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Ten best unique stocking filler ideas for Christmas for MEN

Updated on December 6, 2013

Unique reindeer iphone 5/5s case

It Christmas, so what better than ths unique iphone5 reindeer cover and protector? The stylish design is unlike any other, and you will not find this on the high street.

It is handmade, developed from aluminium and plastic, and is just as good as any other protector.

There are many other unique covers to be had here, so find one which suits the person you are buying for!

Check out the great reviews from people who have bought this product!

Evoncase iphone covers

Breakfast recipes

Hamilton beach breakfast sandwich maker

A fantastic idea for any breakfast loving guy (or girl), and specifically for those who love the scrumptious english breakfast. Using this cool gadget, you can cook a hot delicious breakfast in under 5 minutes, with the added bonus that you won't have to do any cleaning up afterwards.

This is much better than a takeaway; cheaper, you don'd have to leave the house and you can use your own fresh ingredients including eggs, tomato, bacon, mushrooms and a great deal more. You can even use gluten free ingredients.

Make delicious breakfast sandwich dishes with bagets, english muffins, brown bread and much much more...

Impress your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife and kids with your tasty "cooking" and unique ability to keep the kitchen clean!

Added bonus? you can buy the accompanying book with 30 delicious breakfast recipes!

Swiss army pocket knife

A mans dream - to feel more like a man. With a swiss army pocket knife they will feel just this. Those of you who have adventurous member of the family (or at least those who watch those typical adventure documentaries) will love this gift.

A good pocket knife at a reasonable price is hard to find, but this knife offers a variety of uses, with many different features:

  • A small blade for cutting
  • Mini scissors
  • Plastic toothpick
  • Screwdriver

This make of army knife comes in a variety of colours and designs suited for anyone; the young, the old, the manly and ..the girly.

Cognitive Disturbance - Amazon's most exciting new read of 2013

Need an engaging book to keep you, the man or the kids entertained this christmas?

Cognitive disturbance was named as one of Amazons most exciting new reads of 2013.

Follow Leopold Von Tiller, a man who has grown accustomed to the harsh business world that lies in the heart of Los Mirra. This dystropian metropolis is run by nefarious criminal gangs and corrupt politicians, and when his business partner and best friend James' life is in danger, Leopold finds himself waging a war on several fronts.

Filled with compelling storylines, beautiful crime and romance, this book would appeal to anybody looking for a great book to read this Christmas.

Touch screen gloves

Warm "touch screen" gloves - that you can use whilst texting!

Tired of always having to take off your gloves in order to use your mobile phone, or know someone that is always frustrated by this, losing one glove in the process?

Keep you hands continuously warm on those cold winter days with gloves. These have been developed to wear whilst using mobile phones, and work as perfectly as our glove-less fingers.

A variety can be found to suit the particular person you are buying for.

Grow your own Bonsai tree

Know someone that loves Bonsai trees? This home growing kit can be perfect for adults and kids a-like, and the result will look great in the kitchen or living room.

This product comes conveniently packaged so that it can be given as a gift and includes a guide book with instructions and helpful hints to nurture your bonsai tree to full adult life. You can't go wrong!

The best hot chocolate gift set

Hot chocolate gift set

For the hot chocolate lovers out there, comes this great gift, perfect for those who love relaxing on the couch on those cold winter nights whilst sipping the warm goodness from within.

The set has everything one requires in order to prepare the perfect unique hot chocolate. The gift pack includes tasty milk chocolate and hot cocoa, from the world famous chocolatier in belgium.

An assortment of toppings is provided which can be used to garnish the warm chocolate, including a giant candy cane stirring stick, sprinkles, cinnamon, marshmellow and mint choc chip, for a drinking experience unlike any other.

World scratch wall map/poster

Have you got an adventurer in the family? Check out this world scratch map, where the traveller can scratch the gold off the country he has been to or recently travelled to, revealing the uniquely coloured country below.

All the countries are coloured differently and therefore this map is completely personalised to that particular person, showing off where they themselves have been.

The ultimate gift for travel lovers!

Cocktail layering tool

For the alcohol lovers out there, this cocktail layering tool is perfect for entertaining at Christmas, New Years, and other celebrations!

This tool allows the user to cool rainbow effect by separating the elements of alcohol so that they do not mix.

The tool is very easy to use, you just place to layering tool into the glass, pour in the next juice, following by the lightest layer, usually alcohol. Your friends will be amazed!

An added bonus? it's super easy to clean and comes in a classy gift Box.

Mini capsule speaker for mobiles, mp3's and

This portable speaker provides excellent sound quality. It is compact and very portable, and can therefore be used anywhere. Its robust design offers superb performance over many years.

It is compatible mobile phones, mp3 players or even laptops, and will certainly provide high quality music Entertainment so that you can enjoy the time with Family and friends.

There is also the possibility of joining up several mini speakers to create even more sound, comparable to that of a Hifi.

Great gift for all those music lovers out there!


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      Luno2012 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thank you jjackson786! :)

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      Jennifer 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      These are some pretty great ideas! Love the phone covers!