walking to reveal something special is an excuse for hand holding. Uncontrolled excitement warrants the big hugs. Other excuses come in more unique forms. For example, help setting up a better bowling ball stance or stop or even putting a stop to a fall while roller skating. The electricity is felt when contact is created from someone attracted to another person.

Keep in mind nearly all of this physical interaction is in no way sexually. There is a simple stimulation of good feelings connected through the sense of touch. The sense of touch, hearing, sight and sound from a crush all come with a great euphoria.

3. Eye to eye contact

There are some persons who admit the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. If this indeed is a truth there is an attraction to gaze into the eyes of another with a wish to share more. The desire is a romantic connection conveyed with the eyes. For some reason lovebirds really like sharing the action with the person held in the highest affection. The idea is making eye contact as much as possible.

Shy guys find it more difficult to make this happen the more feelings intensify. It is not just a one time coincidence. These folks rarely do the action with anyone due to personal shyness. This really sends a mixed emotional message because a guy attempting to move away from a more intense relationship acts in the same manner.

Why does it seem so important? Romance between two people follows a specific pattern. A large piece of this is looking often into the other's eyes. Discovering an unnerving amount of this type of contact is a positive sign. Countless admit the purpose is a search for affirmation special affections are returned.

4. Compliments are abundant

The desire to tell a person what makes them special is unyielding. Repeatedly sharing this information is a good feeling. How extremely nice, intelligent, funny and understanding gives both parties a nice warm sensation.

Admitting a beautiful personality is owned by a great friend full of compassion is not unusual. Compliments are at times even more personal. Like admiring a new dress or pair of shoes. Admitting another has one of the most beautiful heads of hair is great, but identifying what lies inside of a person distinguishing them from everyone else is even better.

A number of guys start to notice clothes and give praises on these as well as obvious things like eye color. Women look forward to sporting events never before noticed or learn the rules of a game that will illicit little interest outside of a special someone.

Listening to some of these compliments give hints into whether a person returns the same sentiments back as well. It seems like flattering remarks and kind words are shared with the person of interest as well as others. Telling others the same info is a way to get it to a specific individual going the long way around. Though, there are times when it is shared purposely for others to hear about great attributes.

Compliments are reinforcement to reasons why he likes you and all of the remarkable things making a person special. Speaking about these things with others also tells them how extraordinary a person happens to be.

5. Laughing at jokes

Telling some of the stupidest jokes still gets a chuckle when shared with a crush. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be funny to get the smallest of smiles. This is a person who makes two people laugh together and never at you because the response is tied to feelings of the heart.

The laughter and smiles happen because of a desire to validate he is listening to you and wants to be on your good side. This is a roundabout way of letting you know you are important and he is listening to what is being said. Even though it is only a joke, laughing with you says something important.

Some crushes are only make believe. These are for movie stars or musicians. You know you will never have a real relationship with them, but you still find them very attractive.
Some crushes are only make believe. These are for movie stars or musicians. You know you will never have a real relationship with them, but you still find them very attractive.

No one person is identical to another. An identical set of twins are apt to date and marry completely different people.

Twins are attracted to a variety of people who generally have a different personality. This is why each set of identical twins does not search for another set. Attraction is singular and one of a kind no matter who a person is.
Twins are attracted to a variety of people who generally have a different personality. This is why each set of identical twins does not search for another set. Attraction is singular and one of a kind no matter who a person is. | Source

When he answers on the first ring it is a good sign he likes you

6. The answers come without delay

Whenever a text is sent or a call made it seems like the pick up or reply comes asap. In fact, almost immediately. Almost as if he or she is waiting anxiously for whatever it is to be said. Before a call back message is left, the line is either picked up or the reply is received apologizing for missing the contact.

The truth is most folks are usually waiting for that particular call or text. When someone is crushing it seems as if the person being contacted is always in their thoughts. A thing as little as what is this person's favorite color, movie or music choice. Questions a person is dying to ask and really wants to know.

Certainly other calls are received, but it seems there is a need to hear the right voice whenever possible. This accounts for a return of one missed call over another. There is a response to get back to you much more quickly than any other person known.

7. Flirting everywhere

Being a flirt is a good thing. This means no fear exists of teasing to hurt feelings, In fact, the opposite sentiment is felt. Flirting encourages a banter which is personal between two people which shows affectionate for one another.

This is also another vehicle used to gain attention or a small touch in some cases. There are natural born flirts who make a habit of doing it as a reflex. In fact, it is whenever the situation presents itself with whoever is present. The general flirt is not in the same category. The meaning behind it is totally different.

There are those folks who admit to never flirting. For those people to attempt the skill with someone Others never flirt, which means this is a very important step in the direction of positive feelings toward you.

It would seem the person on the receiving end of the action get the most out of it. This is not always correct. The person initiating it enjoys the single focus paid to his actions by the person he wants to impress.

Another important focus is he believes there is an understanding the unspoken word is spoken here. It says I like you and for those who receives the actions with admiration and enjoyment versus disgust or other negativity, there is a reciprocation.

8. Thoughts and feelings of a personal nature are shared among two people

A guy not shy about revealing personal feelings with another on a multitude of subjects enjoys this person's company. There is no hesitation talking about a multitude of subjects.

