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Wedding Receptions & Tents: CAUTION

Updated on December 10, 2015
Beautiful... unless it rains!
Beautiful... unless it rains!

Tents and Weddings: BEWARE!

Recently, I had a wedding guest email me about a wedding and reception she attended in CT. The bride had a tented reception and all would have been well except for the deluge that ensued. 

The guest informed me that although the sides of the tent were down, there was no floor and so the grounds turned into Mud Lake. Her new, expensive shoes were ruined. No one could dance because the dance-floor, located in the middle of the tent, was so wet it was slippery and dangerous. 

She said the wedding was a disaster!

Hopefully, they don't have a tent!
Hopefully, they don't have a tent!

Tents: Great For A Drizzle; Not For A Deluge!

Having been a wedding planner for many years, I made the determination long ago not to take a job for a bride who insisted upon a tent wedding. 

Tents are only effective in a drizzle, should the weather turn inclement, and even then they're iffy, unless the bride has gone to the expense of adding a floor and acquiring air conditioning. (When the tent flaps come down to protect against the rain, the tent can turn into an oven.) 

Guests, dressed in fancy attire, are not happy campers if they're sweating--and/or their makeup is running down their faces. 

They're happy because they're indoors!
They're happy because they're indoors!

The Solution: Think Twice About A Tent...

Tents can cause problems for a wedding and no one knows what Mother Nature will bring on the wedding day.

Why take chances? Make your wedding a sure bet and think twice about a tent!

NOTE: Tents are expensive. Add air conditioning and a floor and you're talking big buck$! When you research it, you may find that a full-service catering property is a better option.


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