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Ten top ways to be faithful to your spouse!

Updated on April 9, 2014

Are you loyal to your spouse throughout your married life? What does loyalty in marriage really mean? Do you think loyalty means avoiding infidelity and extramarital affairs? Of course they are the worst a

But loyalty in marriage has a much wider arena!

Emotional withdrawal from your spouse, spilling family secrets to everyone, talking about him\her in a degrading manner also imply that you are disloyal to your spouse.

Why are you disloyal to your spouse?

In today’s marriage your relationship loses its sheen very soon. You outgrow your spouse easily and drift away from him\her without even caring about it. You seem to have nothing to talk to your spouse and the boredom in your marriage literally kills you. Your mind yearns for some solace and peace outside your relationship.

The atmosphere of modern society gives many opportunities for you to mingle with the opposite sex. When some person touches an emotional chord with you, you feel that you have found a person who truly understands you.

How will you feel if your spouse crosses the border? You wilt under sorrow and agony about the lost love don’t you? Loyalty towards your spouse should be your top priority and you should be unwavering and steady in your love towards him\her.

A loyal mind never wanders! When your love is not strong enough it looks for greener pastures. Initially everything is sensational! The sneakiness gives you the thrill! But later it is always regret and more regret.

1. Think from the angle of your spouse

Can you imagine the feeling of anger and fury your disloyalty evokes in your spouse? How will you feel if your spouse does what you are doing? You die within you don’t you? Then how can you be disloyal to him\her? Loyalty is common to both and if you truly love your spouse you will never wander away from him\her in callous disregard for his\her feelings.

2. No overstepping in your interaction with your colleagues

Your relationship with your colleagues of the opposite sex should be friendly and openly frank. Do not encourage invitation for clandestine dinners or sly outings which almost always end in an unwanted affair. Be friendly with your colleagues and your friendship should also have the stamp of decency.

3. Comparing your spouse with others makes you feel deprived

You should love your spouse for what he\she is. If you compare your spouse with others, you might feel you are less blessed. Your mind yearns for something which your spouse lacks and feels drawn towards a person whom you feel is better than your spouse in looks, success and affluence.

4. Be emotionally close to your spouse

Always maintain close relationship with your spouse so that there is no emotional or physical gap between you. When you are close to one another, there is an expressive bondage which makes your relationship strong.

5. Be candid with your spouse

Be communicative with your spouse and share your inner most feelings in a candid way. Share your apprehensions! Share it only with your spouse! Maintain a healthy communication with your spouse which makes your love embers burn brightly.

6. Your personal life is your own!

Do not talk about your personal life with your friends of the opposite sex. When you have a listening ear you pour out your woes about your spouse openly without hiding anything. When your personal life is out in the open to a person who listens avidly, you invariably end in getting involved in a shaky relationship.

7. Mobile phones are a menace

Cell phones are a menace in these sorts of illegal affairs. You can communicate wherever you are and this gives you lots of furtive opportunities for sneaky interaction. Avoid unnecessary conversation in the mobile and do not encourage chatting about personal matters. Your voice should freeze the person from getting any closer.

8. Never forgo your marriage for temporary sensuality

Avoid unwanted temptations and always remember that you feel remorseful after the affair ends. There is absolutely no future for such affairs and you should not risk your marriage at any cost.

9. Take your spouse into confidence

Confide in your spouse if you feel that your friend or colleague goes overboard. Do not hide anything from your spouse and take him or her into your full confidence. This sense of involvement makes your marriage strong and trouble free.

10. Shed your expectations

Do not live in a world of fantasy as it will make you dream about a life which is not practical. When you hear your colleagues talk about their married life in an idealistic way and you feel you are living a staid and drab life. You want something very enjoyable and pleasant which you feel you do not experience with your spouse.

‘Loyalty is like rubber: one can stretch it so far and then - it snaps.’ Ayn Rand

It is so easy to let go your marriage when you overlook the niceties of marriage. It is always better to draw a line around you so that no one dares to intrude into your family life. When your love is staunch and firm no one can shake you out of your loyalty towards your spouse.

© 2014 mathira


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    • mathira profile image

      mathira 4 years ago from chennai

      DDE, you are right when you say that faithfulness is very important for relationships to thrive.

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 4 years ago from chennai

      MG Singh, thank you. Everything becomes practical when you make it a habit.

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 4 years ago from chennai

      billy, nice to see your compliments. Loyalty should be woven into relationships for it to survive. Thanks.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Most helpful points and so useful to relationships. faithfulness is very important in relationships.

    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 4 years ago from Singapore

      Nice post, though not practical

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      This should be read by about two billion is that important. :)