Discussing all sorts of things going on in life which is typically off limits to both family and friends are discussed without hesitation. Shy guys even open up more with another person and become the opposite of the normal behavior. Make certain to appreciate the commitment placed in the conversation and how unique it makes you.

Why is this so important involves how he sees you. It is a comfort level felt in the emotions of being around you or talking on the phone which make it okay. There is a freedom felt like nothing before. The fear of blabbing to friends or family is not apparent as well as a trust level it will not be repeated to anyone else.

One other extremely important part of the engagement is the fact of value put into your opinion. When asked what your thoughts are on the subject, he means it. If there are any to be shared, do so in as positive manner as possible. This is true even if there is a disagreement. Both are taken to heart and enhance the positive feelings of friendship and sometimes more.

9. Will not allow negativity to surround you

Those feelings going beyond a crush makes a person see you in a much more positive light than ever before There is a tendency to keep away or not permit any sort of personal disparaging in life. There is a protective field formed to keep these away from you and not allow others to break into this for the sole purpose of negativity. Even out of earshot he gives others the speech of avoiding this from taking place.

Keeping those bad thoughts and things away from you means he cares about your feelings. There is a simple guide to safety, both physical and emotional. This is done to make a person he cares about feel better whenever possible.

10 His friends are not as important as they were before

This is an enormous idea and life changing event. Putting friends in the background of life with actions showing it is not easy. Essentially if a decision must be made between spending time with you versus his friends, he chooses you.

Deciding to spend limited free time with you is a key factor in moving forward in the relationship. This doesn’t mean he ignores friends or even family. Simply if a choice must be made between the two, the crush wins out.

Playing the Xbox or hanging out at the gym with the guys doesn’t sound as appealing as enjoying the afternoon at the movies with a special someone. He looks forward to single one on one outings if given the choice,

Friends and family will always be a large part of a person's social life. The largest part is typically between kindergarten and the first serious crush. The best friend is the first to know. If it is not stated verbatim the closeness of the two makes it easy to recognize by the other. Generally one who loves you will help make you happy by employing whatever services are needed for success.

Someone caring a great deal about another person's personal feelings not being hurt will share the reason for breaking get together dates and admit there is a love life being budded. Friends begin to take a smaller role in a life at the same ratio as love increases a role. There are only so many hours in a day or week.

Marriage is not necessarily the end result one hundred percent of the time. Though, this type of commitment starts with the same feelings as any other romance.
Marriage is not necessarily the end result one hundred percent of the time. Though, this type of commitment starts with the same feelings as any other romance.

How about your crushes?

Have you had a crush and he didnt return the same feelings?

See results

Are feelings real? Do the two parties know one another or is this a pipe dream which never comes to lifewith a crush?

Does the situation seem like a one way street? Feeling out the other party to determine where another individual's emotions are concerning the situation is a great way to find out. It is a brilliant way to route where to go next.

Circumstances are always calculated with this in mind. Small hints dropped here and there are typically enough to point in one direction or another. Even asking a trusted third party is enough info to make a move or not. It gives a clearer view of the positive or negative aspects involved in the current situation.

Some people go as far as engaging "spies" for the cause. Asking a close friend's opinion is a nice way to verify independently if an individual is reading more into a circumstance than truly exists. This saves face before an approach to a special someone with no interest in moving a friendship in "that" way. It is also a way to discover if the other party even knows the crusher exists. It is possible there is no recollection of a face or name to this person who has focused a large amount of time and effort into something which is going nowhere.

Differentiate between love and something else. Love is a much more invested feeling than a simple attraction.

The world looks so much better when a crush is on the mind.


In conclusion

There are more than a few ways to tell another person's feelings regarding the situation. These include the helpful tips and advice listed here. These help make the journey easier. Some admit it is even less painful if the response is a negative one.

It is nice to know the sentiment is returned in kind. Even a negative confirmation makes it possible to move on before investing more time and energy in something which does not exist.

It does at first glance seem like a simple question and answer. Everyone admits to experiencing these feelings at least once in life. Countless folks admit things move on to more serious circumstances while others simple confess to it petering out.

Regardless of what takes place, knowing one way or another is wonderful. A little bit of hurt is worth the opportunity to move on with life. The person destined to spend the rest of life showered in love is possibly around the corner.

The negative response simply means keep looking for the special someone who reciprocates the same sentiment at the same time.

© 2014 smcopywrite


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    • smcopywrite profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from all over the web

      Aufait. Doing the opposite was a consideration. writing the anti crush hub might be fun. thanks for the comment.

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 

      3 years ago from North Texas

      A good list. I think it will be useful to young women especially.

      I find I go out of my way to do the opposite sometimes just to make sure I don't let them think they've succeeded and can now relax. I think sometimes guys do that too.

    • smcopywrite profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from all over the web

      i think a lot of people have the question to ask, but need a push in the right when things are looking positive

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 

      3 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Thanks for writing this interesting hub.


    • Eiddwen profile image


      3 years ago from Wales

      A very interesting read ; great work and here's to many more gems from you in the New year.



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