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Ten Reasons Why Many People Will Shun Marriages in 2021

Updated on January 1, 2021
Nyamweya profile image

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

The year 2020 with its intricacies thought many Kenyans lessons they won’t forget. Among these is that the plans they make can be shuttered by nature and so they are forced to follow a different course. However, there is one conspicuous resolution among many Kenyans this year, shelving marriage plans. Apart from difficult economic times, there is also the scarcity of wife/husband materials while others will be surveying the political temperature until 2020. Here are ten reasons why marriage will be off many Kenyans minds in 2021.

Economic turmoil from 2020

Covid 19 brought with it a lot of political turmoil in the country. This culminated in a lot of people losing jobs, cutting of salaries and wages by huge margins, closure and disruption of business and many more opportunities. As such, a lot of Kenyans are still reeling from the economic difficulties. In this regard, marriage is not one of the “luxuries” they can afford this year considering that it comes with associated costs. How will poor Kenyans afford paying marriage registration fees, wedding costs including food, transportation, and honeymoon among others.

No wedding appeal in this covid-period

In this covid period, weddings no longer have appeal due to the restrictions involved. The numbers of people have been limited to something like 100 while the hours are reduced significantly. Besides, food is only restricted to relatives. This is against many Kenyans expectations of a fancy wedding which is attended by massive crowd accompanied with food delicacies. They would therefore wish to wait to wait for the “right time” when they can do this project.

Tight/Busy Schedules

As unbelievably as it may sound to some people, a lot of Kenyans will be too busy to think about family issues. With the dwindling of economy due to crumbled jobs and businesses, many people will be jostling to reclaim their lost economic status rather than think about looking for wives or husbands. If they will not be busy looking for jobs, many will be busy at their workplaces, businesses or looking for tenders to better their financial standards. They would not want their next December to find them off guard.

Scarcity of wife/husband materials

For many people noawadays, getting an ideal wife or husband is becoming tricky due to the dynamic societal expectations. A man for instance would need a lot of resources to send fare to different ladies just like Eric Omondi’s escapades to find a perfect wife. Similarly, there are a lot of men who simply want to depend on women and prefer lazing a round doing nothing. Others are team mafisi and want to play with every woman they come across. As such, it is becoming complicated for a lot of Kenyans to find their ideal partners.

Uncertainty of 2022 Politics

Indeed, a lot of people are aware of the political instabilities that come around after every electioneering year. Since 2022 is few months away, many Kenyans would rather wait settling down with a marriage partner until the dust settles after elections. Many with experiences of previous elections would prefer dealing with the situation alone than moving around with family

Scare of divorce

With exorbitant divorce rates in the country, a lot of Kenyans don’t want to go that route. Many young Kenyans are hesitant to enter into the marriage institution due to the fear of being fleeced from their partners in the event of divorce. The situation is also exhabitated by constant wrangles, acrimony and violence involving family and marriage partners in the media that is putting off many young people’s desire to get partners.

Increased Immorality

Going by the many cases of sexual orgies involving underage kids in the media, it is clear that many young people are already engaging in sexual escapades early enough. In this sense, why would anybody commit himself or herself when they are already sorted sexually? Many of these people would rather remain independent and explore their sexual escapades than be trapped in marriage with a single partner.

Rising number of working class women

A lot of modern women are now focused on their careers. As such, they fear that getting married will make them have babies which will tie them down from their jobs. In general, the number of “wife materials” is diminishing on a daily basis. Kenyan men fear working class ladies due to ego issues. Accordingly, many of them will spend a considerable amount of time searching for ideal women to marry.

Independent mindedness

An increasing number of Kenyans don’t want to lose their “independence” and freedom by tying their knots in marriages. They won’t fathom being restricted against hanging out with their friends, going to parties, or living the way they want. For such people, marriage is a burden which should be avoided at all costs. The thought of sharing life, space, and thoughts can be suffocating for some people.

Fear of taking responsibility

Many Kenyans are avoiding responsibility associated with marriages at all costs. They don’t want to be obligated either financially or through regular marriage commitments. A lot of men today consider taking financial responsibility in marriage a burden. On the same way, there are a lot of women who are considering taking care of a husband a cumbersome task.


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